Give the Gift
Of Healing

The Perfect Holistic Gift

If you would like to give a wellness gift for someone’s birthday, to an exhausted mom, dad, sibling desperately in need of some major self-care, or to a colleague or employee who went above and beyond for you at work, look no further! 

A Reiki or Intuitive Energy Healing Session is the perfect holistic gift to show someone you care about them in an extra meaningful way because it’s truly a gift that promotes their well-being! 

And a Numerology reading is a wonderful tool for further self-exploration, highlighting a person’s natural talents, strengths, weaknesses and challenges in life, all for one main reason, to better understand their life’s purpose, resulting with a desire to live more meaningfully. 

Please indicate what type of service(s) or stored value options you would like to gift for that special someone along with their name, phone number and email. Don’t worry, we won’t ruin the surprise for you, it’s just for our reference for when they get in touch. 

All e-gift certificates have a one-year validity from the date purchase. However if the receiver can’t make it within the year due to a special medical circumstances, please get in touch with us and we can make further arrangements.


Rates for reference (we strongly suggest at least a 90 minute sessions for first-timers)

Reiki or Numerology

60 mins: $1200 HKD

90 mins: $1800 HKD

2 hours: $2400 HKD

Package of 3 x 60 minute Reiki sessions: $3500 HKD

Package of 5 x 60 minute Reiki sessions: $5800 HKD 

Intuitive Energy Healing

60 mins: $1500 HKD

90 mins: $2000 HKD

2 hours: $2800 HKD

Package of 3 x 60 minute Intuitive Healing sessions: $4400 HKD 

Package of 5 x 60 minute Intuitive Healing sessions: $7300 HKD 

Stored value options: (they can choose the type of session they’d like upon booking): 

$1500 HKD, $2000 HKD, $3000 HKD, $5000 HKD & $10,000 HKD

After your purchase is complete, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your purchase details with a standard coupon and code which could be used to schedule a session.

However if you would like a personalized e-gift certificate, please forward the email receipt from your purchase and include the following information so we can create a customized e-gift certificate for you (at no extra charge) usually within 1-2 business days:

1) Sender’s Name:

2) Sender’s Email Address:

3) Receiver’s Name:

4) Occasion (birthday, holiday gift etc?): 

As an example the personalized e-gift certificate would read: “Happy Birthday John!” or “Happy Holidays John!”

5) Personalized message (if any) (up to 20 words):

Gift Certificate Options

By Treatment & Duration:

Reiki Healing

Intuitive Healing

Numerology Reading

By Package:


3 x 60 min Reiki sessions 

5 x 60 min Reiki sessions

Intuitive Healing:

3 x 60 min Reiki sessions 

5 x 60 min Reiki sessions  

By Stored Value:

$1500 HKD

$2000 HKD

$3000 HKD

$5000, HKD

$10,000 HKD

Please note the expiration date is one year from date of purchase.

We’re so looking forward to meeting your special someone and sharing well-deserved healing with him or her!