What Our Clients Would Like To Share From Their Experiences:

Erika Eunice FernandezErika Eunice Fernandez
06:26 06 May 22
I did Reiki level 1 Training with Corie for almost about a year ago and after a few months, I had an intuitive energy healing session with her. I came to Corie because I was intrigued about Reiki and had zero experience and knowledge about Reiki at all. Corie made me feel very welcomed and walked me through the course of the training smoothly. She does her work whole-heartedly and holds a wonderful space for all her clients to feel safe and cared for in which I appreciate and respect a lot.I still remember first time Corie did Reiki on me, the moment she laid her hands on my chest, I busted out in tears and noticed the emotions that I wasn’t very much aware of. It was an enlightening and healing moment that goes beyond words. That is how I can describe the kind of healing Corie does. She heals with intention and love, and I really did feel that in the sessions I’ve had with her.After a few months of learning Reiki, my partner also enrolled to doing the Reiki level 1 training with Corie. He also felt the same things I felt and loved it. We are very grateful to Corie for doing the training and sharing Reiki with us. It is, definitely, one of the best and most valuable experience we have received.Thank you, Corie!
Hollie IvanyHollie Ivany
09:26 15 Mar 22
I've been working with Corie for a little over half a year now, and she has played a major role in my healing journey. The physical, mental and emotional relief, progress and education I've received through her sessions has been outstanding.I usually visit her healing space, but lately we have been doing distance sessions, and they are just as effective and enjoyable! Highly recommend in these precarious times in Hong Kong, especially if you are feeling anxious, stressed, exhausted, sore or anything that is weighing you down / causing you any pain of any nature.I love working with Corie. She is grounded, experienced, honest, heart-centred and wise. I trust her completely and she has not only opened me up to the healing process, and conscious living, but also to the role that we play in our own healing.Also, if you just want to receive healing while comfortably drifting off, that is ALWAYS an option. 🙂 Either way, you'll be in excellent hands.Highly recommend for reiki and intuitive energy healing, both in person and / or distance!
Ian MIan M
10:40 03 Jan 22
Corie is a fantastic healer and person; caring and thoughtful to one’s needs and concerns, and a true master in her field. Her reiki has helped me on numerous occasions, and she is a wonderful teacher as well! Corie taught me Reiki 1 and 2 in a way that was meaningful and easy to understand, so I’d highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn. Thank you very much Corie - really appreciate all your help!
Jane BitarJane Bitar
21:39 20 Jun 21
I’m very new to numerology and was recently introduced to it through a friend. I had a reading with Corie and the session was both fun and enlightening. Corie is very knowledgable and patient. She explained everything thoroughly and was kind enough to go over something again if I asked. She is kind, thoughtful, very receptive, and sensitive to one’s feelings and emotions. Even the way she speaks is very calming and peaceful. The session was exciting and I haven’t stopped talking about it to family and friends. Numerology can reveal so much about you - past, present and future, and Corie is definitely the one to go to. I highly recommend her.
zella panossianzella panossian
17:12 12 Jun 21
I recently had a Numerology Reading with Corie and was completely blown away! I didn't have much experience or background about the practice going in, but can see the incredible value in it now. Corie took her time explaining everything to me and helped me understand the implications of the chart to my personal life and journey. It's an incredible tool and i would highly recommend her to anyone! It's also a wonderful gift for a loved one.

Additional Testimonials From Other Clients:

“Being in the wellness space I’ve met several healers over the past couple of years but only a few have been able to create shifts. Corie is one of them, what I experienced was way beyond my expectations. I had a health issue which caused extremely heavy bleeding, all the medical experts said there was no out apart from surgery. But, I decided before going ahead with the surgery I should give my body a chance to heal naturally. So I attended Corie’s group reiki session after the session I felt extremely tired and the following day I was sick. I spoke to Corie and we figured my body was detoxing. And, after a couple of days I felt amazing and the excess bleeding that I had struggled with for months had stopped! I didn’t need surgery! I’m not sure how and what happen but it worked. Corie is magic!! Thank you soo much! ”
“Had a massive melt down mid-day and rang up Corie. Was so grateful she took me in so last minute for a session for a reiki healing session and shamanic extraction. Corie’s nurturing nature and zen aura is always so welcoming and warm.

I felt like a new person after our session. I suspect she’s an angel sent from the heavens to help mankind continue to heal and raise conscious awareness.”
“Corie is a gifted healer and numerologist. In her reiki sessions, she holds space with grace and compassion. Her numerology readings are uncannily accurate. From my chart, Corie articulated motivations and aspirations I hold close to my heart but haven’t been able to verbalize for myself. A reading with her will help clarify your sense of purpose, and solidify your sense of self.”
“Thank you for such an inspiring Numerology for Work, Business & Meaningful Careers session last evening. It was so amazing and insightful that the 4 of us in the group scheduled another session this week. Such an amazing gift to work with Corie.”
“Had an amazing Reiki session and came out refreshed, determined and happy. Much love to Corie and her amazing gift. ”
“Her hands are like magic!”
— AJ
“Corie is truly gifted and would highly recommend her:)!”
“Everything from numerology to reiki to energy rituals in HK!”

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