Being in the wellness space I’ve met several healers over the past couple of years but only a few have been able to create shifts. Corie is one of them, what I experienced was way beyond my expectations. I had a health issue which caused extremely heavy bleeding, all the medical experts said there was no out apart from surgery. But, I decided before going ahead with the surgery I should give my body a chance to heal naturally. So I attended Corie’s group reiki session after the session I felt extremely tired and the following day I was sick. I spoke to Corie and we figured my body was detoxing. And, after a couple of days I felt amazing and the excess bleeding that I had struggled with for months had stopped! I didn’t need surgery!

I’m not sure how and what happen but it worked. Corie is magic!! Thank you soo much!
— Nomita
Her hands are like magic!
— AJ
Had a massive melt down mid-day and rang up Corie. Was so grateful she took me in so last minute for a session for a reiki healing session and shamanic extraction. Corie’s nurturing nature and zen aura is always so welcoming and warm. I felt like a new person after our session. I suspect she’s an angel sent from the heavens to help mankind continue to heal and raise conscious awareness.
— Coco
Corie is a gifted healer and numerologist. In her reiki sessions, she holds space with grace and compassion. Her numerology readings are uncannily accurate. From my chart, Corie articulated motivations and aspirations I hold close to my heart but haven’t been able to verbalize for myself. A reading with her will help clarify your sense of purpose, and solidify your sense of self.
— - Annette W.
Had an amazing Reiki session and came out refreshed, determined and happy. Much love to Corie and her amazing gift.
— Je Anne

Thank you for such an inspiring Numerology for Work, Business & Meaningful Careers session last evening. It was so amazing and insightful that the 4 of us in the group scheduled another session this week. Such an amazing gift to work with Corie.
— Melissa
Corie is truly gifted and would highly recommend her:)!
— Cherry
Everything from numerology to reiki to energy rituals in HK!
— Isabel