My Reiki Training Lineage:

I am a 9th generation Master Teacher of the first Reiki training lineage I studied under. The origins of my lineage can be traced as follows:

However, a few years after my Reiki practitioner training, I met my mentor who shared that he studied from another traditional Reiki training lineage where Mrs. Hawayo Takata trained the first Western Reiki master, Reverend Beth Gray.

Out of curiosity (as information between lineages isn’t exchanged unless you study under each lineage), I decided to undergo Reiki training starting at Level 1 again from this particular lineage to see how similar/different the information and styles were and I’m glad I did.

Reiki Courses Taught the Traditional Way

In all, I’ve actually been trained in the traditional Usui Reiki course three times, starting at age 15. The number “7” in me (in numerology, it’s a number that represents the natural instinct to want to research/investigate a subject deeply) has always kept me keen to constantly develop more and more. 

Just like a doctor, therapist, or yoga alliance teacher is required to continue their education/training for X number of hours a year, I like to do the same (even though there isn’t such a regulation). I take the responsibility to teach Reiki training courses seriously, in the most traditional form of Usui Reiki and my only intention is to share the best information available with you through my Reiki courses in Hong Kong and overseas.

Levels of Reiki Training Courses:

There are three levels: 

  • Reiki Training Level 1 (foundation level and mainly for self-healing)

  • Reiki Training Level 2 (Reiki practitioner training level)

  • Reiki Training Level 3 (master teacher level) 


(FYI in other lineages this level is sometimes broken into two and called Level 3 and Level 4.)

* Please note I am currently only offering two levels of Reiki training courses: Level 1 and Level 2.

Gain the Ability to Give Treatments:

The ability to channel energy is handed down from a qualified Master Teacher to the student through a process called “attunements”. Unlike other healing practices, anyone is able to learn and apply it. After receiving multiple attunements which are given during the Reiki courses, every student will have the ability to channel energy.

Attunements DO VARY Between Lineages:

The more you take something traditional apart, the more you lose its original power and essence. While there are many, many different schools around the world and online offering attunements, the strength and fullness of attunements may vastly differ.

Some students who were trained from years before feel that they have lost their touch and have a hard time practicing again, so they’ve come in to redo their Reiki courses. This isn’t uncommon if the attunements you’ve previously received weren’t strong enough. Proper attunements will last a lifetime, and this is what we offer here within our Reiki course in Hong Kong.

All attunements MUST be done in person, so we only offer Reiki courses in Hong Kong.

Reiki Training Course (Level 1)

Ready to tune in and learn how to heal yourself at home, while traveling, or when you need a quick energy boost at the office? Classes are maxed at 8 students per Reiki training session to keep the group small and focused. Training takes one day, usually after lunch around 12:00pm – 7:00pm. There is also a private 1:1 option that is 3 – 3.5 hours long (usually between 2:00pm-5:30pm). 

If you are new to this field, I strongly encourage you to try a healing session first to understand what it is first. That way it will be easier to understand how it feels to receive such treatments properly before you take your Reiki course in Hong Kong with us.

You will be able to understand how healing feels, cultivate a better relationship with it, and be able to explain the experience better to others if you decide to share healing with your loved ones. There is nothing quite like experiencing your first proper session too.


Before attending the Level 1 Reiki course in Hong Kong (at least 48 hours beforehand), please refrain from consuming alcohol and red meat (especially beef). You will be sent an email with further details about how to prepare for your Reiki training course after it has been confirmed.

In this Level 1 training, you will learn about:

  • The history of Reiki, our lineage, and its evolution
  • Energy as the fundamental principle of our existence
  • Practice it for self-healing treatments
  • Receive your Level 1 attunements


To complete the full Reiki course, you will have to complete:

  • A one-day Reiki course
  • One practice session (to be completed during your Reiki training course)
  • A 30-day self-practice


At the end of your Reiki training course, you will receive a certificate of completion.



  • Group Training (4-8 people): $2500 HKD per person (1 full day Reiki course, to be scheduled with other students, typically from 12pm-7pm.)
  • Semi-Private (2-3 people): $3000 HKD per person (Half-day Reiki course, to be scheduled with the group.)
  • Private 1:1: $3500 HKD per person (3-3.5 hours long Reiki course, to be scheduled with you.)

– Saturday, May 4, 2024 from 2pm-7pm. 

Please email to sign up as spaces are limited. 

Advanced Reiki Training Course (Level 2 / Second Degree)
(Practitioner Level)

Learn how to give yourself and others treatment with three powerful, sacred symbol attunements through this advanced Reiki training level. Students who have completed Reiki Level 2 can practice as a certified practitioner. 

Before moving onto a Level 2 Reiki course in Hong Kong, you’ll need to have completed the Level 1 Reiki course with me and have practiced for 8-12 months at minimum regularly.

Depending on how well you have cultivated your practice (which will be reviewed), and if you have indicated interest and intention to excel, you will be invited to advance into it at the right time. This was a principle created by Dr. Usui, the founder of Reiki, which we honor and have carried forth in our lineage. 

The Level 2 Reiki courses are maxed at six students per training to keep the group small and focused. A level two Reiki training takes two days to complete. The actual duration will depend on the final size of the group.


  • Prerequisite: completion of your Level 1 Reiki training with me
  • Complete a 2-day training session (Level 2) with me
  • Facilitate at least 2 healing sessions (for someone else, 30 – 60 minutes each)
  • A minimum of a 30-day Reiki practitioner training level practice

In the Reiki practitioner training, you will learn about:

  • 3 Reiki symbols, and the significant details behind each of them
  • Combinations of symbols to create powerful healing
  • Receive your Reiki practitioner training attunements
  • Facilitate practice sessions


To complete the full Reiki course, you will have to complete:

  • A two-day Reiki practitioner training (in-person)
  • At least two practice sessions during your Reiki course (30 minutes each)
  • An apprenticeship with me for at least one month (can be done remotely)


You will be sent an email with further details about how to prepare for your Reiki training after it has been confirmed. You will receive a certificate of completion of your Reiki practitioner training at the end.



  • Group (4-8 people): $5500 HKD per person (2-day Reiki course in Hong Kong, time/date to be scheduled with other students, ie: 11am – 7pm on each day)
  • Semi-Private (2-3 people): $6600 HKD per person (1½ day Reiki course in Hong Kong, to be scheduled with you.)
  • Private 1:1: This is rare, but available by special request on a case-by-case scenario only. Please get in touch below or email me at


– Saturday April 27, 2024  & Sunday, April 28, 2024 from 11am-5pm.

– Friday, October 11, 2024 & Saturday, October 12, 2024 from 11am-5pm.

Please email to sign up as spaces are limited.

About Our Reiki Courses – FAQs:

There are tons of different courses available in the world and online nowadays. Some Reiki courses are legit but some unfortunately aren’t. So many different healing practices are labeled “broadly” nowadays, and some schools offer remote attunements online which have little or no effect at all. Our Reiki trainings are traditional and have been passed down through a strict process, which have all been handpicked and can be traced directly to the founder, Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki training courses cannot be completed without the attunements process which have to be done in person. It is impossible to give a proper, effective and life-long attunement remotely, therefore we only offer Reiki courses in Hong Kong at this time.

The more people who attend the Reiki training course, the more attunements we need to give and attunements can take a decent amount of time per person. We take more time with our attunement processes because it’s the most important part of your entire Reiki training course. We’ll also need to facilitate more practice sessions with more students joining each Reiki course.

Yes. Unfortunately, we are unable to help you advance into the Reiki Practitioner Training (Level 2) if you haven’t done Level 1 with us. This is before we need to ensure you have been taught the foundations in the traditional way properly, and have received effective attunements from Level 1. If you haven’t received effective attunements from your Reiki training before, you will unlikely have been able to cultivate a strong enough practice in order to move onto Level 2. And without having a strong foundation, we couldn’t, out of principle, be comfortable or confident to certify anyone to have the option to practice professionally just because they’ve completed their Level 2 course. 

Firstly, your channeling ability will become stronger. Secondly, you will be able to cleanse spaces that feel energetically heavy or dirty. Thirdly, you’ll be able to facilitate distant treatment sessions so you can share healing with anyone, anywhere, even if a loved one is aboard, you’ll have another option, an extra, very effective way of taking care of them. You could even help someone stuck in the ICU and fighting for life. This advanced level is really special to learn because you could potentially be helping someone feel more at peace during their last moments of life wherever you are. We call it a privilege to be able to walk with someone, even energetically. And we’ve been on that walk and it’s a really honor and privilege to be able to be of service in such a way.

We offer Reiki courses in Hong Kong for Level 1 on an ad hoc basis, so do feel free to get in touch with your preference in the contact form below. If you’re looking for a 1:1 training session please make sure you indicate a few dates and time blocks that you’d prefer so we can try to fit something in. It’s usually best to schedule at least 1-3 weeks in advance. For Level 2, we only offer it 1-2 times a year so if you’ve studied Level 1 with me, please touch base with me over email so I can keep you posted on when the next group Reiki training will be. Please remember that there needs to be a minimum of 8-12 months gap between Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki courses, with regular practice during this time.

Please email for more details or fill in the form below to arrange your Reiki Training.