Numerology Trainings


If you’re interested in taking Numerology to the next step so that you can do readings for yourself, family, friends or clients, please submit your interest below so I can be in touch about upcoming trainings and Numerology related events.

There are two levels in this Numerology training – beginners and advance. Please indicate your which one you’re interested in, or both (but they won’t be taught immediately back-to back as your brain might be too overwhelmed with info from each level.)


In Level 1 (Numerology for Beginners) you will learn:

– What is Numerology?

– Learn about each number (1-11) in detail and what each number represents

– Numerology chart positions

– Learn how to do a foundational level reading of a numerology chart

Investment: $2200 HKD per person


In Level 2 (Advanced Numerology), you will learn about: 

– Special Numbers in Numerology

– Master Cycles

– The relationship between numerology and other systems (For instance Reiki and Numerology)

– Learn how to do an advance numerology reading (i.e. reading multiple charts at once, for special occasions, relationships and talent matching.)

Investment: $3500 HKD per person