Distant /
Online Reiki Healing

What is Distant Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word that means “universal life force energy”.  “Rei” = Universal “ki” for energy. If an in-person session is not possible, remote Reiki healing can be used to restore harmony in the mind, body and spirit. Distant Reiki healing can be achieved by restoring the balance of energy in your body, and this approach is completely safe and suitable for everyone, including pets.

There is no belief system attached to online Reiki healing so anyone can feel comfortable receiving therapy. The only prerequisite is the desire to be healed, and for physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

Distant Reiki is also a great complementary alternative therapy for Eastern and Western medicine too.

New to Remote Reiki Healing?

Just like a session that is conducted in-person, in a Distant Reiki healing session you are also advised to be rested in a comfortable position (ie: in bed, or on a sofa).

Then, the online Reiki session starts with a brief conversation over a video call, or over the phone, to discuss the issues or areas of focus for you recently (ie: what you would like to heal from, whether it’s from the past, present, or fears that you may have about the future). 

And then, you will be asked to turn off the computer or any mobile devices for the remainder of the distant Reiki healing session. In terms of position, you can choose to just lay down comfortably on your bed or sofa, or sit up right, as long as you are comfortable. You will receive the benefits of it just the same whether you’re awake, asleep or if you’re on your feet during your remote Reiki healing session.

Last but not least, we will need a recently-taken photo of yourself, so we can stay connected to your energy field and focus on sending distant, online Reiki healing on you.

What Happens During an Online Reiki Session?

After the completion of the distant Reiki healing session, we will reconnect afterwards and discuss anything that may have come up during the online Reiki healing session. Sometimes my clients anticipate that they will be resting deeply or sleeping so we may touch base a few hours later or the next day (depending on the time zone).

What to do in cases when you are unable to meet/discuss prior to commencing online Reiki? That will not be a problem, because distant Reiki can be facilitated and we can jump right into remote Reiki healing and discuss what you’d like to focus on prior to your scheduled session over email, text or voice chats. It will also be very helpful to know how you have been feeling recently, and what has sparked your interest in distant Reiki sessions. If your schedule is tight, we can always recap afterwards on how your remote Reiki healing session went through the same means of communication.

A lot of our clients choose to conduct their distant Reiki healing sessions at home, at office, or even if they are out shopping so remote Reiki healing can really save a person precious time while receiving its benefits. Just note that on the receiving end, you may experience a lower level of awareness and sensations during distant Reiki if you are out and about.

Having said that, it would still be great if you are a busy person to take a little time out and give yourself an opportunity to slow down, rest and fully experience online Reiki. This is just so that you can connect with yourself.

For New Distant Reiki Clients:

  • For a significant breakthrough in distant Reiki healing, it is advisable to undergo a minimum of three to five remote Reiki healing sessions.
  • To ensure a comprehensive assessment and establish a clear focus for your subsequent treatments, I recommend choosing a distant Reiki healing session of 90 minutes or more for your initial treatment.
  • Following that, subsequent online Reiki healing sessions of 60 minutes each should help address your needs effectively.

For Your Distant Reiki Appointment:

  • For an online Reiki session, our initial interaction will take place through a video chat using platforms such as Google Meet, or Whatsapp video calls, depending on your preference. Prior to the distant Reiki session, I will provide you with a Google Meet link.
  • To fully benefit from your distant Reiki session, it is recommended that you find a comfortable place to rest, such as a bed or sofa. This will allow you to relax and receive the healing energy more effectively. In case you happen to fall asleep during the session, we can connect later to discuss any insights or experiences that arose during remote Reiki healing.
  • If resting is not possible, you may continue with your usual daily activities after our initial conversation. However, please note that being engaged in external distractions or stressors, such as overhearing arguments on the phone, may hinder your ability to fully connect with the healing experience and may detract from the intended distant Reiki process.

After Distant Reiki Healing:

  • The effects from a distant Reiki session can continue working in your body for a duration of up to 48 hours.
  • As a recommendation, it is advised to restrict your intake of red meat, alcohol, recreational drugs, caffeine, and processed sugar for the following few days following your therapy just to make it easier on your body to detox. 

Our Cancellation Policy:

Our cancellation policy requires a notice of at least 24 hours for any changes or cancellations to your scheduled remote Reiki healing appointment. If cancellation occurs after this 24-hour window, the full fee for the session will be charged. Please bear in mind that distant Reiki healing can be done while you are at home, out and about, or whilst taking care of a difficult situation.

We could skip the video call or phone call of your online Reiki session and focus on the treatment only. In fact, remote Reiki healing can provide additional support during such times.

More About Remote Reiki Healing – FAQs:

There are so many benefits to having an online reiki healing session. First of all, you are able to enjoy your therapy session from the comfort of your home and so if you feel sleepy, or actually fall asleep, you don’t have to worry about commuting back to your home after an in-person session and can just completely relax and rest as you wish.

Secondly, online Reiki sessions also allow more flexibility across different time zones. I have been privileged to work with clients around the world and oftentimes clients love being able to schedule a remote Reiki healing session with me before bed so that they are able to enjoy a session before bedtime, or to actually help them drift off into sleep. 

Last but not least, distant Reiki healing can be an especially helpful resource for those who have a hard time shutting off from their day and falling asleep. For example, I often work with online Reiki clients on the west coast and east coast of the States and Canada, and so their nighttime is my morning time and it works perfectly. I also work with clients in the UK and Europe so that they are able to receive remote Reiki healing sessions just before they are waking up. Usually, we schedule a call or exchange by email to see how they are doing the day before so that I am able to facilitate a distant reiki healing session for them overnight and they can wake up feeling well-rested, far more fresh and lighter in the morning. Overall, it helps them take on the day better.


All we need is the full name, any nicknames, and a clear photo of the individual receiving the distant Reiki session.

Absolutely not. This is a healing tool (even though it is often associated with spirituality). It is a form of healing that works for everyone. Our body naturally receives healing if it needs it as a reflex is offered to it. It doesn’t think or need to believe in it.

The benefits from receiving treatment would be exactly the same, however the only biggest noticeable difference is that we won’t be physically in the same room and we might be in different time zones. Other than that, the way that the online Reiki session runs and the effects of its healing would be just the same. Clients who are generally energetically sensitive and have done both in-person and online Reiki sessions with me have shared that they have felt just the same as they did while receiving an in-person session with me. In some cases, they feel it even more and are grateful they sometimes go the online Reiki route as they are home or in their hotel room, and able to rest and physically detox if needed.

I share online Reiki healing sessions with people who are not physically located in Hong Kong a lot, or with clients who travel a lot for pleasure and work. I also offer online Reiki to sick (such as cancer patients) and or elderly clients who are unable to travel outside their home or hospitals due to poor health conditions. Women who have just given birth and are in confinement absolutely love the option of online Reiki healing sessions to help their body recover better and faster. 

Over the years, I have enjoyed the pleasure of working with plenty of clients remotely (not having met them in person) and they really love online Reiki sessions. Post-pandemic, we have found even more clients choosing online Reiki healing sessions as they may have concerns around their health and for jet-setters, it gives them the flexibility to receive the benefits of online Reiki while traveling.  

I am available at 10am-7pm HKT for an online Reiki session. In other countries that time converts to:

Hong Kong / Singapore / Taiwan / China / most of the Philippines / Malaysia / Brunei / Laos / Indonesia / Western Australia

  •       10am HKT-7pm HKT


North & South America

  •       7pm PST – 4am PST
  •       10pm EST – 7am EST
  •       9pm – 6am CST



  •       4am-1pm


Australia – Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane / Canberra

  •       1pm-10pm 


Australia – Perth

  •       10am-7pm 


Dubai & Abu Dhabi

  •       6am-3pm


Japan and Korea

  •       11am-8pm



  •       9am-6pm


* Please note that there may be a 1-hour difference if your country exercises daylight savings. The time zone converter in my appointment system will take care of that for us to avoid confusion as you schedule your Online Reiki healing session.

Yes, I offer distant Reiki to regular clients who have entrusted me to be able to facilitate their distant Reiki healing sessions at other times when I am available if there are scheduling conflicts and we’re unable to meet for a video call or phone call. Instead, we will communicate over email or text messages and I will then facilitate a distant Reiki session when I am able to and give you a full recap of the session afterwards. It is definitely something we can discuss if you are open to it and please feel free to reach out to me directly if you would like to coordinate a time where we can potentially work together outside of my standard hours of operation. 

Investment for Your Distance Reiki Healing Session:



$1350 HKD

($175 USD)


(Best for first sessions)

$2000 HKD

($255 USD)


$2650 HKD

($340 USD)


(3 x 60 Minute Sessions, 3 month validity)

$3900 HKD ($500 USD)


(5 x 60 Minute Sessions, 6 month validity)

$6250 HKD ($800 USD)

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