It makes me uber happy when I see corporates BECOMING MORE CONSCIOUS of their EMPLOYEE’S WELL-BEING.

Having been someone who’s worked 15+ hours a day in an office or traveling from city to city, constantly eating at the desk (if eating is even an option), I’m a total advocate for self-care, bringing mindfulness and conscious practices into work, and integrating more balance between work and personal life.  I’ve seen the ramifications too often, colleagues developing long-term illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks…I would never wish that level of stress for someone.

So let’s restore the collective’s energy levels, find clarity and balance, and rejuvenate TOGETHER.


Read about how Goldman Sachs benefited making a key change to their employee wellness program HERE.

I offer customized services to corporate companies which include 1-1 treatments, group workshops and trainings such as:

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