Prior to using my own name to create this website, I had started a holistic healing focused platform called Mind Body Soul Asia to curate helpful resources out here in the East. I’m currently replanting its seeds and will share more when its ready to sprout. In the meantime, MBSA will continue right here.

Mind Body Soul Asia Community is a safe space where we can connect, learn, grow from each other holistically.

It is a place where we can highlight options for real, impactful holistic healing in Asia.

A place for us to share our journeys and transformations.

There are so many teachers and great resources in the West, but many head to the East for a deeper spiritual connection or perhaps to look for the origin of their practice. 

Here in Asia, we are spoiled with the closeness of geographic distance between countries. In a short flight we can fly off to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Philippines, China and so on…quiet easily and on a reasonable budget. Within each country, we have abundant resources – teachers, healers, practitioners, yoga schools, wellness centers that haven’t been well discovered. There’s so much being offered that not enough people know about, or get lost in Google searches. 

Here are some wonderful resources I’d like to share with you, and may they serve your heart and your journey as they have mine.


IN ASIA (in alphabetical order):


The Yoga Barn (Yoga, Dance, Meditation Center)


Art of Masculine (by Justin Lee)

Mahasiddha Yoga (Tantra Yoga School)

Practical Healing (Hypnotherapy and Reiki by Nicholas Harris)

The Yoga Tree (Yoga, Dance and Meditation Center)

Wild Rose (Yoga Center)


Coco Glo (Nutritional Services & Health Coach)

Green Queen (Health & Wellness Media Platform with the most up-to-date local resources)

The Garden Gathering (Annual Women’s Only Spiritual/Wellness Festival)

IRIS (Health & Wellness Festival)

Kembali (Shirin Yuku Forest Bathing / Nature Therapy)

Paloma Gerber (Plant-Based Chef, Nutritionist & Health Coach)

Pause HK (Pilates and Dance Studio)

Pranava (Yoga and Sound Healing Space)

Spiral Spaces (The Way of Tea, Tea Ceremonies)

The Yoga Room (Yoga and Mediation Studio)

Yoga Bam Bam (Yoga Studio, 2 Locations)


Healing Minds PH


Lakshmi House

Urban Spirit


Global Tea Hut (The Way of Tea, Tea Ceremonies)


Angel Valley (Sedona, Arizona)

Annette Wong (Mindfulness Coach)

East West Retreats

Healing House Cusco (Peru)

Inner Journeys (Sedona, Arizona)

Lights of Passage (Teya Estar)

Northern Drum (UK based Shamanic School)

Sandra Gonzalez (Energy Healer)

Swing Brazil Tribe (Los Angeles based Afro-Brazilian Dance Tribe led by Vida Vierra)

Tyler Mongan (Practical Numerology, Future X, The Mind Lab)