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NUMEROLOGY TIPS FOR OCTOBER 2019: New Beginnings and Be All Or Nothing.

Fresh, clean, new beginnings. That's what October is about. Be all in or all out. There's no room for grey areas this month.

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Choosing Wedding Dates with Numerology, Why It Isn’t Fortune Telling

In our modern age, we offer Western Numerology as an another alternative way to explore the best wedding dates for the couple based on what they want to build and incorporate in their lifelong journey ahead. Hello, free will!

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Following my recent post about November 11, 2018, (11-11-11) being the most powerful day in 9 years, TODAY is the second most powerful day. We’re going to have to wait until November 11 & 29 2027 to match the high energetic frequencies again.  

Today, we have a second chance of coming across 11-11-11 which is an amazing time for us to be manifesting what it is that we desire to The Universe (God/Spirit/Source/Creator).

The difference between this 11-11-11 versus the one from November 11, 2018 is…

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December 1-5, 2018: Numerology & Reiki at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Spa

In a couple of weeks, I will be offering Numerology readings and Reiki energy healing at the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Spa as part of their “Masters of Wellness” series, from December 1-5, 2018!

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Extending Reiki, Numerology & Intuitive Healing Sessions to Central!

I’m excited to share that I am now offering private Reiki, Numerology and Intuitive Healing sessions in Central and in addition to my space in Kennedy Town! I hope this make your journey in wellness and healing more accessible.

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