Reiki For Kids: Why Children Can Benefit from Reiki Sessions

Kids are pure, enthusiastic learners. They can rightfully be compared to a sponge – they follow by example, and they take in lots of information without a filter. 

Just like how they learn, kids are also quick to absorb energy. You might somehow wonder “Is it possible for kids to carry feelings related to stress and anxiety?” The answer is yes. In fact, kids as young as 6 months old are proven to exhibit the ability to take on the energy of their parents. 

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I have the privilege of providing sessions for babies who are days young to young children, and of course, I work with adolescents and adults even more on a regular basis.

One of my clients, who happens to be a mom, noticed that her baby falls asleep much more easily when she (the mom) is calm and not agitated after she had a Reiki session with me. I have seen firsthand that stress and negative energy are contagious, especially in young children.

Witnessing the effects of a strained environment on kids has made me a big advocate of Reiki for kids.

When mother places her hand on her child, she is transferring the energy to her child

When a mother naturally places her hand on her child, without knowing, she is actually transferring energy from herself to her child. It’s a loving gesture that allows the mother and child to bond.

However let’s say the mother was in a terrible state emotionally, and she places her caresses on her child for comfort. There’s a strong chance that the child may be absorbing her emotions at that moment and that can stick if it has a large enough emotional and energetic impact.

Reiki is different. It’s a safe type of energy healing as it is channeled energy from an external source (The Universe’s pure energy).

Corie Chu – Reiki Master Teacher

I’ve had the pleasure of providing Reiki training courses to many parents over the years so they are able to apply Reiki treatments at home to their own children, especially around bedtime.

All it takes is placing your Reiki hands on your child’s head or body for a little while, as you naturally may anyway. The parents have told me that it’s been one of the best investments they’ve ever made to date!

Does Your Child Need Reiki? 

Reiki for kids is a gentle, complementary therapy that promotes energy healing within the body on a holistic level. This kind of healing process is non-invasive and done in a manner that won’t scare or terrify kids.

In each session, a qualified Reiki practitioner channels and transfers positive energy from the Universe to the child.

Although parents can make Reiki sessions an important part of ensuring a healthy childhood, some children may need more sessions than most as everyone is different.

Reiki is particularly helpful for children who might have physical challenges, who are going through tough times, and who are exposed to all sorts of stresses. 

Kids who are showing one or some of the signs below could truly benefit from Reiki sessions as a means of prevention or management.

Reiki for Kids is a gentle
Reiki for Kids is a gentle

Showing Signs of Anxiety.

If your child or one that you know shows agitation or anxiety of any form (separation anxiety, anxiety associated with trying new things, social anxiety), they might need some kind of reinforcement.

Apart from changing the narrative around some of their fears, you can also consider the benefits of Reiki for anxiety-stricken kids. 

Exhibiting Restlessness and Lack of Concentration.

Often, kids showing restlessness are often tagged as misbehaved, when in fact, they could be struggling with all the energy and emotions whacking their system. If they are constantly exposed to a wired-up environment, they could bring this energy with them. 

Showing Stress Due to Exposure to More Stressful Environments.

If a child is exposed to challenging school settings, complicated family issues, or set-ups that are difficult to understand at a young age, their tendency to catch stress and negative energy is increased. 

Reiki for Kids is needed than ever before
The negative energy is increased when your child deals with life challenges too soon

Having a Hard Time Dealing With Life-Changing Events.

Major events such as divorce or death of a grandparent, parent, or relative, a pet passing away, or going through a drastic life change can make a child more susceptible to anxiety, depression, loneliness, and agitation. These triggers cause children to pick up negative energy even more. 

Manifesting a Change in Behavior After Parents Go Through Stress.

Stress is contagious, and children who find it difficult to cope with this challenge can deal with it in an unhealthy way.

Coping up can be seen in the form of anxiety, moodiness, withdrawal from conversations, or increased anger issues

Reiki for Kids could help them deal with the challenges
Reiki for Kids could help them deal with the challenges

How Reiki Sessions Can Benefit Kids?

Kids naturally exude positive energy. This innocence and pureness help them enjoy a healthy childhood and navigate adulthood even better. A child that starts sessions at a young age can get the benefits of Reiki for kids fully. 

Just like a child’s immune system that needs all the help to develop, children’s energy and emotions can become stronger when aided with Reiki. And the huge bonus is, Reiki actually does in fact physically help strengthen a child’s immune system through each treatment too!

Here are several reasons why a Reiki session is one of the best self-care gifts you can provide for a child. 

Reiki Allows Kids to Relax Deeply.

If you think your child’s playful, hyperactive behavior is more than just being a phase, you can try checking their energy.

Reiki can help soothe a child’s restlessness by lowering the negative energy flow that might cause them to be rowdier than ever. Since emotions and changes easily overwhelm kids, Reiki can help in clearing a child’s energy from these triggers.

Reiki Brings Back Balance to A Child’s System.

When big feelings overwhelm your child, they could totally cause havoc to your child’s energy flow. Ever notice days when your kids feel like they got up at the wrong side of the bed?

For infants, these energy disruptions can come from growth spurts or growing pains.

For older kids, it could be exhausting school work, expectations, or sudden life changes. One of the Reiki benefits for children is bringing back the optimum energy flow to your child’s system. When a good amount of positive energy flows through your child, the energy that’s bad can be eliminated.

Reiki for Kids can eliminate the bad energy
Reiki for Kids can eliminate the bad energy

Reiki Helps Restore a Child’s Confidence.

Kids are sensitive and impressionable. A hurtful word or a displeased comment can wound their self-esteem. School tasks and peer pressure can also take a toll on their confidence and prevent positive energy from flowing in them. 

Reiki restores a child’s confidence by helping them be in touch with their worth and have an increase in awareness

Reiki Can Protect Children from Taking On Stresses From Adults.

Do you want to protect your child from the stresses mom and dad are exposed to? Reiki can make this possible by promoting a more positive energy flow. 

Reiki For Kids Can Improve Sleep and Concentration.

Reiki makes it possible for kids to relax, which in turn can contribute to helping kids achieve more restful slumbers. When kids are well-rested, their concentration ability works far better!

Reiki makes it possible for kids to relax
Reiki makes it possible for kids to relax

Reiki Helps Kids Navigate Through Challenges Better.

Kids who are Reiki regulars are more mindful, more proactive, and more protective of their peace. Children who grew up with Reiki are more grounded and more peace-promoting, thanks to the healthy energy flow in them. This same energy flow creates more mindful kids that are not easily swayed by challenges.

Having worked with clients from when they were young, and now in their early teens, my jaw still drops when they share challenging experiences and their deep views of the world and their relationships with others. It makes me even more excited to see them grow up and I look forward to how they will shape the world. 

Kids Are More Empathic Than We Think

Kids may not always be the most articulate in expressing their emotions now, but this does not mean they don’t deal with powerful feelings. Reiki sessions for kids can not only create better childhood for your little bubs, but it can be your child’s ultimate weapon when emotions, stress, and challenges are becoming too overwhelming