There’s more to relationships than just connections. When we create relationships with other people, we invest time, emotions, and trust. We become raw, open, and we let ourselves become vulnerable. Because relationships naturally make us subject to pain and abuse, we should know when to let go and move on from relationships that are unhealthy to us.

Perhaps this year, one of your goals is to practice more self-love. This resolution might include not giving room for a healthy relationship that make you question your self-worth, and not compromising on how you will love yourself.

Painful as it may be, making this resolution will require you to look into the relationships you share with friends, family members, and your lover. Like opening your heart to new love, letting go of toxic relationships requires you to be raw, honest, and willing.

When to let go and walk away from a relationship? Here are 9 signs that will help you decide whether it’s time to let go of a relationship, and though scary, it could be the best choice you need to make.

Why You Should Stop Clinging to Unhealthy Relationships

Breaking a relationship, no matter what kind it is will always require courage and sacrifice. With all the time and moments shared, the emotional change makes it even more painful to let go of someone.

This is why some people opt to stay…even if the toxicity is taking its toll. It’s real, and it’s disheartening. No one deserves to stay in a relationship simply to save the relationship.

when to let go


Is your relationship unhealthy and full of negative emotions? And if so, is it time to let it go?

9 Signs You Need To Let Go of Unhealthy Relationships:

(Sidenote: In numerology, one of the things the number 9 represents is completion, aka the end of something).

1/ Communication is Hard

when to let go an abusive relationship


Communication is key to any relationship. Being able to communicate openly in a healthy way helps you and the other party navigate through issues and concerns positively.

Communication in unhealthy relationships can be muddled. You feel unheard. You feel unrecognized. You feel misunderstood. Trying to convey your thoughts always feels like a chore.

2/ You Feel No Growth

How do you know it’s time to let go of someone? When it doesn’t make you bloom or feel joy anymore.

you feel no growth and feel nervous


Perhaps this is already a cliche, but when you’re in the right relationship, it will help you become better than before. You become braver when it comes to pursuing your life goals because you know there are loving, supportive people behind you, that you’re not the only person alone to endure your own feelings.

If you constantly feel that the people you share your progress with no longer care or contribute, or if they’re the reason why you hesitate to go for the things you want in life, it’s time to check if it’s time to walk out from the relationship.

3/ You Hold On and It Hurts

You always find yourself clinging to even the smallest of hope and joy that you can fix the relationship.

you expecting things and feel more pain


However, you know deep down that the relationship is over, and staying just hurts. If your gut, heart, feelings, and mind know you should let go of someone, listen.

4/ The Connection Feels Distant

Seeing someone you share a healthy bond with always feels like a breath of fresh air; like an oasis after a drought. You see them in a crowd and you feel enthralled to see their face. The connection is instant – even if you’ve never met for quite a time.

you are feeling not the same way as usual


The opposite happens with relationships that don’t work anymore and you need to let go. One of the signs of an unhealthy relationship is no longer feeling that exciting connection. Instead, you feel distant or even awkward towards the other party.

5/ You No Longer Feel Secure

That feeling of security almost comes naturally – you know and believe that the other party will not do anything to hurt you or break your trust.

When it comes to walking away from toxic relationships, it pays to check if you still feel secure. Are you becoming wary that the person or friend that you love will do something that might hurt you?

Do previous experiences make you feel like you’re going to get hurt anytime? The feeling of insecurity is hard to live with – and it’s a good reason to let go.

6/ Your Needs Aren’t Met

We all have different requirements when it comes to relationships. These needs can range from physical, to emotional.

your needs aren't met and feel frustration


If these needs aren’t met, it’s important to communicate this with your partner, or with someone you trust. When the other party refuses to compromise or understand, it can be a big sign to let go of the relationship.

7/ Staying Feels Like an Obligation

staying is lying to your true feelings


You’ve spent so many years, and experiences together so you’re probably wondering if leaving is even worth it. If you’re staying because you feel obligated and not because you’re happy, checking if the relationship is still worth the fight can help.

8/ Conflicts Become Toxic

You find it hard to ask your partner or your friend to discuss things. You avoid conflict because it becomes toxic.

your mental health is not good because of the 'romantic partners'


You can’t help but feel like you’re trapped and frustrated because you and the other party can’t talk about conflict in a positive manner.

9/ You No Longer Feel Happy

Happiness is already out of the window, and you’re simply staying because you feel like you should. If happiness is no longer there, it’s one of the biggest red flags that tell you “Hey, let go.”

self awareness about the relationship drains


And just to add a little update here (July 2021) with another sign to look out for:

The Other Party Refuses to Compromise

Relationships – romantic, familial, and friendly – require hard work. To make it work, you will be required to make compromises that will help you understand and reach out to the other party better.

If you feel like you’re the only one making these compromises – sometimes, at the expense of your peace of mind – it’s time to check for signs of toxic relationships. Once red flags start waving, it’s important to not just dismiss them as “weaknesses.” It pays to also ask this question “Is their disinterest in making compromises going to affect our relationship and my sanity in the long run?” If the answer is yes, it might be a sign that let go of your toxic relationship is in order.

time to let go


Time to Let Go of Relationships: It’s Going to Be Hard

Maybe the two of you are meant to be together, but the timing is poor. Perhaps one or both people in a relationship need to evolve, learn self-love, or be in a healthier place for future relationships to exist on solid grounds and have a real chance. But you’re both meant to be, you will find your way back to each other.

Letting go of relationships that have a significant impact on your life can be difficult. You will always share an emotional bond with people you were once raw and open with. Understandably, there will be a lot of grief, pain, frustration, vulnerability, and healing needed.

Time to Let Go of Relationships: It’s Going to Be Hard


If you’re in the process of letting go and moving on, it’s okay to acknowledge the pain and heartbreak. But after the tears, give yourself the gift of truly let go of everything.

And sometimes that bond could remain unexplainably intense after a break up so much that it begins to affect your physical body, causing discomfort you wouldn’t normally have. It could make you much more emotional than ever.

These are symptoms of emotional cords formed on an energy level and can’t be disconnected without energy work and it happens more often with people who are emphatic, even those who seem to be without emotions but actually are very emphatic.

Intuitive Energy Healing sessions help untangle emotional cords that prevent you from moving on and experiencing true freedom.

If you’re interested to learn more about deep emotional releases through Intuitive Energy Healing, you can read more about it at coriechu.com.

You deserve freedom. You deserve to let go of someone and find healthy relationships that will make you fly and nurture both your and your (future) partner’s well-being.

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