What Your Body Language Says About You and Your Energy

Often, actions do speak louder than words. Based on a recent study by McGill University which was also cited in Prevention.com, simply nodding our head and even just tilting our head can give strangers an idea of our emotional state. The way we move our body speaks a lot about who we are and how we feel, even more than the words we speak. However, we are often the least to know what our own body language is saying.

It’s a lot easier to understand other people’s body language than understanding our own. This is why we have to make an effort to become aware of our own body language. It does not come naturally but it does not have to be that way. Becoming aware of our own body language brings us a step closer to how we can use it to improve how we feel inside and how we express ourselves. Let’s take a look at the different types of body language and what it says about us and our energy. You might find yourself belonging to more than one type, but which one sticks out the most to who you are?

Animated, Light, Upward – Type 1 Energy

Do you walk with springy bouncy steps? Do you find it hard to sit and stand still? Then you belong to this type. You appear restless when you sit and stand because when you do you shift position often. There’s a lot of movement when you sit and stand. You also have a hard time focusing on one thing for a long time.

Flowing and Soft – Type 2 Energy

Those who belong to this type walk gracefully and smoothly. They don’t have springy steps but rather very fluid. Their steps are longer and they keep their feet close to the ground. They also looked relaxed when sitting and standing. They sit and stand in the shape of an S curve, holding their head to the side.

Active/Reactive & Substantial – Type 3 Energy

If you have this type of energy, chances are you are a head-turner. You do not simply fade into the background. Everyone knows you are there as you walk with determination and even when you sit people hear you because of your deliberate movement. When sitting your legs are crossed oftentimes. When standing you have your hands on your waist.

Bold, Constant & Still – Type 4 Energy 

Those belonging to this type walk in a very upright, still manner, with minimal movement in the limbs and body. They also sit very upright with both feet on the ground. They sit and walk with proper posture and look formal.

Your body language does not only send messages to others. It also tries to tell you how you are actually feeling inside. For instance, those belonging to Type 1 energy who tend to be fidgety and have a difficult time focusing may also be struggling with stress or emotional trauma. The body is nudging its owner to pay attention to unresolved issues.

The problem with fidgeting (because your body is full of nervous energy) is that it is not easy to resolve. Those who are prone to slouching (an indication of lack of self-confidence) can simply correct their posture and can feel a confidence boost right away. Studies have shown that our body has a way of tricking the brain. Doing a power pose (standing straight with heads up, feet hip-distance apart, hips and shoulders open with hands on the waist) for 2 minutes allows the body to send a message to the brain you are confident and the brain will respond by releasing testosterone which is linked to confidence. If the root cause of insecurities go deeper, a simple power pose might not fully address the problem. In this case, you might need to release old energy patterns of stress and anxiety, thoughts of not being good enough and this can be achieved through Reiki Energy Healing or for a more specialized treatment, Intuitive Energy Healing.

Megan Cahn, the beauty editor of Elle Magazine tried out Reiki for herself, after having heard of how Gwyneth Paltrow went for Reiki treatments to help her transition during her “conscious uncoupling” (aka divorce handled in a mindful way) with her former husband and lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin. Cahn opened up how she had trouble with anxiety, how she was always fidgeting, crossing and uncrossing her legs, and how Reiki, a basic, safe and channeled form of energy healing helped her with these issues (check out our “What is Reiki?” article here). It allowed her to be more aware of her body and mind.

Reiki has the ability to restore the body’s balance mentally, emotionally, and physically. It allows you to meditate even if you have problems with fidgeting. Reiki does not simply relieve symptoms of a problem but targets the root cause of the problem. Reiki does not If you’re curious to learn more, you can also read our previous post about the benefits of Reiki here.

Remember, what’s going on inside you is ultimately energy that is feeding your body, your heart, and your head so everything you say and do, and your natural body language is a total reflection of your internal energy and who you are right now.

Without making judgments, but rather purely observing yourself from a neutral perspective, take a look at how you are walking, sitting, standing or positioning your body right now (don’t try to adjust your positioning to a more favorable pose, honesty is key here). See if any of the above types of body language resonate with you? What do you like seeing? And if there’s anything you’d like to change, what would it be?

We can take steps towards change, but it will take time and effort to gently transition into your more desired inner state, which can then be reflected in your body language. One reason why we suggest Reiki and or Intuitive Energy Healing is that it can serve as a “reboot” in your body with the support of safe energy healing practices to bring balance within you more quickly and efficiently.