What To Do When You’re Not Feeling Good Enough

It does not matter if life has been good most of the time or life has been especially tough – every individual, regardless of gender, race, and even status in life can battle with feelings of inadequacy or even feelings of hopelessness. It’s very important to recognize that you are not alone in feeling this way.

Every individual has their perception of what the world or the people around them expects of them, or even more importantly what they expect of themselves. Being the human that we are, we can easily fall short of these expectations and end up feeling not good enough. And sometimes, you can even end up underestimating yourself – when all you have is low self-esteem.

But then again, it’s also important to recognize that you can always rise above the blues. One must never underestimate the power that you have to be a master of your own emotions. You can always do something when you’re not feeling good enough

1. Know Who You Really Are and Embrace It

Recognize that there is only one you in this world with your skillset, unique trait, and personality. When I was younger and first heard I didn’t quite understand what it meant, but the more you sink into realizing there is only one you in the world, and no amount of copying could replace that, it begins to feel kind of cool. Love who you are, even if it means loving your limitations. A sense of inadequacy or worthlessness comes when you start comparing and competing.

Comparing your life to that of others is so easy nowadays when so many people including yourself are now constantly glued to social media where so many people flaunt the good things in their life. We then look at our lives and compare, more likely to only see what is missing. Practice appreciating the lives of others, but do not forget to appreciate your life too. Recognize what you have and although it’s not always worth posting about in Facebook or Instagram – savor every moment that life has been good to you and even the moments of darkness in your life for you can learn from them too.

Know your strengths and capitalize on them. Learn about your flaws and attempt to improve them. Although you can not overcome a weakness overnight, what’s important is that you are better today than yesterday. Think about your achievements and all the things you have managed to do so far.

2. Unburden yourself and express that negative emotion

Once that feeling strikes it’s imperative that you recognize it and deal with it. And you can only deal with it by expressing it. The manner of expressing it can be different for every individual. You can tell a trusted person or if that option is not available or is something you are not comfortable to do you can always write it out. Journal keeping can help.

Set aside time to evaluate your feelings. What do you think is causing it. Give yourself some time to process that negative emotion. Do not tuck away that negative emotion and have it build up inside of you and which could mess you up in the long run. Suppressed emotions effects how we think on a daily basis so don’t underestimate the weight of unresolved feelings because it really does affect our daily thoughts and behavior.

3. Work on yourself steadily and patiently

It’s true that we must be kind – and kindness must begin with how you deal with yourself. Feelings of inadequacy could come for a valid reason. Maybe there is really something you should work on yourself but always remember to be patient with yourself.

Make a plan and be excited about it. If you fall short then try again. Enjoy the journey towards becoming your best self. Be kind to yourself as you stumble and never give up on your dreams. But also be careful to make plans that are realistic.

4. Be careful not to overthink

Yes, it’s good to think or express that negative emotion but also recognize when to snap out of it. When you have done everything you could and you are still not getting the results you want then know when to let go. There are many options you can take in this life.

Nobody can have everything they want and that’s okay. Accept that there are things you simply can not change and it’s time to take a different path. Grieve for those things that you badly want to change and then let go.

as you exercise the endorphins released

5. Sweat it Off

Feeling lousy? Then sweat it off.  It was said that there is almost nothing that exercise could not cure and that includes depression. As you exercise the happy hormones, endorphins, are released, as well as the BDNF or Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor that consists of a protective and reparative element to memory neurons. It acts as a reset switch making you feel happy at ease after that workout session.

6. Choose the People You Listen To

Unfortunately we can not always control what other people say but you can always choose who you will listen to. This can be difficult to do at first but keep in mind that not everything other people say is true or not all people have the right intention when giving comments regarding their expectations of you. The thing that matters the most is how you view yourself.

medical procedures and therapies can be used in conjunction with Intuitive Energy Healing.

How Emotional Energy Healing Can Help

The above tips and other self-help methods are available for you but if the feeling of inadequacy starts to overwhelm you and there are days when you need more push – know that you can find support through Intuitive Healing. This is a technique I offer with a special focus on emotional healing and emotional release that is available for distant healing sessions and in-person appointments. It is completely safe for all ages, involving natural energy release through gentle touch to heal in areas that are energetically blocked in your body. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I can confidently say that the Intuitive Healing treatments I offer are three to five times more advanced and effective than standard Reiki treatments. Reiki treatments are great too, you can read more about the differences here, but in terms of investment in dollars and effect, I would say Intuitive Healing sessions are more beneficial for someone who has had issues around lack of self-worth and low self-esteem for years and are tired and keen to do something serious about it.

The negative emotions that are stuck in our body (which creates a negative impact on our mental, physical and emotional state) are isolated and identified and released from our body so they no longer hold power over our well-being. It also helps release negative emotions in our ego, which impact our subconscious thought patterns and behavior, making us less likely to react the same way in similar situations in the future. Intuitive Healing sessions are a wonderful, holistic and effective approach to improve our overall well-being.

Other medical procedures and therapies can be used in conjunction with Intuitive Energy Healing. It’s frequently used in combination with psychotherapy to create a more comprehensive treatment.