Why I Love Numerology and How Numerology Will Help You

What’s your favorite number (if you have one)? Throughout my life, mine has always been the number 6. There’s no particular reason, other than that I’ve always felt an affinity with it. Perhaps I’m drawn to the shape of it? I never thought much of it when I was young, only that whenever I saw the number 6, it made me feel happy and it felt like a special sign.

I remember making my first email address end with the numbers 86. I was going to make it 84 (the year I was born) but again, I preferred the number 6, so I deliberately set it to 86. I remember liking the clothes at Esprit, when they started a line of clothing with the numbers 68.

I was always terrible at mathematics in school. In fact, I was in the lower set of AS-Levels Math, while my closest friends were in the higher levels, at the top of the class. I even cried during my exams wondering how on earth I was going to pass this horrible class. I remember how sorry my math teacher felt for me, but there was nothing that could be done obviously.

I hated math. Ironically, I even taught at Kumon as one of my part-time jobs during university for years. What I realized later was that I hated math, but I had no hatred towards numbers. In fact, numbers have so much more meaning than what it’s commonly associated with.

When I first came across numerology, I found it to be quite confusing. In fact, one of the key people who popularized Numerology was philosopher, mathematician, and scientist Pythagoras (you’ve probably heard of Pythagoras’s theorem?). He used to spend hours creating a chart and analyzing it for even longer.

In my earlier days, I had purchased quite a few numerology books and researched around but I found the ancient system of numerology to be well…too dated and it made me less interested. It wasn’t until I started having recurring dreams with a significant number of patterns that piqued my interest again.

Then I randomly came across a much more modern, practical approach to numerology that allowed me to create a birth chart in a matter of minutes, which got me seriously excited. I was so keen to learn more about it at that point that I became a Numerology teacher myself.

It’s funny because when I look back at life events and my own numerology birth chart, I realized so much matched the flow of my own chart (and seriously without any bias). You can check out my previous posts about The Significance of Age 27 In Numerology and 9 Year Life Cycles and Why Turning 36 Is A Big Deal, Especially For Women to learn more too.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and the energies tied to each number. If there was a dictionary for numbers, it would be found in the system of numerology. Each number represents a certain energy, and from there we look at all the angles, the positives, the negatives, and how it relates to a person.

Your numerology number can tell a lot about your life path

Numerology Readings For Individuals:

Most commonly, numerology is applied to a person’s birth date. What we do is we look at a person’s month, day, and year of birth and create a chart that maps out a person’s life.

Benefits of a Numerology Reading:

From this numerology birth chart, we’re able to see the specific numbers tied to you and your:

– Major challenges in life

– Natural gift and talents

– Hidden talents

– Life purpose and with potential paths leading to their purpose

– How you’re commonly perceived in the outside world (external image) and what others may not be telling you.

– Who you really are at the core

– Any conflicts with your projected image and who you really are that you wish to share with the world.

– Strengths and weaknesses

– How you mentally process information.

– Your holistic health and any areas to watch out for (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually).

– Master cycles in your life that mark significant moments and big life transitions.

– Personalized ways to regain balance in your life when you’re feeling out of control or overwhelmingly stressed.

Through this numerology chart, we could even get a better understanding of the shortcomings and look at how the numbers in their birth chart could empower them in more effective ways to reach their goals.

Numerology is a wonderful tool for personal growth because it highlights all your strengths and suggests what your weaknesses are. It can help you see your life in a holistic perspective so that you can better plan your goals and next steps more efficiently. It also suggests what you can do when you feel like life is throwing you lemons so that you can get back up.


Numerology chart is a powerful tool for making sense of recurring numbers.

To me, numerology is one of the best ways to answer beautiful questions that we tend to ask ourselves at some point in life, “Who am I?” and “What do I want out of this life?” Or another one popular one, usually asked out of frustration, “Why does this keep happening to me?”

I come across many people who feel uninspired about life, feel bored at work, and would like to live more meaningfully, and when they feel too confused, stalled, and have hit a dead end, a numerology birth chart reading can truly widen our perspectives, pave the way towards our purpose and open doors beyond our imagination.

Numerology Readings Aren’t Limited To Individuals.

We’re able to look at dynamics between multiple people. For example, numerology could suggest your compatibility with a potential life partner and other ways you could grow better together with any life path number.

It could examine your relationship with your immediate family members – why the relationships are great or strained, why you feel like your parents don’t understand you? Or why there always seems to be a communication breakdown? What’s missing?

The same applies to your boss or colleagues at work- numerology can suggest how you could all work more efficiently together or even suggest tasks and roles that are more suitable to each individual as they may not have unlocked their hidden talents. I’ve had tons of conversations at length with HR professionals who find numerology fascinating when they’re looking for talent.

Numerology Helps Us Look At Special Dates For Events:

When people are setting dates for important events such as a wedding, adoption date, or business’ grand opening, numerology comes in handy.

We can review the birth charts of the key individuals involved and with the understanding of the purpose (or intention) behind the event, we can then amplify the significance through choosing the right numbers to create the great date(s) for that event.

It obviously doesn’t guarantee that everything will be perfect, nothing can, but it definitely sets us up with the right intention to then manifest.

For example, if a happy couple has been engaged and are looking for a wedding date, I would look at each individual’s birth chart and also ask what’s most important to them in their marriage and if there’s anything, in particular, they’d like to manifest in their lives together (for example, having kids, starting a business together, traveling a together, etc).

From there, I come up with dates that incorporate those key elements for the engaged couple to review so they can work out dates with their desired venue and vendors. When dates from venues or vendors are limited, we can work out other suitable dates that fit the couple’s needs.

What my clients, particularly Asian clients love is that they totally see that numerology allows a lot of flexibility, as opposed to wedding dates they get from local fortune tellers that are usually fixed. So it’s not surprising how popular numerology readings for best wedding dates are to me.


Numerology chart is a powerful tool for making sense of recurring numbers.

On another note, even dates of when an individual passes away can leave a significant message, especially if the person has lost his or her mental capabilities or ability to speak.

There’s so much that numerology can share with us. It’s honestly one of the most practical tools that can help us understand ourselves better, our relationship with others better, and lead us to living a more fulfilling, purposeful life.

If you’re interested in a numerology reading for yourself, with your loved ones, or regarding a special event, numerology readings with me are available in-person at my studio in Hong Kong, or from anywhere through an online session via Google Meets, Skype, or a simple Whatsapp call. Click below to a schedule in a numerology reading.