What Does Your Restlessness Tell You? 5 Things The Inner Voice Wants to Say.

If you can listen to your inner voice right now, what would it tell you? Would it echo a fulfilling, peaceful feeling because you know you’re in the right place? Or would it emphasize restlessness?

It’s always a joy to know that despite life’s confusing and distracting events, we can turn to a voice that has a sure direction for our life – our inner voice. If you’ve caught yourself in moments of restlessness, and you’ve wondered “What does my restlessness mean?” it’s time to listen to the voice within.

What is the Inner Voice? 

The inner voice has many names – the voice within, a gut feeling, an intuition. Throwback to one of my favorite songs, Christina Aguilera’s “The Voice Within”. Unlike our practical minds, the inner voice draws its energy from our creativity, our passions, our goals, and our dreams. It’s gentle, but it’s fearless. It is kind, but it is honest.

The inner voice is a wiser, kinder, more insightful voice. It isn’t from the ego. Your inner voice can share what is honest and truly best for you. Unfortunately, because it takes effort to listen to this voice, the practical voice can easily win.

Have you ever found yourself excited to start a project, or pursue a different path only to back out because your mind tells you it’s impractical?

Have you ever gotten a strong impression about a decision, only to ignore it because it goes beyond your comfort zone?

The practical mind knows our limiting beliefs – the inner voice knows our capacity to flourish. However, because of our fears, we can sometimes shut off our inner voice. Surprisingly, the inner voice’s message can be conveyed through our restlessness.

What Does Your Restlessness Mean? 

We can sometimes experience strong moments of restlessness that can make us ask “Why am I feeling restless?” We find it hard to concentrate, it’s a challenge to find satisfaction, and it’s as if our core is yearning for something more.

Our emotional restlessness can make us say “Ditto!” whenever Belle from Beauty and the Beast says “I want adventure in that great, wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell…”

If we listen to the reasons for our emotional restlessness, it can point to one thing – our inner voice is trying to redirect us, and tell us that we can make better choices. It fights to lead us to the journey that’s meant for us.

Here are several things you can learn from restlessness.

You deserve better. 

Maybe you’re settling for less because it’s convenient and comfortable. Settling for less can be in the form of staying in an abusive relationship, enduring a difficult boss, or hanging out with toxic friends. There will
(hopefully) come a time that you’ll yearn for better treatment, and for healthier relationships will become stronger than the comfort you enjoy. It’s your heart telling you that you deserve better.

You are capable of more. 

You’ve always loved writing, but you opted for a more practical career. You’re a great artist, but you don’t pursue it because you feel like it’s not profitable enough. You settle for a nine-to-five job, only to feel that you can get more satisfaction IF you pursue your talents and passions.

Your comfort zone is not making you grow. 

You know you have to take a leap of faith, you know it’s time to make the next move, but the comfort zone feels like a “safe place” and you can’t leave it. But there comes a time when you feel like a stone stuck in a river, steadily watching as things pass by. You constantly make choices that keep you safe yet you’re frustrated with yourself for not doing more. Watching your peers doing what they love and thriving in it could even make you jealous. You are restless because you know it’s time to leave the comfort of the safe zone so you can truly discover the great things you can do.

You’re not aligned with your life’s purpose. 

As a Numerologist and Numerology teacher, I’m a firm believer in the fact that we came into this lifetime with a specific purpose. I believe that before we were born, we made choices such as which parents to be born into, in what conditions, where and all the social, economical, and cultural conditions. I believe we placed ourselves in the most challenging conditions so that we would have the highest chance to succeed and fulfill our purpose within this lifetime so we can go onto the next.

Each of us is meant for something. We’re given a set of talents and characteristics that will help us fulfill our life purpose. Some of us are born with a way with words because we’re meant to inspire people. Some are naturally charismatic because they’re meant to influence people. As we self-reflect and meditate, we can discover the good that we can do. Doing something that is not aligned with what we’re meant to do can make us feel restless because we know there’s something more meaningful ahead. In fact, if you’d like to learn more about your life’s purpose, or get a little more direction around it, a numerology reading could be super insightful. It’s practical, comes with helpful coaching tips, and it’s not woo-woo at all.

You don’t make choices with your heart. 

You might be restless because you don’t give your heart the chance to decide. The mind always leads because it makes the more secure, seemingly smarter choice. But how about the choice that makes you happy, grow, and flourish? What about the choice that truly taps into your goals and desires. It’s the heart that makes that choice. If you don’t give your heart a chance to decide, it might feel perpetually restless.

Restlessness is uncomfortable – but it’s a feeling we need to heed. If you feel restlessness, take the time to stop, meditate, and listen to what your inner voice wants to tell you. You might be one step away from taking that leap of faith that will truly make you feel fulfilled and free.

And as always if you need any extra support in managing your restlessness which may be physically taking a toll on your body. Restlessness adds stress on adrenals and could contribute to adrenal fatigue. It could create hormonal imbalances disrupting your menstrual cycle causing irregular periods and different flows. Your skin could breakouts. It impacts your gut with poor sleep and poor digestion and so much more if restlessness is a long term issue. Aside from taking a few steps back, meditating, and listening to your inner voice, a few Intuitive Energy Healing sessions could help you ease that restlessness, reset your body more effectively and help you connect to your inner voice better.