What Are Self-Limiting Beliefs? How To Be Free Of Self-Limiting Beliefs

The way we think, our beliefs, and the words or messaging we use to speak to ourselves greatly affect how we have things done in life. It could either inspire us or break us. It is not all about the circumstances we are born into that chart our course in life but our attitude or the way we can break through the hardships and negativities that could help us reach our life’s ideals. But first, we must recognize the tendency of having self-limiting beliefs and break through them.

Give yourself some time to think about your thought pattern. Are you feeling sad, insecure, hopeless? If so, why? What are you thinking? What are the negative thoughts that are causing you to feel down? Because those very thoughts make up the self-limiting beliefs that could keep you from moving forward. It is true when they say, “the greatest enemy is yourself.” Beliefs like, “I will never be good enough”, “I am ugly,” and the like are a few examples of self-limiting beliefs.

Fear-Based Thoughts

There are negative thoughts that are there because of our being fearful. It’s not bad to feel fear. You may have encountered some negative experiences in the past that caused you to develop a fear of certain things.  Perhaps, you have been rejected before, so now you are holding yourself back. “I will never try again because I will just be rejected.”

When our minds and brains are continually exposed to fear-inducing situations or messages, fear-based thinking occurs. And the biggest problem is that fear, in the process of causing us to protect ourselves, can also lock us up. As fear-based thinking has the disadvantage of preventing us from asking questions.

The key to comprehending and moving forward is asking questions and trying things. Without questioning things, there can be no growth or freedom. Curiousness and amazement are the foundations of good questions. When we think about past catastrophes and potential dangers, then we hold ourselves back. We jump from responding to what went wrong to worrying about what could go wrong without stopping to consider what’s truly going on in the first place.

Fear-Based Thoughts

When Our Thoughts and Beliefs Can Become Our Reality

For many people, negative manifestations are a common occurrence. They can appear in a variety of forms, including words, feelings, and thoughts. Fear, guilt, or shame often represses an unmet need or desire that has been suppressed by fear, guilt, or shame, resulting in negative manifestation.

In order to achieve your goals, you must have a clear vision of how you want your life to look. It’s also important to remember that if you concentrate on something, you’ll get more of it in your life.

This implies that if you spend the entire day thinking about how horrible things are going, you’re going to keep attracting those bad vibes like a magnet. With that, and as you continue locking yourself up in fear-based cycles of thoughts and other self-limiting beliefs then that negativity becomes your reality. That is the process and result of negative manifestation right there.

Ready For Change? Let’s Move Past Self-Limiting Beliefs.

Identifying your self-limiting beliefs, understanding the magnitude of their influence, uncovering their source, and evaluating their validity are the first steps towards overcoming them.

Step 1: Identify Self-Limiting Beliefs.

Many of us have deeply ingrained beliefs that we don’t even realize we have. Start listening to your thoughts or those that arise while you consider taking on a new endeavor. Make a mental note of them or better yet write it down in your journal.

Step 2: Reflect on the magnitude of its effect on your life

Refer to your list and consider how they’re affecting you now or have influenced you in the past. Are there fresh opportunities you said “no” to because you didn’t think you were ready, capable, or experienced (or because of what your résumé said or didn’t say)? Why did you put things off due to these negative beliefs? How much time did you lose putting things off? Self-limiting beliefs come at a personal cost. Open your eyes to what it is doing to your life.

Step 3: Find the Source of Your Limiting Beliefs

Are those self-limiting beliefs brought about by fear or a bad influence from someone in your life? What were the emotions behind that experience? The perception of an experience from the past, an insult from someone, a widely held view within your family and social circle are possible sources of those self-limiting beliefs. It’s crucial to get to the root of the belief and address any negative emotions or deep emotional wounds linked to your self-limiting beliefs before you can stop it for good.

Step 4: Reflect on the validity of your self-limiting beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs are easily ingrained in our minds and are rarely challenged. Decide to pick yourself up NOW! Rewrite the script and see if the self-limiting notion you’re carrying around with you is true. Is it based on facts? Is it just a family member’s, or co-worker’s (most likely you!) impression or opinion?  Where did that belief come from? Decide to move past that belief now. Prove yourself not only to other people but take on that challenge for yourself.

Step 5: Replace self-limiting beliefs with self-freeing beliefs

Create an alternate belief. Conquering self-limiting beliefs is to deliberately challenge them rather than recoiling in fear. By repeating the image of unfavourable thinking, you are unwittingly giving it life and strength. It is because our minds are unable to replace anything with nothing that this happens. The magic happens when you choose to embrace positive thinking and replace that negative thinking.

How Intuitive Emotional Energy Healing Can Help

The self-help methods above are a good start towards progress but Intuitive Healing where I specialize in Emotional Energy Healing can do wonders. This is a technique that I use for both in-person and remote healing sessions, with a particular focus on emotional healing and release. It is absolutely safe for all ages, and it uses gentle touch to release natural energy to repair regions of your body that are energetically blocked.

When it comes to Intuitive Healing sessions, I can certainly say that my treatment sessions are three to five times more sophisticated and effective than traditional Reiki treatments (and this is coming from a Reiki Master Teacher of a strong traditional Usui Reiki lineage). You can read more about the distinctions here, but I would suggest that Intuitive Healing sessions are better for someone who has been struggling with self-limiting beliefs for a long time and is wary of it and ready to take a serious approach to change them.

In order to remove the power of negative emotions or self-limiting beliefs that are entrenched in our bodies (which have a detrimental impact on our mental, physical and emotional health – such as depression, poor gut health, or emotional and energetic burnout), they are isolated, identified, and released during sessions. With the release of such negative feelings, which have an impact on our subconscious thoughts and behaviours, we are less likely to behave the same way in the future when confronted with similar events.

Intuitive Healing Sessions are a beautiful, natural, and effective way to improve our general health. Intuitive Energy Healing can be complemented with other medical procedures and therapies, commonly psychotherapy for a more comprehensive approach. You can learn more about scheduling in-person sessions or remote healing sessions here.