Struggling to Focus? Regain Focus Now With These 5 Guided Questions

When stress hits us, we can feel demotivated, distracted, or completely struggling to keep our focus in place.

“It’s okay, right now, we’re dealing with something big right now – emotionally, mentally, physically, or all of the above.”

That is the reason why I give myself and others grace when we feel a little meh, a little all-over-the-place, a little distracted, restless, and unsure of what to do. It can be a daily challenge to stay focused and on fire.

However, there are days when we just want to tell ourselves, “Hey, you can’t be like this right now. I need my full attention, energy, and focus right now.” Despite all the pep talk, we still find ourselves unable to really be in the moment.

Perhaps with dread, we have ever asked ourselves “Will I ever bring my mojo back? Can I focus once again and achieve my goals?”

The process can be tough, but there’s always the first step, and that is knowing the reasons why we’re feeling what we’re feeling.

Why Are We Distracted and Unable to Focus? 

Turns out, our inability to focus can be traced back to so many factors, not just to the reason that we’re feeling lazy (and sometimes, the idea that we’re simply lazy is the ultimate mood buster!).

Most of the time, we can feel exhausted. Have you ever found yourself wishing to stay in bed more even if you are already working on a task? You might want to check how you perceive rest. According to experts, mental fatigue can actually steal our ability to focus on a certain activity because exhaustion can affect our brain cells. If we find ourselves constantly yearning for sleep, it must be our cue to take it slow, rest, and enjoy a better focus.

Emotional concerns can also knock our mojo a bit sideways. Some of my clients who come to me would often tell me that their current unaddressed emotional issues can make it hard to really be present, let alone do any work at all, and that’s why they come in for Reiki or Intuitive Healing sessions. These sessions are an effective way for them to feel more relaxed, find more mental clarity and most importantly, find relief from emotional baggage as they allow their stuck emotions and energy blockages to be released.

Being overwhelmed and juggling a lot of responsibilities can also get you into analysis paralysis, making you cram on what you should do first!

Our inability to focus can be exhausting. In the long run, it can take its toll. Whenever I feel like my stress can take away my focus and my connection from my I make sure to ask myself the following five guided questions.

Question #1 Am I Really Into This Task? 

Whether we like it or not, we are sometimes encouraged to do tasks that might push us to do more or do better. Perhaps we just do it because of responsibility; perhaps we prefer to do other things. When I see myself pushing through a task grudgingly, I tell myself “What do I need to do to be connected with this task?”

Sometimes the answer would make me take a step back or away from the task that I am stressing over. Sometimes it would call me to focus on something else first before I dive right back in. Sometimes, I just need to take a pause, regroup while finding some inspiration, and work again. Maybe it’s time for a little meditation. Alternatively, power naps are amazingly helpful too.

A quick break during our hustle can work wonders for our ability to concentrate.

Question #2: Is There Something In My Mind That Needs To Be Addressed First? 

Our subconscious may not always make its presence known; but when it does, it can be hard to concentrate. If you have problems, overwhelming tasks to finish, or emotional conflicts that are unresolved, it’s easy to feel incapable of giving your 100%

Instead of spending time hustling while wallowing, take the time to listen to your emotions. Heal if you need healing. Take a break if you are exhausted. Address the issue that is robbing you of your capacity to be present in the now.

Whenever I am tempted to simply brush off a distracting emotional turmoil, I remind myself that emotions can be fierce in taking the steering wheel of our minds. By doing this, I am reminded that addressing any internal struggle is essential to regaining our focus back. #Winning!

Question #3: Is This A Major Task Or Just Another Distraction? 

I have a little confession to make. For me, one of the sure proof ways to lose focus is to work on things that are just meant to be distractions. Whenever my time is consumed by all the minor tasks, I would no longer have the headspace for bigger responsibilities. For example, I’d step away from something I’m not so keen on to do life admin – pay bills earlier than the due date, order groceries, refill the soap bottles…literally nothing all that urgent at all.

Whenever we make something, or we venture on one thing, let’s identify if what we’re doing is essential, or if it’s just a distraction. Putting our energies on things that matter most can save us from losing focus due to doing many minor things.

Question #4: Am I Choosing This Based On The Bigger Picture? 

Isn’t it easy when we have a north star leading us towards our goals? However, we can also be quick to lose focus when we lose sight of our bigger picture. When going for something, or when deciding where to bring your focus on, consider the bigger picture. When we have a clear path to what we have always wanted, everything becomes clear. The opposite can be said when we’re simply drifting away from it.

Question #5: Am I Choosing This, For Me? 

Nothing makes it more dreadful than doing something we aren’t really 100% invested in. When we forget to put ourselves first, we might end up hating what we’re going through or ruefully forgetting ourselves in the process of choosing others. And sometimes, if doing something we dread is related to a project for clients or your company, where we don’t have much of a choice, we just have to suck it up and plow through it. But here’s where you can get creative too and change your perspective. Could the outcome of this thing to do be more meaningful than you think it is? Though it may be mundane, or a headache could it potentially create an impact in some way, even for one person?

On another note, I also believe that for us to flourish better, we just need to remember that sometimes, it’s good to make a choice for ourselves if possible. Having the freedom to make mindful commitments, and do what we want, the way we’d like it to happen can save us a lot of headaches and emotional burnout.

The Takeaway

Bringing back our mojo is a consistent must-do; it doesn’t just come back on its own. We need to consciously choose to let go of what does not matter (and I get it, FOMO is real) in order to give way to the things that actually do matter and can really make a difference in us. I hope these five questions are useful during the moments when you’re feeling spaced out, unmotivated, mentally or emotionally burnt out so that you can focus better in the way that serves you best.