Why I love to solo travel

It’s time to go home after 10 days in Portugal! Every year I try to buffer in a little time for self-discovery through my favourite way, solo travel. I feel like it’s one of the healthiest things you could do for yourself. In my opinion, it’s a true test to see what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not, especially in a foreign country speaking an unfamiliar language. And no, work trips don’t really count because it means you still have an agenda or some sort that you could use to rely on when you’re not comfortable. A lot of people I encounter tell me they never thought about it that way. Some people think it’s strange too, given that I’m married. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling with my partner but traveling alone really offers an opportunity for self-growth and I’m quite lucky that he is believer in that too. And obviously it’s not an invitation to be unfaithful either. But each time I head off, which has become an annual habit, I use it as a chance to see how grounded I am, allow myself to be raw and vulnerable, see how I’ve grown and learn what it is that I need to be feel nurtured.

It doesn’t mean you have to carve out an trip for yourselves exclusively either. For example, I spent the entire time in Lisbon by myself and in Porto with a girlfriend who met me there. If you’re going to travel with your partner, family or friends, try setting aside a full day just for yourself and see how you get on.

You may feel super resistant or excited to explore. Ask yourself, why is that? What’s the real reason? Is your cup full and therefore happy to invite new energies in or do you feel like something is missing in your life? Are you stuck chasing the past, what could’ve been or holding on to certain expectations that maybe outdated, instead of being present and truly willing to accept whatever flows?

If traveling isn’t an option for you right now then plan a full day for yourself to explore a part of the city you live in that you’ve never been to, or are rather unfamiliar with and start there!

And of course, choose a place wisely where you feel is safe for you to explore.

To more adventures within and out! Here’s to you! Happy self-exploring!