My latest of Green Queen “Realign Your Energy & Set Your Intentions For 2020 (Plus Numerology for 2020)”

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In the beginning of each year, many people look to astrology, Chinese Zodiac, Feng Shui, and other similar systems for insight on how the year will look for themselves, their loved ones and their businesses. It gives them an idea of what to do, what not do, where to travel or not, what colors to wear etc. And while these can be helpful guidelines, more people tend to take away the negatives then go on to create fear and limiting beliefs. In truth, there will always be up and downs in life. If it’s good year for you, it might be a bad year for someone else and vice versa. Yin and yang. In a perfect world, we’d all live in harmony and everyone would be having a good year but that’s just not the reality, but we can sure keep working towards it. Bad moments are invitations for us to learn life lessons. And yes it can suck, but it ultimately comes down to your perspective and what you want to do about it.

What I do appreciate about these systems is that they provide a guideline on what you could focus on the year. As many of you know, I’m a numerologist. I have a preference for the system of numerology because it really takes into consideration of your own free will. Not only does it give an overview a blueprint of who you are, it suggests your potential of each year by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and shares suggestions on how to make improvements. And the best part is, if you have other goals in mind, you will see how numerology can work with you and empower you towards those targets instead of saying, “Nope that’s not your destiny, choose another route.” The choice is respectfully yours!

As a whole, we will all be experiencing a 4 year in numerology in 2020 because we’re all living in the same time, which represents stability, creating solid foundations, patience and observance. 2020 is the year to see things from an objective view (or learn how to), plan with a vivid vision and then gradually take steps with patience to lay the foundation so that it is strong and confident. Read more in the latest addition to my “Healing Energies” column on Green Queen “Realign Your Energies & Set Your Intentions for 2020” with insights from numerology and DIY tips to setting stronger intentions.

In addition, we also have a personal year number in numerology which suggests more specifics about the type of year we will individually experience. A numerology reading would be best to learn more about that as there’s usually a ton of information that comes with it and can benefit you, especially if you’re feeling stuck, lost or overwhelmed with changes. Click below to schedule a numerology reading if you’re keen.

Let’s rebuild, recreate, redefine life as we know it together. And it starts with setting an intention to do so. If the current standards aren’t working for you, here’s an invitation for you to create a new norm, with the help of this 4 year energy. Happy restructuring!