Self-Discovery While Indoors: The Bright Side of Self-Quarantine

The Gift of Isolation: Discovering Yourself

(Read time: 5 minutes)

One of the never-ending quests of life is self-discovery. We all have an inkling of the importance of knowing ourselves, but we don’t often have the luxury of time to delve deeper – to truly know who we are, what journey we want to take, and what life we want to live. In our busy lives, it’s easy to go with the motion. But now that most of the whole world is in quarantine, we are given a unique gift if we choose to accept it, and that is silence, the perfect environment for self-discovery.

But what is there to discover, really? If you’re lucky, you may know what you want in life. If you’re lucky, you may have somehow figured out the career path you’ve been eyeing to pursue? So great about self-discovery? Well, what about everyone else who haven’t quite figured it out? And even if you have decided how to go about it all, are you sure you’re not missing out on the bigger picture or any alternative routes in life?

Self-discovery, in its very essence, is the process of discovering our true potential, our special life path, our unique character, and motives. The journey of self-discovery involves unlocking our life’s greatest purpose – and finding the courage to pursue it. They say that when you have indulged in self-discovery, there’s no looking back. Let me tell you, it’s quite an intoxicating rabbit hole to go down and you’ll love yourself (seriously) even more for it.

When can you say that you need self-discovery? On the outside, it’s hard for people to tell if you’re settling for less. But inside of us is a voice that tells us when we’re not just hitting the success that we wish to be achieving. That’s exhausting, and disheartening at the same time. When you’re going through feeling these things, it’s important to take some quiet time for self-discovery. Below are some examples:

  • You’re not reaching your goals.

  • You’re not utilizing your talents to the fullest.

  • There’s a bugging voice that tells you that you can do more.

  • Life is just not the way you envision it to be.

  • You’re not waking up feeling full of life.

  • You haven’t smiled or laughed heart-fully in a long time.

  • You just know deep in your heart that there’s something bigger for you.

But how do you start the process of self-discovery?

Be completely honest with yourself is the first stage of self-discovery

Are you truly happy with the life that you’re living? If not, what is your dream life? Spare some time to sit down, meditate, and truly listen to what your heart wants to tell you. What kind of life do you want to live in? It may seem like it’s unattainable from where you are now, but you’re even further away from it by not even giving it the time of the day to think about.

Write all your aspirations down. Build a vision board and clearly place out what you want your life to be in a few years. Being able to see what you want to transpire in your life gives you the courage to not settle for less.

Second, discover your untapped potential. 

When we’re missing out on self-discovery, we can find ourselves getting tangled up in a routine that does not make us happy. There is joy when we pursue things that ignite fire and excitement in our hearts. What potential would that be for you? What are you missing out because you’re stuck in a convenient routine? And heads up, if you’re feeling stuck on this, a small investment in a 60-90 minute online or in-person Numerology Reading can highlight all your talents and gifts, strengths, and weaknesses so you know how to move on forward with more ease.

Self-discovery is painful, and requires us to take a big leap of faith. But accompanying this leap are hundreds of beautiful possibilities.

Third, recognized unaddressed wounds.

Different unhealed wounds can hurt us for a long period of time. You may not notice it, but a self-esteem issue when you were younger could cripple your self-confidence even into adulthood. Ask yourself: is your inhibition to truly pursue the things you want caused by unaddressed emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds?

The process of self-discovery opens our eyes to heartaches and traumas that need healing. You begin to see the need for counseling, or even an Intuitive Healing session to combat your fears and that voice in your head full of negative self-talk. The journey to addressing trauma and painful emotional wounds can be hard – but it’s an important step to self-discovery.

Fourth, acknowledge your fears.

There is a stigma in facing one’s fears. Because of this, we choose to get lost in the busy scenes of life, shoving fears to the side. Unconsciously, doing this might lead us to make fear-based decisions. Facing fear head-on can help us mindfully deal with them, and to see fears for what they really are – just exaggerated by the mind.

While in quarantine, be brave enough to acknowledge your fears. It’s the first step to conquering them. And yes, maybe there’s already a lot of fear from all the uncertainties being in quarantine has created.

Fifth, decide to act. 

Just do it. Just do it. Just do it. Make the resolution to pursue your true potential no matter how taxing it is.

When all these quarantine days end, we’re going to face a new life, a new normal. Journeying into self-discovery will allow us to face the new days with a newer, braver, better perspective. Being able to step back and do the inner work now gives us the opportunity to be a step ahead later.