Reiki to Calm Anxious Moms

Being a mother is one of the most rewarding adventures in a woman’s life. But we all know that motherhood also comes with challenges. Moms care so much so they always try their best to make sure they are doing everything right for their children. It’s not uncommon for mothers to be anxious and concerned because they only want what is best for their kids.

Expecting Moms

It all starts from the moment you see those two parallel lines, the sense of happiness but also the sense of responsibility given to you with the life that has started to grow inside of you. What you put in your mouth, how much rest you take, and how you go about doing things. Are you exercising just enough or too much? Everything you do now matters not only to you but also to your child.

For many soon-to-be moms the morning sickness, fatigue, nausea, and discomfort can be quite overwhelming. You also adjust to all the changes going on with your body. 

When you’re pregnant you glow with pride and happiness but you cannot also take away the worries pregnancy can bring. You pray each day for the baby to grow healthy and strong in your tummy. The prenatal visits can be quite exhausting and worrisome. You are anxious to just know the baby is okay and anxious for safe delivery.

You fuss about the nursery, the hospital bag, and all things you need to put on hold to give all your love, time, and effort to your precious little baby. That is why it’s important to make a conscious effort to help calm yourself and clear your head so you could make the experience not only less stressful but also more meaningful. Moms-to-be can benefit a lot from Prenatal Reiki.

The baby can also gain from the mother’s Reiki sessions during pregnancy. Some Reiki practitioners (including myself) who have facilitated Prenatal Reiki have shared that their then expecting mommy clients (who have then since become mothers) shared that their babies seemed generally happier and calmer than babies of other mommy friends they know. Of course that may be subjective and there may be different variables to consider such as relationship with their partner, financial stability, support system and such, but one thing is that for sure is that these mothers who experienced Reiki throughout stages of their pregnancy felt more connected to their unborn children and even feel their babies calmly turning around shortly after Reiki sessions.

expecting moms

New Moms

You count all the fingers of your baby, you are wondering if maybe he or she is crying too much. You worry about the results of the newborn screening. You want your baby to be perfectly happy and healthy all the time.

Now you get acquainted with the sleepless nights, the constant worries if your baby is nursing or sleeping enough. Breastmilk they say is best but some moms do not seem to have enough milk. Then some can make you feel at fault for choosing to mix feed your baby, especially if you have to go back to work soon. 

You worry if you are using the right baby soap or the right formula. As a new mom, you are also taking baby steps and sometimes you stumble along the way. All of these while doing your best to keep the house clean, and up and running as it should. You are flooded with advice all over you. Some are helpful but also some can be quite annoying.

You work your way in the maze of your new life as a mom making sure the baby and also the husband are doing okay. Are you still giving him enough time? Does he also need help from you as he fulfills his new role as a dad?

Mothers, especially new moms, struggle in having to take care and monitor the baby 24/7 and have the tendency to feel that their partners either do not understand how hard it is doing all these things while recovering from childbirth and can easily feel that husbands are not doing quite enough.

It can be a challenging time for both husband and wife especially if they let all the stress and the fatigue get the best of them. Having a baby is the best gift a couple can receive and hopefully they will always be reminded to focus on the joy of parenthood from all angles. 

One of the finest ways to provide new mothers postpartum Reiki is to make them feel as though you understand their struggles.

Postpartum Reiki treatment lessens emotional tension and gives new moms a calmer outlook, a more relaxed body, a deeper understanding of self-care, and a powerful reminder to love oneself. All these can lessen the blows of postpartum depression.

new moms

Moms Never Stop Worrying

You can be a new mom or a mom with children all grown up, even a grandma but a mom never stops worrying. You worry about skinned knees. You worry about your child getting sick and hurt. You worry if they are eating healthy and if you’re giving them too much freedom about sleeping late or waking up late.

You worry you are not spending enough time with them. You worry about not being able to provide for them. And when Covid-19 or diseases spread, you worry about them even more and worry if getting them vaccinated is the best thing to do.

You worry about your parenting technique in general. You worry if you are teaching them enough to grow up to be good people. You worry about their education. You worry you are not helping them enough to live up to their highest potential. You worry about the friends they meet, the values they are getting from outside and worry they forget about all the things you taught them.

The choices they make, especially the wrong ones, can be attributed to you. When they are not home you worry about their safety, and it’s not helping that the world is turning into a very dangerous place. 

Moms with special challenges

Being a mom in normal circumstances is difficult so you can only imagine how life is for moms who are having it even more difficult because of special challenges. They can be single mothers or moms who have a child with special needs. 

Moms with a child with special needs worry if they are doing enough amid the exhausting and stressful job of taking care of their child round the clock and making sure they are getting the medical attention they need.

moms with special challenges

Reiki to Calm Anxious Mamas

Being a mom is a full-time job indeed without retirement. Even as a grandmother you can’t help but worry about your children and your grandchildren. That’s how mothers love their offspring. But to be able to have enough love to give, the importance of self-care can never be estimated. 

You as a mom go through a lot every single day and you can only serve meaningfully enough if you have enough of yourself to keep for yourself and to give. Reiki helps moms have better overall health – be it physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Reiki can give moms the rest and the calming peace they need to heal each day and be prepared to face another day. And what might also be helpful to know is that Reiki treatments can be received in-person or via distant healing and still deliver the same benefits so it’s a great way to save travel time for an in-person session if that option isn’t as available to you. 

reiki to calm anxious mamas