December 1-5, 2018: Numerology & Reiki at the Four Seasons Hotel HK Spa

In a couple of weeks, I will be offering Numerology readings and Reiki energy healing at the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Spa as part of their “Masters of Wellness” series, from December 1-5, 2018! The hotel spa does a beautiful curating wonderful holistic healing modalities for their guests to experience. To learn more, click to watch the lovely video created by the FS HK team!

Courtesy of @fshkspa

Courtesy of @fshkspa

Come in for a spa day, and a deep journey inwards with me. Allow numerology, this extraordinary “guidebook of numbers” to unlock your potential, help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, your challenges in life, what your life purpose is and how to get there. It’d be a great holiday present for yourself or for someone you care about. I’ve also done plenty of numerology consultations for partners (romantic or business) and families in December to help them create goals for the New Year. If you’re curious about what 2019 has in stores for you, come on in to learn more. And if you’re tired of all the limiting beliefs that have been blocking you from your potential, Reiki healing can do wonders!

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To learn more about pricing and to book your appointment at the Four Seasons Spa click HERE.

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