Reiki for Self-Love: How to Love Your Imperfections and Celebrate Yourself

During a self-love workshop I ran a while ago, we asked a group to name what they consider their strengths. Afterwards, they were asked to write down all the things that they were not confident about themselves. In a not-so-surprising turn of events, the list for the latter outnumbered the positive aspects about themselves that they are proud to have.

Then we asked, “How do you find a reason to celebrate yourself?”

Then I remember someone distinctly asking, “How can we celebrate ourselves if we’re always feeling inadequate and like we’re never good enough?” It made my heart sink to hear. Why? Because like you, I know that feeling all too well.

The Truth About Self-Love: It Also Includes Our Imperfections, Too.

When we went through the lists, we were surprised to discover one thing, even adorable quirks were categorized as negative.

Their accent.

The way they laugh.

Snorting when laughing too hard.

There is always this sad notion that we have to be perfect to be able to love ourselves.

I sympathized with everyone who shared a similar mindset because I too once thought that way.

We can point fingers, blaming media for promoting unrealistic standards of beauty. We can blame adults we trusted as a child because we didn’t know better and took their judgments and criticisms too close to heart, then began to judge ourselves the same way. Perhaps we are given unrealistic expectations, to begin with setting us up for failure with this unhealthy mindset, but guess what? It doesn’t matter anymore. We can acknowledge all that happened and find healing with ourselves, and maybe healing with those who we felt hurt us, but more importantly, if you’re reading this, you’re mature enough to break free from this mentality and reshape how you think because it’s true, no one can change the way you are, the way you feel, behave and think, but you! You might just need a little help along the way or to get started.

People who are so awesome, so amazing in every way have also stepped in my studio carrying the same load, they can’t fully appreciate self-love because they feel like there’s very little to love about themselves, but I beg to differ. Often these are the same lovely people who overcompensate by giving too much love to others in order to be liked which can dangerously lead to co-dependency.

I’ve said to many clients, “I wish you could see through my eyes, the way I see you, and how amazing you are.”

And I’ve heard back, “I wish I could see just for a moment from your eyes too.”

And gradually they could with even better with a clearer vision, in a matter of time with honesty, self-acceptance, which is part of the self-love equation, and Reiki is a huge tool to help people on this path of self-acceptance and self-love.

One thing I am grateful for, always, is being able to support people who are learning more about themselves, ready and willing to let go of the negative programs in their head, unhealthy behaviours, accepting and embracing themselves and their so-called imperfections too through Reiki healing sessions.

Reiki for Self Love

It’s hard to see a room’s beauty when clutter is all around. To truly appreciate a room’s wonder, one must clear the clutter. Despite a room’s lopsided ceiling, parched paint, or lack of posh furniture, you can still see and feel its soul when the mess is cleared out, it is still a place that welcomes you to stay.

Just like a room, the way we truly see ourselves now depends on the “clutter” that is within us, one that comes from trauma, abuse, neglect, or events that crushed our self-esteem.

A woman who has been told she’s unattractive all her life and believes it will not just see an image in the mirror, but a reflection that she perceives is not worth a second glance.

The person who lived with years of negative self-talk will struggle with believing his worth is far more than his assessment.

The child who was never encouraged to step out of their shell can struggle with imposter syndrome all their life.

All the years of struggles can create chaos in your energy balance. This is why Reiki is such a popular option when it comes to restoring the balance of energy within us, it restores, refreshes recalibrates the topsy-turvy pile of energy that prevents us from loving our entirety.

Reiki for Self Love

How Reiki Aids Self-Love

Reiki treatments will not remove all our self-doubt, insecurities, and quirks that we don’t like about ourselves but they can help us in the process of changing, improving, and loving ourselves for who we are. How?

Reiki Helps Us Become More Proactive

Reiki for self-love brings our focus back to loving ourselves enough to improve things. We all have weaknesses and things to work on, and Reiki helps us take the first step into the light, not into a life of “so this is me, take it or leave it.” When the pile of energy blocks is cleared away, we begin to have the courage to take baby steps, knowing we can love the way we are and still pursue to be better.

Reiki Brings Peace… and Hope

When the energy balance in our body is restored, we begin to be hopeful. We start to understand that we won’t always stay in a rut and that there is hope for the things you consider your challenges.

One of my clients called his Reiki experience a “moment of clarity” because the session made him feel that he can be better. He said it was the best he’s ever felt without the use of drugs or alcohol. He said over a few Reiki sessions that his appreciation towards himself has improved, despite still noticing a few shortcomings and weaknesses, but most importantly, he feels that he has a much more positive outlook in his own life that gradually developed over time, which is very new for him. With an improved sense of purpose, he started to understand what it means to celebrate one’s self, all while continuing to work on the rough edges in the process.

“I began to understand that my trauma and emotional wounds that contributed to all the negativity I’ve been feeling are things I can finally overcome. I can break free from their chains and start loving myself a little bit more. I know men generally think it’s weak to get deep like this, but really, f* that, I’ve never felt stronger or better. I feel like I’m finally getting to know me.”

Reiki Promotes Self-Love

Most of the time, the voices that tell us all our lives that we are not worthy of love and celebration can consequently become our own voice. We spend years being tormented by negative self-talk, not really giving ourselves a chance to hear differently because of self-loathing.

But taking the first step and trying Reiki opens your door to loving yourself. Actually stepping into a Reiki studio is like affirming to yourself “Hey, you deserve this. You are worthy of this gift.”

By accepting Reiki, you’re indirectly telling yourself that you deserve care, recognition, and priority. Despite your quirks and weaknesses and negativity, you deserve to receive Reiki to become better and whole.

Choosing to gift yourself Reiki, whether learning Reiki for self-healing or receiving Reiki sessions opens the door to self-love, which will eventually lead to positive self-talk, self-respect, and self-appreciation. You can learn more about Reiki training here.

Reiki Brings Back the Joy in Our Journey to Self-Love

I love to call Reiki a door to discovering joy in self-love. My favourite thing about being a Reiki Master Teacher is seeing people coming inside with fidgeting shoulders go out feeling significantly lighter, calm, motivated, whole, and clear-minded.

Because self-love is powerful, and if we get a sense of it, we naturally gravitate towards it because it feels good and true to ourselves. Yes, we even forget the condescending self-talk we tell ourselves because we know we’re deserving of the perks and happy benefits of self-love.

Reiki Helps Us Connect With Our Inner Voice

Back to the room analogy, Reiki is clearing the clutter in our emotions, thoughts, and body. Getting Reiki is clearing the mess from our energy flow so we can be reconnected with our inner voice, the voice that tells you who you are, and what you can become.

Listening to external voices telling us how we should love ourselves can cloud the way we deal with our not-so-perfect qualities. The inner voice acknowledges that you are not perfect, but it also reminds you that beyond your weaknesses is a potential that you can work towards. Because progress and hope are always within your arm’s reach, and thanks to the hope that comes with clearing your energy, you can learn to love yourself better more effectively, in a healthy way.

I know, our list of not-so-ideal qualities can bug us. But there’s so much more in us than just quirks and clumsiness, we don’t need them to be 100% gone to be happy with who we are and what we can do. We just need to know we can do something about them, and we can work towards them, all while we give ourselves a whole lot of self-love it deserves.

If you’re ready to plunge into the journey of self-love and self-acceptance, see how Reiki can help you. It’s one of those things you have to try in order to experience the benefits as words can only describe so much. Learn more about Reiki healing sessions in Hong Kong, or distant Reiki sessions if you live in other cities, and helpful tips to prepare before a Reiki session.