Reiki for Moms: Simple and Powerful

Motherhood is a life-changing journey. I see friends who have blossomed into more amazing individuals after they have given birth to their kids. The joy that comes with motherhood can’t be measured. However, the emotional challenges, physical exhaustion, and mental strains that come as a mother and caregiver can be daunting. Moms are great at adapting to new situations and whether you have one or more children, you’ll see that moms can generally turn any situation around and make it work out well and productively for her family.

Let’s take the announcement of sudden closures of schools for instance. Hong Kong was one of the cities that rapidly responded to COVID-19. By the end of January, the government announced schools would be closed for weeks, and at that point, schools hadn’t yet equipped themselves to take teachings online just yet. So what did moms do? Figure out how to homeschool their kids. The Hong Kong Moms Facebook Group blew up with questions about homeschooling and ways to keep their kids entertained while at home.

reiki for moms

The 8 hours a day where moms had before (while kids were at school) to go to work, run errands, and if they were lucky enough, had a sliver of personal time all disappeared overnight. Moms suddenly had to figure out what to do with their very energetic kids who needed to be educated, who were often hungry throughout the day and were called “mom” a thousand times more during each day they weren’t at school, all while trying to balancing the work they would have normally been doing, keeping their kids safe, clean and healthy while nervously waiting for more news about the coronavirus so they could be the first ones to take action to protect their family…it can be super nerve- wrecking and a huge hit on their adrenals as they were running 10x more on their usual level of adrenaline. And mind you, not every family has a helper.

Moms love us and often put their family members first for us before themselves. They take so much pride in maintaining the well-being of their loved ones that it usually overworks them. Moms were already running their energy 24/7 but with this coronavirus pandemic, it’s depleted moms of energy they didn’t even know existed within them. So if anyone deserves some major self-care, it would surely be moms. If you know a mom who deserves to be taken care of holistically, give them one of the best gifts for stressed, overwhelmed, anxious moms – Reiki healing sessions.

How Reiki is Healing Mothers

Reiki therapy for mothers goes beyond helping moms relax. Moms have this tendency to not express what they are truly going through. Because of keeping their feelings and challenges to themselves, mothers are prone to heartbreak due to unexpected and unfulfilled needs, stress from thinking about the welfare of everyone, anxiety from making sure everything is perfect and alright, and exhaustion from wearing a lot of hats in their daily lives.

Reiki for stressed moms can help release the pent up negative energies that are blocking positive energy from refreshing, re-energizing, and recharging a burnt-out mom.

Motherhood Reiki can help bring back the balance and peace in a mom’s ever agitated soul. Giving a mom the gift of Reiki is the first step to helping mothers realize the importance of self-care and self-love – two things that are usually put aside by selfless mothers.

For her birthday, mother’s day, and her official “mom” day, give your mom, sister, mother figures, and mommy friends the healing gift of Reiki.

Prenatal Reiki for Moms-To-Be

Do you know a mom who is expecting? More and more moms are considering prenatal Reiki as one of their prenatal care routines. Prenatal Reiki and pregnancy Reiki treatments support a mom-to-be’s preparation in dealing with various physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes that come with carrying life.

Is pregnancy Reiki safe? Absolutely! Not only is Reiki for pregnant moms safe, but it also offers a calming and relaxing effect that makes a pregnancy journey a little more bearable and assuring.

The benefits of prenatal Reiki include having a calmer, gentler, peaceful pregnancy experience. Reiki for pregnant moms can assist in clearing the mind of negative thoughts, and giving mothers a newer perspective about their life and body.

In the most amazing way, the baby can benefit from their mom’s pregnancy Reiki sessions. Some Reiki practitioners shared that babies with moms who practiced Reiki during pregnancy are more calm and content! Many of my prenatal clients have shared that they feel more connected with their babies after sessions and that they genuinely feel that the baby is calmly turning around inside shortly after receiving Reiki.

Indeed, when the mom is happy, the baby is, too.

Reiki for New Moms

Moms who deal with the overwhelming changes that come with bringing a new life to this world can never overemphasize the need for postpartum care. After childbirth, moms are exhausted – and I just can’t stress that enough. From an energy perspective, birth opens a mom on a whole new level energetically. Honestly, I’m always in awe of how they do it, tending to a new baby and keeping the house and home stable even while running low on sleep.

The first few weeks of childbirth are exhausting and many moms are silently battling all kinds of emotions.

Giving moms Reiki for postpartum care is one of the best ways to help them feel that you are not unaware of their struggles.

What do you give new moms when you give them the gift of postpartum Reiki healing? Some of the benefits of Reiki healing for new moms include lesser emotional stress, a more peaceful perspective, a more relaxed body, a broader understanding of self-care, and a strong reminder to love themselves.

Reiki for new moms can also minimize the crippling effects of postpartum depression.

Reiki for Burnt Out Moms

I think it’s easy to see why moms can be so prone to burnout. Juggling too many roles, coupled with the intense desire to make things right can be emotionally taxing to moms. Those with multiple kids can feel the staggering exhaustion from handling multiple balls of energy!

Reiki can help stressed, burnt out moms by helping bring back the peace to a mom’s mind. A Reiki session can also empower and energize moms to positively navigate through the mom guilt that comes with self-care. When positive energy replaces the negative energy that fills the mom, mothers can become more optimistic, confident, and at peace.

Reiki for Moms with Special Challenges

Certain circumstances give a whole new meaning to caregiving in motherhood. Some mothers receive a special task of caring for someone with special needs. The task of being there 24/7 for someone who can’t completely do things on their own can easily wear a mother down.

Moms caring for loved ones with special needs are prone to depression, anxiety, constant worrying that they’re not doing enough, stressing about what the future holds for their child, and wondering about other aspects of their lives.

Mothers who are also caring for elderly parents, or those going through chronic diseases like cancer can experience emotional and physical exhaustion. Between waking up their kids at 6:00 am and getting them ready for school, these moms are also running to their parent’s houses, nursing homes, hospitals to care for their other loved ones during the day, taking them out and about for doctor’s appointments, physiotherapy and meals at restaurants (because no one likes the food at nursing homes) all before racing home to tuck their kids into bed at night! There needs to be another word to describe exhaustion times a million for these moms. And an additional round of applause for moms who juggle it all and work as professional caregivers too!

Caring for someone with special needs can crowd a mom’s mind – but ironically, it often does not involve her well-being.

Through a Reiki for stressed moms, overwhelmed mothers can take a break from their draining routine to focus on their wellness. Reiki for moms and caregivers can assist in releasing pent up stress in the body, in the mind, and in the heart. With Reiki, moms caring 24/7 for another can give themselves a chance to breathe.

Most of the time, moms think of themselves less. In the busy life that comes after giving birth, it pays to help these mothers remember that someone cares for their well-being; that they deserve to be cared for, too.

A short 60-90 minute Reiki session for mom is one of the best ways to tell a mom in your life that they, too, should be taken care of.

Reiki, it’s a gift of healing for every mom which they will surely enjoy. And if anything, it’s a way to let moms know that we support them and we want them slow down and take care of themselves too. Let’s not ask moms to offer from an empty cup. They deserve much more.

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