How Animal Reiki Helped My Dog and OTHER REIKI FOR Dogs CASES I’ve Worked With

In 2017, we brought home a three-month old little corgi and named her Dumpling. She seemed nervous, unable to trust humans too quickly, and that she’d been through some tough circumstances that had caused some heartache, but at the same time, I could feel her curiosity peaking. We had no idea what we were in for bringing a nervous puppy home, but I remember worrying about her all night and stressing massively about wanting to make her comfortable.

I wanted to make up for the terrible days and nights she’s had and fill her with love so that she could feel happy and free to be herself. I was constantly holding her, but as an inexperienced dog parent, I was also worried about her becoming too clingy and nervous if she was ever left alone. There didn’t seem to be a win-win situation, so I decided to sod it all and do what felt right. I started to Reiki her (see “What is Reiki?” and “Benefits of Reiki”)

From her first night as a nervous puppy, I’ve given Animal Reiki to Dumpling every day. Possibly too much now, because she’s become quite a sassy girl. Just kidding, there’s never too much Reiki. I remember when Dumpling would pee and poop everywhere inside the house, which was normal.

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She was being a puppy. But what really bothered me was that she would seem guilty of having done so, and immediately force herself to eat her own poop.

Now I know some vets and dog trainers say it’s normal for dogs to eat their own poop, especially because some forms of kibble actually have some urea-like scents or compounds in the food, but Dumpling’s behavior around eating her own poop wasn’t normal. Intuitively, it felt like she had encountered some sort of traumatic incident and had learned to eat her own poop.

We tried everything our vet suggested, from pineapple to vinegar to store-bought pet-correcting solutions, but nothing stopped her from eating her own poop. We also started moving her off kibbles and started making home-cooked meals for her.

Aside from it being a healthier option, we also wanted to eliminate the urea-kibble attraction possibility that our vet mentioned. However, even with home-cooked meals, she was still eating her own poop. At that point, we were certain her need to eat her own poop stemmed from an emotional issue.

I continued to Reiki her daily to support her with emotional release, and I could really feel Dumpling opening up, feeling a lot more relaxed, and becoming confident, even spunky. Then I thought it would be beneficial to have a talk with Dumpling to understand her better, so I decided to book an Animal Communication session with a friend of mine who is an animal communicator.

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I’ve met a fair share of animal communicators in my line of work, and I can confidentially say that I only know two legit animal communicators who are legit, but only one of them practices professionally.

Through our session, Dumpling told us a really horrible woman had stuffed poop on Dumpling’s face every time she had a number two and forced her to eat it to keep her space clean. It confirmed my intuition that some trauma had occurred and created this forced habit. Dumpling was scared that if she didn’t keep herself and our home clean, we wouldn’t love her and that we wouldn’t want her and would send her off elsewhere. My heart broke after hearing that. It was so sad and pure. Through the animal communication session, I was able to tell her that we loved her unconditionally. That she didn’t need to eat her own poop in order for us to keep loving her, that she could leave it alone and we would gladly clean it up afterward. We’d even give her a treat for it. I also told her that we love her to bits and that she has nothing to prove to us and that this is her forever home.

Through that same session, I found out what she liked eating, what she disliked, and she was the one who told me (without me bringing it up) that she loved our nightly Animal Reiki sessions. She felt really relaxed, less anxious, and nurtured. Sometimes when her leg hurt, she said the Reiki helped her ease the pain too.

Dumpling began to test the waters and stopped eating her poop as often, and she’d get a treat afterward. Within a few days, she stopped eating her poop entirely and seemed even more relaxed with the idea that it was okay to leave her poop on her pee pad as it was (yay!)

I love the combination of Animal Reiki and Animal Communication because it can really give us an opportunity to connect with and understand our fur babe better. Animal communication is a great way for us to talk to our pets and find out what’s going on. Animal Reiki is helpful in helping us support and heal the issue. I had a few more animal communication sessions afterward to enforce some behavioral training practices, and I would definitely say Dumpling learned even more quickly than her other corgi friends too. I’ve frequently referred friends and clients to my Animal Communicator friend and we’ve worked together on multiple occasions where dogs had behavioral issues, dogs in chronic health conditions, lost and abandoned dogs, and rescued dogs who were just introduced to their foster parents or, even better, new pet owners giving them a forever home.

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After having started Animal Reiki sessions on Dumpling for the last few years, I started working on a regular volunteer basis with rescue dogs in various conditions around the world by providing Animal Reiki to them. Then I began to take some sessions for clients with pets. It furthered my understanding of animals in different conditions and my experience with dog Reiki. While I will continue working with rescue animals who have not been homed yet, I’ve also decided to expand my offer of dog Reiki, or Animal Reiki, sessions to more pet clients.

Animal Reiki

Here are some more ways Animal Reiki can help our furry friends:

Animal Reiki for Physical Health Issues, Pains, and Chronic Conditions:

Over the years, we discovered Dumpling had some food and skin allergies, and more importantly, a luxating patella (which is when the knee cap slides out of where it’s supposed to be and creates pain along the leg where the condition lies). There are four grades of luxating patella. A dog could have a grade one or two luxating patella and it’d be hard for us to tell because dogs have such a high threshold for pain. Grades three or four would require surgery. We have learned to tell when Dumpling’s in pain when she doesn’t want to go out, because she usually LOVES to go out. Or when she’s out, she tends to sit and not want to move frequently throughout her walks. When I notice those moments, I amp up Dumpling’s Reiki sessions and add in some anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric to ease her pain as quickly as possible. Usually, within a day or two, she’ll be running happily and freely again.

Aside from Dumpling, I’ve facilitated Animal Reiki sessions for dogs remotely with chronic pains and illnesses such as hip dysplasia, tumors, cancer, and post-surgery as well to speed up their recovery. Distant Animal Reiki sessions work. I find them even more beneficial most of the time because they allow us to work on an animal from any position, rather than having to move or prop our furry babes in uncomfortable positions just so we’re able to reach them in a certain area. It also saves the pet parent a lot of hassle from having to transport their unwell fur babes to my studio and transportation expenses.

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Distant Animal Reiki can be done in the comfort of your own home while your fur babe is on the bed, sofa, or floor if that’s preferred. Animal Reiki can be given at any time of the day, and it won’t interfere with your pet’s daily lifestyle at all. Animal Reiki is 100% safe and supportive.

Even if your dog was out for a walk, having a meal, or out for other rehabilitation therapies, it would be completely fine to receive a distant Animal Reiki session at the same time.

Animal Reiki for Anxious Dogs

Thunderstorms, motorcycles, doorbells, the sounds of metal carts moving – all of these are things that freak Dumpling and a lot of furry friends out. A group of dog-parents and I have tried thunder shirts, playing gentle music or white noise, CBD oils, Bach Remedies, building tents and draping fabric so our living room looks like the inside of a Mongolian Yurt, and, of course more behavioral training, but what only seems to work is hugging out fur babies closely so they feel safe, secure and comforted.

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I give Reiki to Dumpling while I’m holding her to calm her down, and after a little while, while she does relax a lot more, she’ll stop barking aggressively at the sky. I’ve encouraged a lot of pet parents to learn Reiki Level 1 so they can apply Reiki healing energy to their pets (and themselves) whenever anxiety levels run high. As a Reiki Master Teacher. I’ve trained pet parents in Reiki Level 1 (and some went on to Level 2 too), and they’ve found it to be an effective way to calm their pets and weather the storm together. Some even started to sleep through thunderstorms. Hooray!

If your fur baby has separation anxiety, a few Animal Reiki sessions could be incredibly helpful to your beloved pet and help him or her calm down significantly.

We’ve found the desensitization practices work more effectively after an animal has received a few Animal Reiki sessions.

Animal Reiki for Lost Dogs

A few clients, even ones in the States had reached out to me to apply Distant Reiki Healing for their dogs who were unfortunately lost for weeks, and one even up to three months. Fur babies are of course scared and when they’re even more scared in unfamiliar places, they travel even further without realizing they have got too far from home or the last place they were with you. The longer they’re away from home, the more nerve-wracking it is for them, and their pet parents!

Facilitating a Distant Animal Reiki Healing session may not reunite you and your fur baby, but it can surely ease some anxiety and also provide an energy boost and holistic energy healing for a lost dog in case he or she has been hungry, injured, and or exhausted from trying to find his or her way home. I usually refer pet parents to my animal communicator friend so they can at least have a conversation with their pets, and perhaps get a description of their surroundings to see if a familiar meeting point can be decided on.

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For example, your lost dog might say “I see trees and a river,” but you could ask if he or she is near a trail that you might have been to together hundreds of times and ask him or her to wait for you at the usual pee spot. It doesn’t always work out, but it’s totally worth a try if a pet parent hasn’t had luck through other means. Another great tip is to leave clothes with your scent near areas where the dog was lost too.

Animal Reiki for Pets Passing Away

One of the most bittersweet parts of my job is to Reiki pets (and humans) while they are in the last moments of their lives. Reiki can provide massive comfort to an animal and help with a smoother, more peaceful transition. I’ve had the privilege of sending Reiki energy to pets through distant healing sessions and being with them until their spirit has left their body. I won’t hide the fact that I do get emotional too (we’re all human), but being able to see a loved pet leave peacefully is worth the heartache.

Reiki for Pet Parents in Grief

It’s hard to move on for anyone who has lost a loved family member. Reiki sessions are super helpful for a pet’s family members (humans and other pets in the house) to work through grief in a healthy way.

Recently, Dumpling’s friend, who she doesn’t regularly see, suddenly passed away. Animals are so special and tend to know when one of their own has passed on. I hadn’t said anything to Dumpling at that time, but I found her wanting to be by herself more. She seemed less energetic and sad.

Animals are truly emotional beings. They provide unlimited emotional support to us, so we should take care of them well and let them have a healthy outlet to release those emotions on top of playing, going out for walks, and such. Reiki is super helpful for pets in grief so they can process their emotions, instead of negative emotions manifesting in a physical way (sickness, tumours, cancers, etc) which is common in both humans and animals.

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Reiki for You and Your Beloved Pet’s Well-Being

Sometimes we could all use a pick-me-up, and what better than a Family Reiki session? For holistic Reiki energy healing, Reiki can be facilitated on two individuals (pet and one pet parent) at a time. One of my clients’ favorite ways to spend their Sunday night is a joint Distant Reiki Healing Session for themselves and their fur baby. It’s a pretty sweet way to start the week!

More Reasons for an Animal Reiki Session:

-It’s non-invasive, non-manipulated, and no pressure is applied.

-It can be done from anywhere, hands-on or remotely. Trained Distant Reiki Practitioners can reach a pet remotely by connecting with their energy field.

-It’s 100% safe for any pet to receive in any condition.

-Reiki only helps with improving a pet’s well-being regardless of their state.

-It’s complimentary to all other medical or integrative wellness practices. Whether your fur baby is on medication, having acupuncture, or hydrotherapy sessions, Reiki energy healing serves to amplify the effects of these other therapies whilst healing the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic state of your pet.

-It’s complementary to positive reinforcement training and desensitization training.

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Benefits of Animal Reiki Sessions:

-Reiki provides more comfort to your pet at all times.

-Reiki promotes deep relaxation in your pet, so it’s easier for your pet to rest well and even drift off to sleep.

-Reiki increases the holistic well-being of your pet.

-Reiki supports your pet from past traumas and releases emotions from trauma.

-Reiki eases anxiety and other common issues in animals (i.e. sadness, anger).

-Reiki helps with a peaceful transition for pets who are ready to cross over to the rainbow bridge.

When your pet is rested and in a healthier physical state, he or she is less likely to get sick. And if your pet is not well, then it gives your pet a beautiful, supportive boost to its body so that he or she can naturally recover more quickly from illnesses, stress, injuries, or allergic reactions.

When your pet is in a more positive mental state, it can also help with reinforcement training and promote less negative behavior such as aggression.

From there, you’ll likely have a more holistically happy pet at home!

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How an Animal Reiki Session works with me:

Currently, Animal Reiki sessions are offered remotely only. This is mainly because:

-It’s more comfortable and safe for the pet to be able to rest in his or her own space.

-It saves the pet parents time and the hassle of transporting their pets between their home and my healing studio in Central especially if their pet isn’t very mobile.

-Some pets are anxious or even aggressive around humans, so it’s easier for them to receive Reiki through a distant Reiki session.

-Some pets also don’t like hands-on Reiki if they are sensitive to touch in certain areas.

-Animal Reiki sessions are complementary to all other therapies, so if your furry babe is at the vet’s overnight, Animal Reiki could be a wonderful way to help them feel more at ease, supported as if someone is holding their hand, and speed up recovery from their condition.

How an Animal Reiki Session works with me:

Distant Animal Reiki sessions work the same way as a Distant Reiki Session with humans. I’ll need the following from you to facilitate an Animal Reiki session:

-A photo of your pet

-Your pet’s name

-Reason for seeking an Animal Reiki session.

-Any further information (i.e., your pet’s physical condition, any behavioral issues, or significant incidents that might have created some emotional trauma.

-You’re also welcome to share any videos of your pet’s current condition as well.

-Your preferred method of communication: email, text (Whatsapp), or call.

If you’d like to have a video call so I can meet your pet virtually we can do that too at the beginning of our scheduled session.

I will update you on how the session went afterward via email, text, or a call depending on your preference.

How Many Animal Reiki Sessions Will My Pet Need?

The number of Animal Reiki sessions will vary depending on your pet’s condition. For example, for those looking to keep their pets in a relatively healthy condition, one or two sessions every three months or so would be great. For pets in dire chronic conditions, it could be every 1-3 weeks depending on the state they are in. For pets that are recovering from injuries or surgeries, it could be a few sessions within the same week.

If you’re interested in an Animal Reiki session for your pet, please make sure to list any specific conditions that your pet is in so we can give you a better idea of how many sessions would be most helpful to your fur baby.

From one pet parent to another, my hope is to share how incredibly beneficial Reiki has been to my Dumpling and other rescues so that if you’re stressed and exhausted, looking for more ways to support your fur baby, especially if you’re far away from them, I hear you, and I hope that you’ll consider Animal Reiki whether with me or other qualified Reiki practitioners. It truly does wonders for animals.

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Animal Reiki Session Rates:

1 hour session – $1000 HKD ($125 USD) – For one pet

2 hour session- $2000 HKD ($250 USD) – Family Plan (i.e. one pet and two humans, or the session can be focused solely on two pets.)

If you’re interested in a combined Animal Reiki and Animal Communication session, please get in touch for a quotation with you and your pet’s details. Please note that these sessions are only currently available between 8pm-10pm HKT.