Benefits of Reiki Energy Healing

By Corie Chu, Reiki Master Teacher

Read time: 5 minutes

A few days ago I was having a lunch date with two girlfriends who I haven’t seen in a while, one who is also an energy healer and the other, an avid wellness enthusiast. My energy healer friend brought her small dog (Taco) to lunch and I brought my corgi (Dumpling) out too. Taco and Dumpling have played well together a few times but this time Taco behaved a little differently. My friend (the energy healer) explained how Taco had been attacked by a dog recently, and this was the second time she had been attacked so Taco has been extra nervous around other dogs. Then I said, “Why don’t you go back to that moment and heal her trauma?” And my friend stopped to think for a second and had the “Gosh, why didn’t I think of that, duh!” look, she smiled and said, “Sometimes you just need to be reminded about these things.”

What I meant by “Why don’t you go back to that moment and heal that trauma?” is that IT IS POSSIBLE to go back in time and heal the very moment where trauma developed through forms of energy healing, most popular being Reiki.

DISCLAIMER: I would only encourage properly certified advanced energy healing practitioners to facilitate this. Please DO NOT try to facilitate this process on your own!!

Reiki can go back in time, to heal the past, the present and future.

I’ve facilitated Reiki for future events including countless job interviews, important meetings, brand launch days, and even weddings for myself and my clients! Reiki really works anytime, anywhere and for all occasions!

On a personal note, it was raining cats and dogs for a week leading up to my wedding day and on the actual day, but with the help of Reiki, the rain stopped about 45 minutes before our ceremony. It even gifted us a rainbow! Who would’ve thought? And yes, you could say it was a coincidence, but I can also tell you that the rain didn’t stop on the other side of the island throughout the whole day, so why did it only stop where our ceremony was held? Hmm…!

Having a Reiki session before a job interview can be helpful in a few ways. Job interviews are generally nerve wrecking right? Whether you want the job or not, there is a degree of anxiousness around wanting to prove that you’re fit for the position and wanting to be accepted.

Reiki Energy Healing can help you firstly help you feel calmer, and then address the root problem that creates nervousness. Perhaps it’s an old memory where you weren’t accepted into social groups at school, or that you were always called into the principal’s office to be questioned, maybe it reminds you of the pressure from exams/test-taking, or that you have come short from other job interviews that you’ve the associated the pattern with rejection and failure. Ultimately, it’s this frenemy called “Fear”. Reiki can help you break free from past traumas, or any limiting beliefs that are in your way in an effective yet gentle way. In fact, we can even set an “advance timer” for Reiki to enter, just as you would with an time automated machine (such as a aromatherapy diffuser or pet-auto feeder), so that Reiki can release some good energy to you and into the room during your interview.

To summarize, Reiki can go back in time to heal past experiences or any wounds.

Reiki can address any present issues that you may be having now.

Reiki can be facilitated for future events.

Reiki Energy Healing is used commonly to address:

  • Stress and Tension Relief

  • Traumas

  • Anxiety

  • Grief/Loss

  • Separation

  • Depression

  • Chronic pains (to reduce/relieve pain)

  • Speedy Recovery (anything from minor colds, wounds to post-surgery healing)

  • Mental blocks (to be free the mind from being “stuck”, to provide more focus and clarity, to unleash your creativity again, to accept the realities of life)

  • Emotional blocks, to create more empathy and connection with others

  • Intuition (to increase/improve levels of)

  • Spiritual Connection (to develop or increase our relationship with consciousness)

  • Our Well-Being (to restore our personal and professional well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually)

  • Important Events/ Special Occasions (birthdays, weddings, graduation)

  • Relationships (to heal personal/professional relationships)

In fact, Reiki has become more recognized in the medical field over the years as a helpful tool to treat: anxiety, autism, cancer, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, depression, fatigue, heart disease, infertility and neurodegenerative disorders. You can read more about Reiki on Medical News Today.

Reiki is not recommended for people with psychiatric conditions.

As Reiki is a holistic practice, it is effective on its own yet it is also complementary with others holistic modalities. It is safe for Reiki to be paired with other forms of therapy.

If you’re curious about Reiki but still not convinced yet, I recommend trying out Group Reiki Healing Classes to get a sample of it. You can also read more about the Reiki classes I offer “5 Reasons To Join A Group Reiki Class”.

Reiki is best experienced 1-on-1 and generally it takes a few sessions for it to be effective (just like all forms of therapy). If you’re keen or ready to take a leap of faith, I offer private Reiki Healing Sessions in Hong Kong which you can learn more about HERE.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure if Reiki is right for you, feel free to contact me at so we can chat about it some more.

Happy healing!

Corie xx