Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing for Gut Health

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Written by Corie Chu

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“Your gut is not Vegas-what happens in the gut does not stay in the gut.”

I stumbled upon this quote the other day while working on this Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing gut health article, and although I find the quote hilarious, I also realized how true that statement is. We often associate self-care with great skin, better sleep, or maybe fancy nails, but we sometimes overlook how essential gut health is to our overall health.

Since the month of May is all about rediscovering the strength of our bodies, I’d like to talk about the other side of self-care: caring for our gut health.

Gut Health And How It Affects Our Overall Health

The role of the gut in our system is more than just digesting food. In fact, a healthy gut can contribute to a healthier weight, a happier disposition, and better overall health.

Some of the signs that show that your gut health is in the right place include good heart health, clearer skin, and better sleep.

Research has also found that taking care of the gut can lower sugar and cholesterol, two factors that spike the risk of chronic diseases.

A gut that is not well taken care of can spike cholesterol, increase breakouts, and make you feel perpetually exhausted.

What we take inside our bodies through eating can directly affect the health of our gut. But what about the imbalance we keep creating? What about the pain and unhealed emotional trauma, stress, and wounds that we refuse to let go of?

This is where Reiki for gut healing and Intuitive Energy Healing for better gut health come in (also sometimes called medical intuition).

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The Effects Of An Unhealed Gut

Did you know that some of the physical, emotional, and mental strains we feel can also be traced back to unhealed guts?

For example, if we lacked sweetness in life as a child, it would create more sugar cravings throughout our lifetime.

Sugar, as we’ve all probably heard, is one of the main culprits in our unhealthy diets, and it plays a major part in damaging our healthy gut, often resulting in leaky gut.

We can go off sugar cold-turkey, which is much easier said than done, but we may find ourselves looking for alternatives to feed our sugar cravings, which could also create a new kind of addiction. So what if we healed the root of the problem instead?

What if we healed the wounded inner child instead and resolved the reasons it craved more sweetness in life in the first place?

A common pattern I’ve seen in this case is that the child felt neglected or abandoned by his/her parents (usually the mother) when he was young, which then may have evolved into other emotional issues related to his/her self-worth and confidence as he/she grew up.

In the physical world, confidence and self-worth issues could translate to not performing well in school, being a pushover, or, on the other hand, being a bully who suppresses a lot of his/her own insecurities.

Or perhaps it was less obvious. The child could have experienced a traumatic birth when he/she was a mere baby, and he/she didn’t recover emotionally from that, and had no idea all these years because he/she was so young at that time.

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When your gut health is not in top condition, it can cause a series of chronic problems, including diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, obesity, arthritis, and autoimmune conditions.

A gut health imbalance also results in bloating, pain in the tummy, bad gut bacteria, gut exhaustion, and irritable bowels.

Struggling gut health can also contribute to our mental struggles. When there’s an imbalance caused by unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle, problems in the gut manifest themselves in the form of anxiety, depression, sadness, and loss of interest.

When healing the gut, we should not focus on what we take inside, but what we also refuse to let out.

Reiki for Gut Health and Gut Pain

A Reiki session heals the unhealthy gut by healing the gut imbalance. When there’s a gut imbalance in the body, you will feel it. You might experience indigestion and gut lining pain, even if you’ve been good to your gut and there’s no further medical reason for it.

Reiki for digestive disorders aims to clear the blocked energy, causing gut naturally concerns and sharp gut pain.

Stress is one of the primary reasons the gut suffers. During a Reiki session, a person can enjoy a break from their fast-paced, anxiety-inducing routines.

Through a Reiki healing session, the body’s cortisol levels are lower, which reduces gut pain and tension.

Reiki also helps clean the gut and introduces more healthy bacteria to heal your gut. Years of using Western medicines (such as birth control) can have an adverse effect on gut health.

Through energy healing, the effect of the residue from strong medicines can be eliminated.

Feeling a loss of control of your life can trigger gut concerns. Through a Reiki session, you become more conscious and less anxious about your capability to have control of your life.

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Mending Emotional Wounds That Hurt Our Gut 

As I mentioned earlier, the gut suffers not only because of what we take in, but what we keep in, like in the example of the child who lacked sweetness in life.

Trauma, unhealed wounds, stress, and guilt can cause negative energy to sweep through our system, including the gut.

Research has found that anxiety can have a direct effect on gut performance and vice versa. When negative, stressful feelings overpower our system every single day, our gut can experience a decrease in oxygen and blood flow, which can cause bloating, stomach pain, stomach flu, and inflamed bowels.

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Intuitive Energy Healing For Even Deeper Wounds

In some cases, when these emotions are stored at a deeper level than usual, Intuitive Energy Healing (a mixture of more advanced and safe levels of energy healing that I practice) would be more supportive of a person’s healing.

The same also applies to people who tend to care for others and take on their emotional burdens too, which then gets stored in their bodies, and more commonly in the gut area too.

Intuitive Energy Healing works five times more effectively than Reiki, so it is great for those who need some more heavy-duty healing.

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Healing the gut starts from within. As you prioritize your needs, find peace through intuitive healing for gut issues, and release disheartening feelings, your gut will feel lighter and happier.

If you’re going through gut problems, also take the time to ask if there are wounds from within that are affecting your gut health.

Loving our gut is loving ourselves. When we heal the gut, we are also physically healed. When we let go of what hurts us from within, we let the gut function at its optimum.

Take care of your healthy gut diet: take good food in, and release negative emotions with Reiki or an Intuitive Healing session.