We Are Open Again Starting Tomorrow!

Hiya! Our studio is re-opening starting tomorrow, Friday, April 24th! I know quite a few of you have messaged and have been keen to come in during our closure so we’re so happy to be back because we’ve missed you!

Since we’re a private practice that doesn’t fall under any of the government restricted businesses, we had thought long and hard about it, and feel confident about re-opening again just as long as we continue to exercise safe hygienic precautions (listed below).

We are aware that other private practices and wellness related spaces had not closed at all during the last few months, and their staff and clients have remained healthy too, woohoo!

To be honest, we had closed the studio because it would be nice to have a little time for self-care and to take on some additional training to implement in our practice too.

And for your peace of mind, there have been ZERO reported cases in our building, and ZERO cases linked to the Central area as of April 8th, yay!

Just because the COVID-19 cases have gone down, we know it’s not time to relax, so here’s how we’d like to collaborate efforts with you:

What we will do: 
• There will be limited bookings taken per day & per week;
• There is a strict 30-minute gap between ALL bookings, making sure no-crossover with the previous or next client;
• We will be wearing a mask during treatments.
• The studio is cleaned between each session. Hands are washed and sanitized before and after each appointment.
• Our brand new air purifier will be constantly be running.
• Our diffuser will be running with deliciously scented essential oils known for their anti-bacterial properties.

• We’ve cleaned and sanitized our air-conditioners and filters and will continue to do so regularly.
• Massage tables have clean towels and have also been properly sanitized between each client.
• Cleaning products we use are Dettol, Hyginova, Raze, 75% alcohol mixed with tea tree oil.

If you could help us with:
• Being honest with us about your travel history, or if you have physically engaged with anyone who has been sick or traveled 14 days before your appointment.
• Cancelling or rescheduling your appointment if you have any symptoms or feel unwell. All cancellation fees will be waived.
• Taking off your shoes after entering our studio.
• Wash your hands or sanitize before your treatment starts.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us minimize the risk for everyone.

Again for those who are sick, pregnant, elderly, or don’t have a great immune system, we would encourage you to limit your local traveling and stay home until COVID-19 is better managed. If you need some support in the meantime, we could also explore the option of a remote Reiki healing session too. 

Can’t wait to see you again and pick up where we left off!