NUMEROLOGY TIPS FOR OCTOBER 2019: New Beginnings and Be All Or Nothing.

By: Corie Chu

Read Time: 3 minutes

Fresh, clean, new beginnings. That’s what October is about. We have witnessed a lot of messiness, and a lot of unfortunate passings of loved ones, pets in September. You might have had a hard time focusing last month too. Have you noticed how many stores recently are being redressed or have closed down? That’s what I was referring to in September’s Numerology write up about rebirth and completion. We’re not in the clear of the messiness yet, not until the end of the year, but you’ll likely soon be feeling a breath of fresh air a few weeks into October. (I know it seems a little ironic with the massive air pollution created from the protests in Hong Kong, but they will eventually blow over, literally).

In the meantime, to keep your spirits high and make the best out of this October, here’s a few things I suggest doing this month based on Numerology.

Tips for things to do this October:

  1. Tie up any loose ends if you still haven’t before October 10th. If your to-do list isn’t getting any shorter because you started on a few things but never saw them through it’s time to either 1) finish them or 2) cut your loses and drop them completely.

  2. Find a friendly competitive challenge with a few friends. Want to get ready for a marathon and start training? Or perhaps it’s time to bust out a few board games and have a game night. The point is for you to voluntarily enter some FUN challenges to gently push you out of your usual comfort zone and see where it takes you. Obviously exercise safety and know your own boundaries. If you’re creating a big challenge that takes an emotional, mental or physical toll on you, you’ve gone too far. Again, I emphasize the phrase “FUN challenges”!

  3. Be all in or all out. There’s no room for grey areas this month. To move pass the many hours wasted on indecisiveness (about anything!) Examples: if you buy a bundle of bananas, can you eat it all before they goes bad? It either needs to be eaten or don’t buy them at all. We want zero waste. If you’re invited to an event, and you don’t like the host but you feel like you are expected to be there, ask yourself, can I commit to showing up (i.e. 0% chance of backing out unless there’s a REAL emergency)? This month, I challenge you to ask yourself everyday, throughout the day, “Can I commit to this 100%?” If you can’t, it’s time to say goodbye. There. Done. Next!

I hope this makes October smoother for you. I’ve shared this “all or nothing” exercise to many of my clients and practiced it myself over the years, let me tell you, it is absolutely LIBERATING!

There’s a few more little wonderful secrets about October. If you’d like to find out more, or to learn more about what the numbers in your birth date can tell you about you, your life challenges, talents, weaknesses and strengths and about your life purpose, come in for a Numerology reading or book an online session!