Numerology Tips for March 2020

(Read time: 2 minutes)

Last month (February 2020) we suggested that you learn to spend more time 1-1 with people, and now in March (based on Numerology) it’s about creating a foundation between groups of people. You might even form a new group of friends. And it’s actually a perfect time for companies to develop team building skills this month. Obviously it may be a little difficult to do if you’re living in countries affected by the coronavirus and you’re working from home, however we do live in a digital era, so anything IS possible! If you are meeting people in groups offline, just be mindful and be hygienic.

Another bit about this month’s vibes is that it’d be a good time for you to practice how to communicate more clearly and effectively (don’t forget, it is Mercury in Retrograde too, period of communication breakdown so lots of misunderstandings could come about) so take this as an open opportunity for everyone to learn how to express themselves better. This is just a door’s opening to further developing all types of relationships in your life better.

And lastly, take some time to heal your inner child. Has there been something that has been bothering you all your life that you’ve just learned to live with instead of working on it? Is it still relevant now? Be honest with yourself. How are you reacting to it? You might notice a pattern in the way you react. Perhaps it’s time to give that past experience some attention (in a kind way of course). Once you’re ready to take the next step, learn how to heal and forgive yourself for being provoked. And then celebrate with your favourite childhood thing to do or treat.

Around this time last year, it was a good time for me (based on Numerology) to heal my own inner child. All my inner child wanted was a big ice-cream cone from a proper shop and I’m allergic to dairy. Funny enough, because I listened to my inner child at the time and honoured its desire to celebrate the healing experience, my stomach didn’t get upset at all. If you think you might need a little support to kickstart the process of healing your inner child, reach out to your trusted therapist, coach, or of course I’m also around to facilitate Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing sessions.

As a final last tip, if you like to journal, I invite you to journal CREATIVELY this month. Draw, paint or sing your words and see if that creates any changes in a positive way for you.

Numerology Tips for March 2020:

  1. Fine tune your expression and learn how to communicate better, with more clarity and efficiency.

  2. It’s prime time to engage in team building practices and develop a better company culture.

  3. Heal your inner child.

  4. Introspect and journal creatively.

Have a great March 2020! And do feel free to get in touch if you’re curious about how Numerology applies to you on a more personal level. I offer numerology readings in-person and over Skype.