Numerology behind 2017

(Originally published January 2, 2017) – Some people have been curious about the numerological meaning behind our new year 2017, so I had shared some information in the beginning of the year. Perhaps republishing this is a good, to re-read and check in with where you are, we’re nearly 5 months into the new year.

2017 is the general Year of the “1” in a 9-year life cycle and this “1” is the real year of new beginnings. Last year, 2016, was the year of 9, the year of completion, so a lot of things have come to an end in its own form (examples: ending at a job for another, moving to another city, endings of relationships, or moving from one level to another), and sadly lots of tragedies and losses. It make seem like these things happen regularly, but these activities were definitely heightened over 2016 as some of you have noticed and expressed how much you wanted 2016 to be over. 2017 is a FRESH START, the literal meaning behind the words “NEW YEAR”. It’s the perfect year to lay the groundwork for what you’d like to invite into the next 9 years of your life (2026!). It’s a year of new possibilities, freedom from old ideas/patterns and really, truly allow yourself to go after your heart’s desires. If you haven’t released old energies, forgiven yourself or others, let go of old habits etc. already in 2016, don’t worry, you have until January 31 to let go of some more. Otherwise they will carry into the next 9 year cycle. The real activation of new beginnings kicks off after January 31, 2017. So I encourage you to focus, manifest, and get moving on laying down the foundation work this year. You have the entire Universe’s energies to support you to make this happen, what more do you need?

P.S. Your personal year numbers will also come into play and would require a much more detailed reading, but I wanted to share the general numerology behind the new year of 2017 with you all first so everyone knows how we’re vibrating as a collective together! Hope this helps!

With love & light.


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