Numerology Tips for August 2019

By: Corie Chu

Read time: 2 minutes

August is a month to focus on energy, especially when you’re in a group of people. You may fluctuate between extremes of overactive and under active levels of energy. Sadly, from a numerology perspective, it looks like the protests will continue and levels of unrest will continue to heighten. It will be a real test to all leaders to find balance and act from a neutral place rather than from the ego. On a personal level, you might find yourself feeling more of the following this month:

  • Super charged up

  • Easily frustrated and angry

  • Overly impatient

  • Extra bossy

  • Extra competitive

  • Extra tired

  • Extra lazy

  • Excessive heat (physically and metaphorically)

  • Addictive behavior

  • An excessive need to accomplish or do something

  • Increase in appetite if you’re high in energy

  • Loss in appetite if you’re low in energy

  • Overall more yang (masculine energy) than yin (feminine energy)

 The key is to manage your energy levels this month before you do something you’re not too proud of. Ways to bring your energy levels back into balance include:

  • Join some intense group cardio workouts at your local gym.

  • Take a few breathwork classes. Explore the different types of breathwork such as QiGong, Tai Chi, Wim Hof, Pranayama or Reiki.

  • Take three deep breaths before making any big decisions.

  • Get some energy healing treatments to recalibrate.

  • Get trained in energy healing modalities for self-treatment such as Reiki.

  • Blow off some steam through safe and healthy outlets.

  • If you drink alcohol, without sounding like a broken record, drink in moderation.

Cardio Ftiness Numerology August Recommendation.png

And even better if you can do some of these activities with friends. The good news is, once

you’re able to bring your energy levels in balance and let your ego take a break, you’ll probably

find that the abundance whether financial or spiritual, or unexpected opportunities will naturally

flow in.

Stay cool and BREATHE this month, as consciously as possible!

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