Numerology Vibes for September 2019: REBIRTH and FOCUS

September, the number 9 is one of those numbers you either love or hate.

As we’re moving into a month of rebirth. Things that have been an issue will gradually solve itself out. If the energy of the number 9 is in our favour, we might even find a peaceful resolution to the protests in Hong Kong, but that might not come about until late September at the earliest or in October.

Last month, in August you would have had a highs and lows of energy but this September is all about focus. You’ll find yourself more easily distracted than usual and it’ll be hard to knock things off your to-do list. So ask yourself honestly, are you able to focus on one thing at a time, or are you doing too much? Are you starting too many little projects and not finishing them? How about those books you meant to read, where are you with them?

Tips for the month:

  • Meditate, a lot, and when possible, join group meditation for a real challenge this month.

  • No multi-tasking. Do things one at a time. For real, concentrate on each step.

  • If you’re the more proactive type in meetings, classes etc, hang back a little to observe before you share. And if you’re usually the more laid back type, try getting more involved in conversations.

Hope you find pleasure in concentrating and seeing beautiful outcomes from it. If you’re curious about how numbers pertain to you specifically, feel free to reach out to me about a numerology consult or you can also book an appointment directly on my website.

xx Corie