Numerology Reading For 2022

I’m SO excited to share about the numerology behind the year 2022 because it is my favourite year and number!

2022 represents the number six in numerology. The way to break that down is by adding the numbers individually 2+0+2+2 which equals 6. To celebrate the number six, I’m going to talk about six things that the number six in numerology represents in 2022.

Here are Six Beautiful Things To Focus In 2022 According To Numerology:

  1. The Heart

  2. The Home

  3. Family

  4. Healing

  5. Health

  6. Love (But More Importantly, Self-Love)

So the things we should focus on this year (2022) are the heart, home, family, healing, health, and love (more importantly self-love).

With Numerology we also look at the pros and cons of each number and the energy representing each number so while we are inviting these beautiful energies and it is also an invitation for us to look into where we stand with each area and see if there’s some work or improvements, tweaks in life that we can make.

They don’t have to be big changes, like I said they could just be tweaks, but most importantly any changes you decide to be meaningful to you, or else it’s pretty pointless. Don’t compare yourself with others, what others are doing, or other people’s goals or intentions. Only you are able to resonate with the true changes you’d like to make.

invites you to connect with your heart

The Heart

So first, let’s talk about the heart. What makes your heart happy? What invites you to connect with your heart? What are these things that we want to do and bring into our lives this year ahead? Have you ever felt your heart so full that it glows from inside you and outwards? The face and body glow! What are passionate things that make you happy? What are things that make you love yourself and others more? This doesn’t mean we leave our jobs and responsibilities to solely focus on doing what we love (unless that’s an option for you), because let’s be practical, we all still have bills to pay. But instead what I’m asking is for us to make more time and celebrate the things we love so that we can really honor this heart energy behind the number six in numerology this year.

redecorate and refresh the energy in your home

The Home

If you’ve been keen to move into a new home, or alternatively, nest, redecorate and refresh the energy in your home, this would be a great year to do it. What would you like to invite into your home? Whether it be a change of colors, the direction of furniture placement, adding artwork, changing wallpapers, or updating the tableware in your kitchen, little changes like this can make a huge difference. Perhaps do a scan around each room of your home and see if there are any changes you’d like to make. For example, decluttering your storage space or your closet, adding floral arrangements or greenery, adding a new color of paint on your wall(s), removing the magnets on your fridge, throwing out rusty utensils or ketchup packets that have expired, refurbishing your chairs and the like. This could be a really great year for interior designers, decorators, and professional space organizers like Marie Kondo. I have personally rearranged the furniture at my healing studio already a few days into the new year and it feels magnificent. Even my clients have been saying the same. I encourage you to give a little extra TLC to your home to cozy up your space and see how that makes you feel.

reconnect the relationship with your family


If I were to ask you, “What is your relationship with your family like?” How would you respond to me? Usually, when I ask my clients this question, the common answer is “It’s okay.” Then after a few more follow-up questions they really start spilling the truth of how they really feel. It’s normal for family members not to get along sometimes, and

This can be a bit of a sensitive topic for some as not everyone had a wonderful family or even had a family, but here’s the thing if you don’t have a family or one that you get along well with then it’s up to you to create one. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably an adult who is old and mature enough to do so. You can create one amongst your best friends, your work friends and that’s something most of us instinctively do anyway.

healing in 2022

And if you’re looking to heal your relationship with a family member, or all of them, be realistic and kind to yourself at the same time. What would you like to do that would be comfortable for you and the other person? If you haven’t spoken in a long time, would sending one text be a big enough step? Or sending your well wishes through another family member? Jumping the gun from a dynamic that may have some tension to a kumbaya over a campfire doesn’t work.

In some cases, I find that it may be kinder to create some more distance out of a genuine desire for healing in the long run between you and that particular family member instead of forcing a relationship to work now. With time and a well-intended heart, you may find it easier to take these small steps in healing a relationship a little more organically.


According to Google, the world “healing” was the number one most searched keyword in 2021. Perhaps you were one of the people who searched for healing last year.

Healing is easiest done (in my opinion) with the help of self-awareness and desire for self-reflection through your relationships with others. For example, if there is someone who you find constantly annoying, what is it about that person that bothers you so much? Is he too chatty? Is he asking inappropriate questions? Is he invading your boundaries? Is he a kiss-up at work who gets by without doing much? Is he too conceited or foolish? When we are bothered or don’t like something about someone, it’s a reflection of who we are – our thoughts and beliefs or sometimes a reflection of our own insecurities. Identifying what that is is an invitation for deep healing. Healing is easiest done (in my opinion) with the help of self-awareness and desire for self-reflection through your relationships with others. For example, if there is someone who you find constantly annoying, what is it about that person that bothers you so much?

And now, the question is, what more would you like to heal? For others who haven’t looked into healing, 2022 is a fabulous year to do a deep dive within and see what you’d like to work on.

Are there are any relationships you’d like healed? Are there old emotional wounds, unhealthy patterns of thinking, or behaviors you’d like addressed? There is no timeline for healing and it’s a process that you can start anytime. Saying that you’re too busy only delays the issue at bay and the lesson behind that issue will only repeat itself until it’s given attention to heal. Do the thoughts, “Why does this keep happening to me?” ring any bells?

If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of healing and work as an Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master Teacher so I love exploring healing with my clients regularly and supporting them through their healing journey wherever they are. You can learn about the difference between my Reiki and Intuitive Healing treatments here too if you’re interested.

healing 2022


2022 is a great time to pay a little extra attention to your health this year. I’m not saying anything bad will happen but prevention is always helpful. Keeping healthy could never be a bad thing. Do your body checks if you haven’t in a while. Be more mindful about your diet, exercise, sleep, and emotions. Repressed or suppressed emotions are one the most underlooked things in life, yet one of the most important things to address. Science is finally starting to give some attention to that by integrating alternative therapy practices such as Reiki in the healthcare system as a type of CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) in certain countries like the States and the UK to name a few.  Unresolved emotions can impact physical health and mental health greatly. For example, gut issues, chronic pain, adrenal fatigue, cancers, chronic anxiety, depression, or in some extreme cases, body trauma. And not to mention our hurt feelings can impact our personality and behaviors long-term such as low self-esteem.



Love is probably the most sought-after aspect people look for when doing a numerology reading. Whether it be to learn more about their love life, to better understand the dynamic of their current or past relationships, or to better understand the personality of their partner and how they can continue growing a healthier relationship together simply by doing a numerology for love reading. For engaged couples, we often do numerology readings for their best wedding dates and talk about how numerology can help them mindfully invite energies they wish to have in the new chapter of their lives such as better communication, honesty, fun, and laughter, a growing family, etc.

Many people will be happy to know that 2022 invites a wave of love energy across the Universe. Isn’t that lovely? 2022 is a great year to give and receive love, but perhaps learning how to give love without expecting anything in return might be a bit of a challenge and something worth paying some attention to. In general, there may be more relationships forming this year, or more deepening of relationships which is exciting and beautiful. However, I’d like to take it a step further from the general numerology’s interpretation of the number 6 and its relationship to love.

I’d like to invite you to focus on self-love. Real, true self-love. What does self-love mean to you? In my earlier years, I started off thinking self-love was doing things that made me happy and healthy and making time for it. It was healing unresolved emotions. It was accepting hard truths about myself and learning to grow. But what I also neglected was protecting myself, my boundaries, my feelings which I didn’t account for as self-love. But really, when we want to better understand what self-love means to us, you can look at how you would protect the person you love the most, or your most prized possession, then copy and paste that attitude and apply it towards yourself. This could be a parent, your partner, your child, your pet, your niece, or your nephew. It’s difficult to enter a healthy relationship with anyone if you don’t love yourself first. It’s difficult to offer love to anyone else if you don’t know what that is for yourself first. Even if you’re already in a relationship or are married, it’s always worth exploring where you are with self-love and if there’s anything more you’d like to do for yourself to make improvements in that department and this is the year numerology is inviting you to do so. Slot in a half hour this weekend to sit with yourself and connect within.

If you find it hard and would like to explore this with others, get together with someone who may be interested in exploring the same topic with you. Alternatively, you can schedule a session with a talk therapist, life coach, or energy healer to go even deeper within.

invite you to focus on self-love

I hope this article about numerology for 2022 was helpful to you. This global number “6” year energy that I’ve shared with you is applicable to everyone this year.

I’d also like to note that we do all have personal year numbers as well which may be different from this global year number, along with master cycles (such as at age 27 or 36) which would involve a numerology reading to put it all together, sharing in more detail how the numbers behind your birth date impact and helps you further and guides you to your life purpose.

I hope you make the most out of 2022. Have a happy and healthy year ahead where you can learn, love, and grow abundantly on your own and in your relationships with others because this is really the year to do it!