Numerology July 2017 Retreat, Recharge & Reflect

July is here, so lots of us are getting comfortable with the summer mode. Many people are leaving town, going on vacations and such which is perfectly working with this month’s energy. This year’s month of July represents two major things: 1) Finding a new retreat and 2) Discovering new ways to communicate.

The first is about finding a new place or new way for you to go into a quiet space, recharge and then coming back into the busy, social jungle (in your own time) to share your enlightenment. So even if you’re traveling with friends or family, give yourself a little me time and wander in nature. Just be smart about unfamiliar trails and stay safe.

The second thing about this month is to find new ways to express yourself so that you feel heard, and new ways to listen to others. If there’s been a recurring disagreement, take a moment to see why the problem keeps coming back. There’s a reason why it hasn’t been solved. Dig into the root of the problem. If someone has been, or if you have been, passive aggressive, how’s that working out for you? Is it solving the issue or making things worse? Is it time to step up, share your truth and be heard? If you’re not ready to, then take some time also to retreat and reflect until you’ve come up with the best ways to do it.

The bottom line is, take a time out this month, find your zen zone and embrace the silence. When the time is right, come back gently into the world and choose if you want to share your experience or not with the world. If you do, try a new way of communicating it and see how people respond. Play with different styles of communication so you can find the one where you can speak authentically and be understood well too. Or if you have a pretty awesome way of communicating with others, is there room for fine tuning? Just food for thought.

I wish you a beautiful, insightful journey inwards this month.

With love & light,