Numerology Forecast for October 2020


What I love about October is that we can finally take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the new wave of energy from the Universe. This energy invites new beginnings, hooray! Though we’re not in the clear with COVID, Universal energy will help with putting things in motion than before.

Here are five things you can do each week over the month to align with October 2020’s energy according to Numerology:

#1 Be In The Sun

Stand under the sun and allow the sun rays to charge you! Have fun in the sun- go swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, or hiking! Let the sun’s energy cleanse you. You could even meditate under the sun if you fancy! Embrace the radiance from the sun, that’s one of the things number 10’s energy (which represents October) is all about!

#2 Call Your Gal Pals

This month we celebrate, sisterhood, motherhood, all things womanhood so call out to your trusty girlfriends and have some fun with them. The number 10 energy from this month is about forming strong bonds with women. Maybe you’ve been too serious for a while and could use a night to laugh and be silly. Or maybe you feel the need to open your heart and connect on a deeper level with a girlfriend. If necessary, make a promise to hold each other’s words and stories with each other’s full trust and confidentiality to maintain a safe space and let your consciousness hold you accountable to that.

#3 Be Extra Mindful When Making Decisions

Not only will numerology tell you to do this, but astrologists would agree too. Starting October 14, Mercury will be in retrograde (thankfully for the last time this year) until November 3, so you’ll want to refrain from jumping to making any big decisions, making solid commitments without really taking some serious time to think about it from all angles. In fact, astrologists would advise us to either make our commitments now until October 13 or hold off until November 4th to avoid any conflicts in communication or misunderstandings. And specifically from a numerology perspective, we’re suggesting that you be mindful of the decision-making process starting from the beginning of this month. Once you decide to commit to something, stick with it!

#4 Get Involved With A Charity

If you’ve been itching to volunteer or get involved to create social impact, something you can always do is volunteer your time or services to a local charity that resonates with you. And if you’re up for it, maybe you could even help with some fundraising efforts too. Perhaps you can organize a small drive of some sort to collect donations. Or if you want to join existing projects that’s great too! Check out what’s happening in your local community and see how a little from you could go a long way. By the way, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so if that particularly interests you, you could get involved with breast cancer support organizations in your neighborhood. And for those in Hong Kong, a wonderful platform that connects you to verified local charity organizations that could always use some help is Hands On Hong Kong.

#5 Yin it Out

Connect with your softer, feminine side. If you’re the type who loves yang-based activities such as running, HIIT, cycling, boxing, MMA, and the like I challenge you to take up a few yin yoga classes or some sort of slow, restorative activity this month. You might feel restless because it’s such a different pace but once you tap into the slower side of life, your mind and your body, particularly your adrenals will thank you for the little break and serve you even better when you’re fully recharged! For those who want to take it to the next level, on your day(s) off, try living the slow life – i.e. sleep in, turn off your phone, drink tea, meditate, journal, cook or do arts and crafts at home, eat mindfully, whatever you choose to do, do with it without a time limit and just take it easy.

And of course, another way to connect deeper with your Yin energy could be through Reiki treatments or Intuitive Energy Healing sessions, where you can seriously slow down, get into a delta state (slowest brainwaves that allow you to tap into your own consciousness), release negative emotions and any pent up negative energy and give yourself a wholesome cleanse, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Now that’s a way to prepare yourself for exciting new beginnings!

I hope you have a beautiful October ahead! Enjoy the sun rays! Thanks for reading!