Numerology Tips for April 2020: What does the Number 4 mean for us this month?

(Read time: 4 minutes)

As we step into the 4th month of the year, this is the month of solidifying your foundation. Now that we are all encouraged to spend more time at home while Covid-19 is still being managed, we’ve hopefully taken the opportunity to see how we may want to recreate our lifestyle moving forward.

Having had more time to work from home, commute less, travel less, have less physical engagement, with more chances to cook from home, work out from home, what do you feel has or hasn’t worked out for you? Has it been advantageous to you or not?

What are you liking or not liking from this experience?

If this was going to be your new lifestyle routine, even after covid-19 has been contained, what do you need for it to work out better in your favor?

I’ve heard plenty of people who have said they wished they got to work from home, jealous of freelancers who get to work in their jammies and cook healthy meals at home, saving money and time from not having to commute and such. Yet now, while the usual office workers are working from home, I’m hearing that some hate it, they don’t have a work station at home set up, they feel that they don’t know when to disconnect from working from home and lack that work life balance. Some feel too distracted working from home, from the number of people in their household shifting the energetic balance, or that it’s too hard not to want to sip on a can of beer, take multiple breaks throughout the day or just Netflix all day.

The grass is always greener on the other side, so having experienced both extremes, the office life and a taste of freedom to spend more time at home, after covid-19 is contained, how can we make our side green enough for ourselves so that we’re content given this experience? Is it feasible? It can be if you try!

This April, the Universe is asking you to build a create or recreate your foundation, around EVERYTHING. Home life, work life, business organization, relationships. It’s make or break time. Either it works or it doesn’t and it’s time to spice things up!

If you’ve been keen to start a business, it’s time to get planning. What will it take for you to get set up and running? What’s phase one, two and so on? Have you done your research and due diligence? If you want to be an entrepreneur, you’re going to need to understand multiple aspects of your new business better so learn basic skills and create a process before you pass it off to another person or vendor. As successful businessman and CNBC TV Personality, Marcus Lemonis says, “It comes down to the 3P’s – People, Process, Product.”

Here are 5 steps you can take this April with the Universe’s energy flowing to support you:

  1. Envision of what your ideal lifestyle, relationship or business is like. Find the fine line between practicality, limiting fears and negative thoughts and overly positive airy fairy dreams.

  2. Plan and structure around it. What needs to change, or be added to your current routine, relationship or current business model to make it happen?

  3. Need more clarity around it? Practice some yoga and meditation at home to declutter your mind. Or take a walk in the park, by the sea or out on a hike trail.

  4. Give yourself the rest of this month for trial and error, see what’s working and not. Then fine tune your plan. You’ll want to take it into full action in May.

I can’t emphasize how IMPORTANT it is to use this month to get clear on your vision and create a strong foundation with it, because this year, and this month in particular is an opportunity for you to set yourself up for a beautiful new beginning. It may not go perfectly in plan as we as a globe are all experiencing some sort of interferences with covid-19. But the point is, that you take this time to put a structured plan in place so that when we’re all in the clear, you’re ready to take action and advance forward swimmingly.

Happy planning!