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Following my recent post about November 11, 2018, (11-11-11) being the most powerful day in 9 years, TODAY is the second most powerful day. We’re going to have to wait until November 11 & 29 2027 to match the high energetic frequencies again.

Today, we have a second chance of coming across 11-11-11 which is an amazing time for us to be manifesting what it is that we desire to The Universe (God/Spirit/Source/Creator).

The difference between this 11-11-11 versus the one from November 11, 2018 is that we are currently in mercury in retrograde, which if you are familiar with, means that we’re meant to take our time with EVERYTHING, slow down before making any commitments, think before we speak and plan before taking action. In fact, it’s not ideal for us to make commitments, it’s for us to really slow down and move gently. You’ll likely find that things will get messier than usual if you jump quickly into something. During mercury in retrograde we typically experience communication breakdowns so again, so the Universe is asking for us to really think before speaking or acting. This is a rare time I mix in astrology and numerology together by the way. I am not an astrologist so if you’d like to learn more about mercury in retrograde, I encourage you to seek resources online or speak to an astrologist like Kim at Star Sign Style in Hong Kong or my other favourite, Astrology Realness.

So I encourage you to really take some time and think about what it is that you are manifesting.

  • WHAT is it that you desire?

  • WHY are you manifesting this thing?

  • WHERE is this desire coming from? Is it coming from your heart space?

  • WILL you actually be a better person for achieving or having this thing? Check and see if this desire stems from a place of ego. For example, are you asking for a job promotion because you can truly be of good service and impact other’s well-being and support the people/community you love? Or are you asking for it to gain wealth for the sake of being rich or status for the sake of greater power?

I recently heard a story about a man who wanted to open a small neighbourhood burger joint and his desire was to only serve burgers and food that he was passionate about. Maybe in the beginning the owner asked the Universe to help him manifest opening this burger place. And he did. Then maybe he also asked the Universe to send some customers his way. And it did. He loved cooking and sharing good food with people and he loved seeing the satisfaction his customers get when they eat one of his burgers. One day a food blogger found this place and really wanted to share with the world and so he did. Suddenly, masses of people flopped to his burger joint to the point where he could not meet the capacity of the orders so he had to start refusing service. Eventually people got tired and angry over of his inability to meet their expectations. They wrote terrible reviews and talked badly about him and his burger place. Regardless the owner did not want to expand the size of his business. He stayed true with his original intention, which was for it to be a small burger joint that he operated on his own. Sadly, the owner had to shut down his burger joint because he couldn’t handle the angry mobs and he went MIA.

Not that we know what the owner had actually manifested as he was starting and operating his business, but I wanted to point out that there is a thing such as asking for too much. And what I love about this story was that the owner was true to himself and his intention. He could’ve easily grown his business and made a lot of money but he chose not to because that wasn’t what he wanted.

So again, while we have the powerful combination of the mercury in retrograde and 11-11-11, have a deep look at what it is that you desire and why, before just asking for it without much thought.

Make sure it is from a real genuine place of love for yourself and for the world. That by achieving this desire it will help you live more meaningfully, eventually being a better version of yourself, for you, your community and humankind, not from a place of fear which is the ego talking.

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