The Number 11 in Numerology and How It Applies To You

11 is one of the most common numbers people start seeing over and over again before realizing that there could be a deeper meaning behind it rather than it being a constant coincidence. Have you ever noticed the time at 11:11am or 11:11pm?

Or does the date 11/11 strike you as significant? That’s usually when a person becomes curious enough to start googling the meaning behind the number 11 and then discover this numerology master number.

The number 11 is the number of consciousness and spiritual insight connection, and often, the number 11 is the way that the Universe is communicating with you, inviting you to step into deeper practices of consciousness, with the intention of helping you become one with the Universe. And I don’t mean for that to sound all Star Wars-esque or New Age, but rather plain and simple, it is possible to feel at one with the Universe as we cultivate consciousness.

First Off, What Is Numerology?

First of all, in case you’re unfamiliar with numerology, it is a study of numbers, number patterns, the energy behind each number, and their energetic relationships when pertaining to a person or date. Each number holds specific energy and meanings.

A personal numerology reading is a practical tool that can help you understand yourself on a deeper level as well as your relationships with others.

Essentially, you can see numerology as a blueprint of who your personality type is, but more significantly, you can learn more about the lessons in life you are meant to learn in this lifetime, and how that supports you on your way to finding your life purpose.

Your birthday numbers (month, day, year) contain abundant hidden information about your life challenges (also known as karma), how you project yourself outwards (external image), who you really are at the core (actual self), your natural behavior, how you react and think (and how that serves you), what your natural gifts are, how each year influences you (we call that the personal year number), and how you can find your way there. Personal numerology readings serve as destiny numbers and can tell you how you can overcome challenges, amplify your potential, and live a more meaningful life, hopefully completing your mission in this lifetime!

Number 11 in numerology

Numerology readings are helpful in many ways. Personal numerology readings are the most common way of helping an individual understand themselves better and move towards their life purpose. There are also other reasons why people are interested in numerology readings. Some of these include:

  • Numerology and Love readings (to look at your compatibility with a romantic partner, strengths or weaknesses, positive aspects or negative traits in a relationship, and how to make improvements.)

  • Numerology for Family Dynamics (to better understand your family members, especially when a lot seems to be unsaid)

  • Numerology Readings for New Births (due dates for natural deliveries or the most beneficial dates to schedule a cesarean section)

  • Numerology Dates for Special Occasions (i.e. wedding dates, events, celebrations, positive aspects)

  • Numerology for Workplace Dynamics (to better understand your bosses, supervisors, or co-workers for better workplace harmony)

  • Numerology for Friendships (to discover more about your close friends and how you can continue to support each other)

  • Numerology for Running a Business (for talent-matching, and how to help current business owners, entrepreneurs, partners, and groups grow abundantly.)

How do you know if you have an 11 in your numerology chart?

Without creating a full numerology chart, the easiest ways to identify if you have a number 10 in your chart is to see:

  1. If you were born in November, in the month of the number 10.

  2. If you were born on a day that is the 11th or 29th day of the month.

  3. If the numeric form of your month and day of your birthday number added together equals a 10 (i.e. February 9 would be 2+9 = 11).

  4. If your personal year number is a number 11. You can add your month, day of birth together plus the current year number together (in this case it would be 2021) and see if the total equals 11. Remember, instead of what we’ve learned in math class, in numerology we add each digit by itself.  And any number above 11 gets added up individually again (i.e. 29 would be 2+9=11)

11 in numerology

For example, if your birthday is January 5, and the current year is 2021 we would add: 1+5+2+0+2+1= 11

People who would get the same outcome, with a number 11 in the end. Here are some dates of people who would be celebrating their birthdays in 2021 as examples (this is not a full list):

January 14, 2021

1+1+4+2+0+2+1= 11

February 4, 2021:

2+4+2+0+2+1= 11

March 21, 2021


April 11, 2021


May 10 , 2021


June 9, 2021

6+9+2+0+2+1= 20 -> 2 (reversible with 11)-> 11

July 26, 2021

7+2+6+2+0+2+1= 20 -> 2 (reversible with 11)-> 11

August 16, 2021

8+1+6+2+0+2+1 =20 -> 2 (reversible with 11)-> 11

September 6, 2021

9+6+2+0+2+1= 11

October 5, 2021

1+0+5+2+0+2+1= 11

November 4, 2021

1+1+4+2+0+2+1= 11

December 12, 2021

1+2+1+2+2+0+2+1= 11

And obviously, anyone born on the dates mentioned above in this year (2021) would naturally be born in a personal 11 year as well.

Please note that the above ways are more general, easy ways to identify if you have an 11 in your numerology chart but it doesn’t cover ALL the ways. There are 11 key number positions in numerology, and the methods above cover 4 out of the 10 number positions. If you’re interested in looking over all your number positions and curious if a number 11 may show up elsewhere on your chart, then you will want to do a numerology meaning read where a full personalized numerology chart will be shared with you. Different positions in a numerology chart do have other tellings.

11 in numerology

What Does the Number 11 Mean in Numerology?

The number 11 serves as an invitation to connect with the Universe. If you feel like you have a bond already with the Universe, it may be an invitation to reconnect, or to form an even deeper and more meaningful bond with it.

To realize that there is something bigger than ourselves, that can support us with such a magnitude is pretty spectacular. Knowing that we may not be able to control everything, and letting go of that control is a huge beginning, Then trusting that if something is meant to happen, it will, and that’s when something bigger helps things move along the way, in your desired direction. Yes that’s the Universe helping, and it can be a pretty amazing way to see how it helps you first hand, often with a better result than you had imagined.

11 in numerology

Though I have to say, connecting with the Universe may be more difficult, or seemingly not as important if a person doesn’t feel a basic level of contentment, happiness or ability to feel gratitude for the small things in life. If feeling unhappy, mundane, empty, a lack of purpose, or even zombie like, you may want to try practicing gratitude first, working through some self-limiting beliefs, and or clearing out some energy blockages first.

Some of my personal favorite ways to connect and feel at one with the Universe are:

  1. At home meditation practices with pure, equalized breathes in and out through my nose. There’s no need to find the right mediation app, or search all over YouTube. A simple breathing practice that’s free and that you can do anywhere quiet can do wonders.

  2. Watching the sun rise or sun set at a quiet part of a beach. I especially loved doing this when I used to live in Santa Monica, just seven blocks from the beach. It was such a blessing. But even now living in the city in Hong Kong and don’t have easy access to the beach, I’m just as happy to do the same by the harbour, the park or while walking my dog in the morning or at sunset.

  3. On a clear night, getting out of the city to watch the stars in the sky. This one particularly reminds me how small we are compared to the Universe, and how incredibly lucky we are when the Universe helps us out!

  4. Reiki or Intuitive Healing sessions (on myself): Reiki sessions, or Intuitive Healing sessions where emotional energy healing is can be very helpful in removing any emotional blocks or any emotional baggage that a person has been carrying without realizing. Both Reiki and Intuitive Healing sessions are safe, supportive, and natural. I do have a tendency to focus more on my clients so when I’m able to give myself some time for self-healing, it’s a serious treat! Both Reiki and Intuitive Healing sessions can be done in person or online.

  5. Eating something super fresh and yummy to reconnect with the fruits of labour from Mother Earth. Sometimes tasting fresh local vegetables can be super grounding to me. Have you ever felt that way too?

11 in numerology

In ancient numerology, the numerology system only covers numbers 1-9, however, in modern numerology we’ve updated the system to acknowledge the numbers 1-11. Therefore the number 2 (which is what a number 11 could also be reduced to, 11= 1+1 = 2) and the number 11 do share some similar energies. I’ll share more about the meaning behind the number 2 in numerology in a separate blog article.

Take this beautiful opportunity this November (month of the number 11) for self-growth and see where that takes you in developing your connection with the Universe.

The Takeaway About The Number 11 in Numerology:

Next time you see the number 11, or the clock at 11:11am or pm, don’t ignore it. Now that there is more awareness around the significance of the number 11, let this be an invitation to better connect with yourself and the Universe. It’s calling you, so it’s your turn to pick up. One way to start could even be to get a numerology reading for yourself! And try some of my personal favorite activities that I listed above.

11 in numerology

And if you are interested in a numerology reading, they are offered online or in-person for individuals, couples, and families. If you’d like to learn more about other numbers in numerology, check out my blog or my latest post about the number 9 and number 10.