by: Corie Chu

This coming month, JUNE 2017, is the most optimum time for you to LIVE FROM YOUR HEART. What that means is quite literal. Get in alignment with your heart and listen to its wishes. You can do this by meditation (in any form that works for you), by singing, by dancing, by going into nature, by journaling, by having a heart to heart with a dear friend, or if need be, by seeking help from a coach, therapist, healer or teacher.

The important thing is then to consciously LIVE FROM YOUR HEART as best as you can. Serve, BE, work, meditate, cook, play, smile, move, etc. GENUINELY from your heart. If it’s not genuine or not set with a heart-centered intention, then you might have a less favorable outcome. So be true to yourself. If you’re not in a positive space, get real with it. Have a conversation with yourself, with your heart and not your mind /ego. See what’s going on and look at self-love or self-care activities that you can do to get back into that beautiful, vibrant heart space of yours.

Nourish your heart with delicious foods. Laugh so deeply that your heart radiates and makes you glow inside out. Dance from your heart and get connected with Mother Earth. Spend time with family. If you don’t get along with them, this is a good month to try new ways to connect. Move houses if you feel guided to (it’s a good month for a new home). Spend time at home and nest. Cozy up with a good book and read. Open your heart to a new relationship. Deepen your commitment with your partner (if you’re already in a relationship) with a new method. Find better ways to communicate from your heart. Overall, it’s a good month to get married, or start a new job, career or business THOUGH only one that lights your heart on fire, but your personal numerological year may say differently. To learn more or to get a numerology consultation, click here.

Try something new that warms your heart. Travel into your own heart space and travel even further than you thought possible. Are you aware of your spiritual gifts? Hear, see, feel, how your heart connects you to your Higher Self, to that Divine connection and go from there, directing or redirecting you onto your path.

I challenge you, starting tomorrow, June 1st to say the following positive affirmation every morning right after you wake up:

“Today I will LIVE FULLY FROM MY HEART, in the Highest good, for the benefit of all.”

And feel free to change it into your own words. The key is your intention.

I hope this inspires you to reach deeper into your heart space. If you would like to share any insights, any thoughts or wishes please email me at

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And a special note to June babies, if you’re feeling especially emotional this month, know that it’s completely normal and all the more reason to dive deeper into your soul. You have been blessed with a giant heart.

From my heart to yours.