Leaving A Job and Career: 7 Signs You Need to Let Go

Leaving the comfort offered by a job can be daunting. With all the uncertainties floating around, it’s easy to fall into this trap of thinking we should cling on to our jobs — even if it means living with the stress, heartache, and exhaustion. We wake up with a grudge, and it takes all our energy to drive ourselves to our office. Yes, a job can be an anchor of stability…but is staying in a career that robs your soul of joy even worth it? When does letting go of your job become THE better option?

Stuck in a Job: A Common Problem

As a Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Healer in Hong Kong, dealing with people who feel stuck and caught up in their jobs is a common occurrence. The sentiments are the same – the job is good, the pay is enticing, but there’s something in them that feels restless. As a result, they often feel the lack of enthusiasm for work and a sense of feeling stagnant – like there’s no progress on the horizon.

Letting go of a career that does not allow you to grow or feel fulfillment is always a good option, but not everyone is willing to gamble stability.

How do you know that it’s the right time to let go of your work and your career? What are the cues that will tell you quitting an unfulfilling job can actually be a blessing in disguise for your career?

Listen to Your Restlessness

Have you ever felt restless in your job? When given the choice between continuing your job, and pursuing another plan, do you tend to gravitate towards the latter? Do you feel like your heart, mind, and soul are perpetually restless?

Listen to your restlessness. Feeling restless is life’s way of telling us we are not fulfilling our purpose. It’s a cue that lets us know that the time we spend on our jobs can actually be used in more meaningful, more fulfilling ways.

Imagine your life as a boat, you as the captain, and the heart as the compass. As a captain, you know your destination. But there are times that you’ll be pursuing a different route that will cause your compass to go haywire. Only when you pursue the right direction will the compass point straight again.

Listen to your restlessness.

7 Signs It’s Time to Let Go of A Job

The decision to change careers, or let go of a job that brings you security and stability is not easy to make. Here’s a quick checklist to help you know if it’s already time to pack your bags, clear your desk, and pursue another path.

The Job No Longer Offers Fulfillment

When to move away from a job? When fulfillment is scarce. Earning that sense of fulfillment strengthens the WHY behind working for a job. If you find yourself scouring for that feeling of fulfillment ALL THE TIME, the fire that ignites your passion for work may slowly dwindle, leaving you restless and unsure of what’s next.

When The Day Ends, You Feel Relieved Than Satisfied

Do you often look at your watch, waiting for the end of the shift? If you end your workday feeling relieved than satisfied, it’s time to check if staying for the work is still worth it.

You Don’t Just Have Monday Blues, You Have Everyday Blues

Ahh, yes. Nobody likes Mondays. It’s the start of the week, the end of the relaxing, refreshing weekend. It’s busy, it’s crazy – it’s okay to not like Monday.

However, it is a different story if you have everyday blues – especially with the kind of blues that make it hard to get up from bed and commute to work. You constantly deal with a feeling of dread. You hate doing your job – even before you even know what the task of the day is.

Staying in a job that only breeds negative feelings is not healthy in the long run. When the exhaustion and the lack of enthusiasm is too much, don’t be scared to let go.

Your Boundaries Are Crossed

We all deal with different kinds of employers – some nurturing, and some have made it a habit to cross boundaries. These are bosses who compel you to do overtime work, bother you even on weekends, and will require you to do tasks after bedtime. You find it hard to say no because it’s your job, but you feel more and more dreadful because you can’t stand up for your boundaries.

Setting up boundaries IS a must. If your company or your boss won’t even acknowledge these boundaries, check if it’s still healthy to stay.

The Only Thing That Makes You Stay is the Pay

You stay for the money, but not for the opportunity to solve problems…and it’s exhausting. Sure, money can pay bills or more but you’ll soon discover that money is not always the best motivator. It’s the sense of being able to solve problems and concerns that makes a job fulfilling. What actually motivates us to be better in what we do career-wise is the chance to provide solutions, and be acknowledged for it.

You Don’t Feel Like Your Contribution is Needed

You don’t feel needed. You’re just there doing tasks, but not filling the gap. It feels uninspired.

You Know Deep In Your Heart, You’ll Be Happier With Another Career

If you can be really, truly honest right now, you know you’d be happier if you pursue the career you’ve always wanted. If money is not an issue, and stability isn’t elusive, you won’t hesitate to packing your bags and going for the path you really want.

So why not go for it? If your heart, mind, and soul tell you to let go of a job that wears you down, it might be sending you a message that will lead you to a path that will make you happier and more fulfilled.

You Owe Yourself A More Fulfilling Career, a Purposeful Life

Letting go of a job that you’ve worked in for years is scary. Saying goodbye to a career that has defined a timeline in your life is not easy. But saying yes to a more fulfilled career path and life is far better than getting stuck because you’re scared of saying goodbye to stability.

Pursuing a more purpose-filled life can bring opportunities far beyond your expectations.

You just need to let go – you just need to take the first step. You owe it to yourself.

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