How to Use Reiki to Set Boundaries

In order to have healthy relationships with others and yourself, setting healthy boundaries is crucial. This form of self-respect will help keep negativity to a minimum, avoiding toxic behavior from people that hurt you. One very effective way of doing this is through Reiki, which can help create a sacred space for yourself. If you’re wondering how to start, look no further, because we’re about to show you how! 

Boundaries Overview

What exactly are boundaries? They’re imaginary lines separating you from others – physically, as well as with your feelings, needs, and responsibilities from other people. Not only that, but they’re a limit that lets them know how they can treat you and what is crossing that line.

What happens if you don’t set boundaries?

People can take advantage of you, as you haven’t let them know what is acceptable treatment and what isn’t. Their treatment of you may make you feel upset, stressed, and overall feel like your life is more difficult. However, we have to look inward and realize that we must take responsibility and set these boundaries. 

Sometimes it’s hard to say “no” because we feel guilty, or feel we can take on everything. That’s understandable but can end up making things harder on yourself. 

It’s never too late to set boundaries, either. If you’re subject to negative or toxic behavior, you can choose to not deal with it anymore. For good mental health, it’s crucial to learn how to do this, though it doesn’t always come easy to everyone – especially if you’ve gone through most of your life without setting boundaries. 

How Can Setting Boundaries Help Reduce Stress? 

As we just mentioned, saying “yes” to everything or taking on too much because we want to please others can create a lot of added stress. Taking on too much can even make things more stressful for others by saying “yes” to helping them and ending up not being able to pull it off. 

You may feel obligated to do too much – especially to things you don’t even want to do in the first place. Perhaps you feel like you have to do more for others than they do for you, or are mortified at the idea that you may disappoint them if you say “no”. 

Setting boundaries can actually reduce stress, though. 

Take a moment to determine what your values are, and what your limits are. Are your biggest priorities spending time with loved ones? Work? Self-care or hobbies? This will give you a guideline as to where your boundaries are. What are you willing to sacrifice time for and what should remain consistent in your life? 

That’s not to say everything we do in life has to be things we like. We all have to compromise at times and do things we aren’t fans of, like paying bills or helping out every now and then. However, when doing things for others is taking over your life, this is a sign it’s time to reevaluate.  

How Does Reiki Apply for Boundaries? 

Reiki is a fantastic tool for setting boundaries, leaving the ego out of the equation, and focusing on positive energy. Aside from that, there isn’t just one way of using Reiki to do so. 

Direct Approach – Many people feel better just going straight in with a direct approach. If there is someone who makes you uncomfortable, try to set up a time with that person and send distance Reiki to that time.

You can accomplish this by making the distance symbol and beaming Reiki to it for a few minutes. When it’s time to meet them, make either a power or master symbol over your throat chakra, which will help with clear and concise speech. 

Learn to Say “No”This likely won’t be very easy at first, but is a very important skill to have for a healthy and happy life. This teaches others how to treat you – that you love and respect yourself.

To use Reiki for this, start envisioning yourself standing in front of a person or various people that you want to say “no” to. Make a master or power symbol over this, answering each person calmly and kindly with a “no”.

Remember, “no” is a complete sentence and you don’t have to give an explanation as to why you are answering this way. Let yourself feel strong and empowered as you say it, and embrace the feeling for a few minutes.

After doing this a few times over, you’re now ready for using the practice in real life. 

Distance – Perhaps you aren’t going to speak with the person and the previous method isn’t going to work for you. Instead, you can try the distance approach by envisioning a spot of white light in front of you. Imagine that both you and the person are inside this light, having a calm and enjoyable conversation.

As you’re having this conversation, you’re telling them what you are and are not ok with. Again, make sure you’re calmly and confidently saying this to them. Make a master or power symbol on the light, beaming Reiki to it for a few minutes. 

Really be observant here, with awareness as to how things may begin to change for the better with this person. Imagine new opportunities being presented where peaceful conversations are to be had. 

Conclusion – Setting boundaries may feel selfish to you, but it is anything but. Setting healthy boundaries is key for you to have a happy relationship with yourself and others. Not only that, but you’ll fill your life with people who love and respect you and will gain even more of that for yourself. Reiki will open up doors that were once closed, and will help bring positivity to you and those around you.