How to properly manifest to the universe: The definitive guide to help you align with the Cosmo

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” 

– Paulo Coehlo

Manifesting is like communicating to the Universe and unveiling to it your deepest, truest desires. The art of manifestation is knowing that no matter how big your dream is, you are sure there is a way for you to achieve it. Manifesting is remembering that the Universe is always on your side.

Even though popular culture has presented manifestation as an easy ticket to achieving dreams, it’s more than that. It’s a beautiful dance of deep belief, hard work, and a heart open for all the possibilities the Universe has to offer.

How Does Manifesting Really Work?

Let’s go back to one of the most iconic quotes from The Alchemist – when you want something, the Universe is all about giving that to you.

The Universe isn’t all about “Oh, I’m only going to make money dreams come true.” Or “There will be $10,000 in my bank account tomorrow.” It is ready to give whatever our desire is, whoever we are.

Manifesting aspirations are built on this foundation, the Universe is our greatest ally in our quest for achieving great things. Through manifesting, we tap into the power of the Universe to make our desires come true.

It’s not about telling the Universe “Hey, uhm, so I kinda want to be like this. Can you give this to me?”

Manifesting works when we approach the doorstep of the Universe ready, certain, and optimistic.

If you’re wondering how to effectively tap into the power of the Universe to change your life, read on.

The First Step: Understanding The Connection Between Manifesting and Believing

Fortune favors the bold; the Universe favors the believer.

When it comes to manifesting our wishes, dreams, and aspirations, we all need to remember that there’s a powerful tie between offering our desires and believing in our desires.

Imagine this: a struggling young professional manifesting to the universe that they will be a millionaire in 5 years. Possible? Although it might seem too hard to achieve, it is still possible.

Now imagine if that young professional just blurted out their goal, but is actually half-hearted about it?

They’d probably go about their way, not really giddy about the idea of getting their first million in 5 years. They proceed with no plans and no clarity.

Imagine how different it would be if that young professional truly and deeply believes that as long as they do their part, the Universe will move its hands to put people, opportunities, and changes along their way to make their goal come true.

They’d probably manifest AND work hard because they believe a million in 5 years won’t just be a possibility but a future reality.

Without believing, manifesting can only be likened to whispering nothings to the wind.

How to Make Manifesting Work: The Right Way to Align with the Universe

Partnering with the Universe is equal to unlocking the many possibilities in store for you. Here are a few ways you can make manifestation work.

Envision Your Highest Self. Be clear. 

The first step to manifesting is to get clarity. Be clear with your intentions and your aspirations. Imagine your highest self – how do you see yourself? How do you see your surroundings? How do you see your relationships?

The more you have clarity in envisioning your dreams, the more they become real, and the more you feel like they’re just really within reach.

Being clear with how you see yourself in the future can also stop you from being swayed by distractions that might derail you from your path.

Open These Desires to the Universe. 

Fiercely express these desires to the universe. Open up what you love, what you want to attain, how you want to achieve things. Breathe out every aspiration you have in your heart. Don’t hold back. The Universe needs to hear you really, really want it. Remember, the Universe is on your side – might as well tell everything.

Create a Plan. 

This is the stage called “go to work.”

Creating a plan holds you accountable, and can help you become more familiar with how the universe really works when it comes to fulfilling your dreams.

When creating a plan, start from your goal, and then work backward. Doing this process will help you define a clear path, and set of actions that will just magnetize the right moves to make, people to build relationships with, and opportunities that are worth the risk.

Acknowledge Limiting Beliefs.

Somehow, in our process of realizing our dreams, a little fear-based voice can make its way up to our heads to tell us we can’t do it. Worse, it can convince us that we’re not worthy of big, behemoth dreams.

These voices are called limiting beliefs,  and all of us have them. Don’t fret, it’s understandable. We can’t always see the end just like how the Universe sees it which makes us susceptible to giving up.

This is where your deep, deep, deep belief for manifesting and the Universe will come into play. No matter how tough the discouraging voice is, you will remember that the Universe is on your side, and nothing’s too big for it.

Be Grateful. 

When goals aren’t immediately realized; when dreams still seem far; when life takes a hard turn that can make you wonder if your goals will ever be ticked off, remember that manifesting is driven by gratitude.

How? When you’re grateful, you can still see that the universe is helping you. When you’re grateful, you take the twists and turns in your plans as detours from the Universe, only assisting you to reach your truest potential.

Trust the Process.

It’s going to be hard…especially when your timetable seems to be different from the Universe. But trust the process. The Universe is ON. YOUR. SIDE.


Manifesting is more than just calling out for the power of the universe – it’s embracing the idea that it can actually change your life. By doing it right, the Universe can offer you endless surprises. I can tell you for sure that manifestation worked beautifully if you’re truly aligned with the process and trust in divine timing. It has for me many, many times. Getting a better job after I was let go of my first one. Moving to a beautiful home, seven blocks from Santa Monica beach where I was able to meditate and practice self-reflection often, feeling more connected with myself and the Universe unlike I ever have before. Leaving my corporate career to live in Buenos Aires where I knew no one and had no job lined up. Then meeting my life partner there. Leaving another job and finding out the new job I had lined up fell through with barely any savings left. Starting from scratch in Hong Kong. Creating my Reiki, Numerology, and Intuitive Healing practice with a studio in the heart of Central (that was seriously a big leap of faith!) Being part of a really beautiful community, family, friends, clients, sifu, and colleagues. I’ve never been more grateful for so many things working out the way they have for me so far. There were plenty of times I had wished things worked out sooner, but when they eventually did, boy was I ready to fully appreciate them way more!

And they will for you too! Trust the process. Follow your heart. Don’t let fear and limiting beliefs get in your way.

With love,