How to Find Personal Clarity: Why It Matters in Your Journey and Success

If you can gain personal clarity, and clarity of purpose right at this very moment, can you imagine what you’ll be achieving?

Getting clarity in life and our personal journey is one of the biggest factors to success. Successful people owning it in their respective fields don’t just have grit and an endless amount of effort – they have clarity. They know where the hustle is leading. They know what their hard work is achieving. They know the very things they should be working hard for. 

This is why clarity is one of the keys to achieving happiness, fulfillment, and success in life. The question is, have you attained a sense of clarity in your life?

What Does It Mean to Have Personal Clarity? 

Let’s use the analogy of making chicken noodle soup. 

Imagine you’re hungry one day and you mindfully decided that you’re going to eat chicken noodle soup. You list down all the ingredients you need in a very specific manner, and you head to the nearest grocery store. It didn’t take you long to finish grocery shopping and make your favorite soup because you already have a clear idea of what you wanted right from the start. 

Now imagine if you’re craving for something, but you aren’t sure what. You go to the store and check every aisle. You’re still not sure what you’re going to get, so you wonder some more. In the end, you find nothing, and you leave the store empty-handed and dissatisfied. 

In both scenarios, you had all your resources – time, money, and a grocery store filled with great stuff. The only thing that made a difference in the second scenario was you went to the grocery store without knowing what you really wanted. 

Can you imagine what happens if we don’t have personal clarity in our lives? 

What does personal clarity mean? Having a sense of clarity is like attaining a compass meant to lead us in our journey. Personal clarity gives us a sense of direction when dealing with tough choices, and difficult circumstances. Achieving personal clarity is also synonymous to getting a clarity of purpose – meaning, you know exactly what you’re here for, what you’re meant to do, and what you’re meant to achieve. 

Why Is It Important to Have Clarity? 

The power of clarity can help us overcome distractions, and keep a sharp focus on the goals we want to achieve. In the second chicken soup analogy, you end up getting nothing and feeling dissatisfied because you did not know what you wanted. This scenario is all too common in life, in careers, and relationships. 

So why is clarity important?

Clarity Makes It Clear What Is Essential

All of us deal with a lot of stuff on our plate. With the advent of social media, it’s easy to be influenced by so many things without knowing if we need them or even care for them. 

Attaining personal clarity, and clarity in life makes the essential things – the goals, the people, the relationships, the ultimate end results – much clearer to us. 

Clarity Can Stop Us From Debilitating Distractions

Without clarity, we will be easily distracted. 

Without clarity in your career path, you can end up jumping from one job to another. Ultimately, you’ll feel dissatisfied, lost, and too confused and scared to pursue anything. 

Without clarity in your relationships, you can find yourself caught up in relationships you don’t like. 
Without clarity about yourself, you might feel no sense of achievement because you just want to do everything!

Clarity Gives Way to Satisfaction

Without clarity, our minds will be cluttered. We will be in a position where we feel so overwhelmed because of endless checklists we need to check off.

But imagine if you have a very clear idea of what you want to achieve – you won’t have to feel dissatisfied because you can’t finish all your busy checklists. You have a specific, simple, and clear checklist that clearly leads you to the very precise, very clear end goal you have in mind. 

How to Achieve Personal Clarity?

How do you get clarity in life? Here are 6 ways how. 

1/6 Listen to Your Inner Voice

The inner voice knows you. It knows your yearnings, your heart’s deepest desires, your talent, your wants, your purpose. Too often, we let the noise of the world distract it. Listen to it and let it tell you what your heart really wants, what it’s really meant to do. 

2/6 Visualize

If you were to be asked to visualize what an ideal life would be in the next 5 years, what would you see? What would you want to attain? Getting a clear vision of how we want our life to turn out can be powerful in getting clarity. 

3/6 Overcome Distractions by Focusing on Your Journey

Distractions can make us compare and stray off our path to clarity. Remember that we all have individual journeys. Once we realize that there’s a path carved especially for us, distractions can be easier to ignore. 

4/6 Get Inspiration

Be connected with people who share a similar path with you. Talk to them. Get inspiration from their journey. Ask help if needed. 

5/6 Write it Down

A goal not written is just a dream. Don’t stop at visualization – make your goals and aspirations clearer and closer to you by writing them down. 

6/6 Enjoy The Journey

It won’t be an easy success. You’re going to get through tough times. Getting clarity does not mean you’ll get success in a whiff. There will still be a struggle. There will still be difficulties. But as long as you know where you are headed – and you find happiness in the journey – it’s easier to attain success. 

Clarity is within our reach. Once we get it, it can open so many possibilities in our lives. Let’s not forget to take the time to be intentional with finding clarity in our path.