How Numerology Love Readings Can Support A Healthy, More Compatible Relationship

All relationships take a ton of work to nurture, and good relationships are worth all the work. However, one particular type of relationship takes extra effort, and that’s the type that involves love and romance. But sometimes, action alone doesn’t quite cut it. Sometimes we need understanding, and to be able to do that, we need to see things from our partner’s point of view, and that’s the bit that can be extra tricky sometimes. What if I told you that there’s a wonderful tool that can help us see a blueprint of someone so clearly and better understand their thoughts and emotions without it being invasive? What if I told you that this tool could help us look at the compatibility within a relationship and help us see strengths and needed areas to nurture your relationship better? What if this tool could be the secret weapon to a long-lasting, healthy, and loving relationship between two people for years to come? The tool is called Numerology Love Readings.

How Numerology Helps Support a Long-Lasting Relationship

Say you met someone and go on a few dates together, and you think this person could be your potential partner. After spending more time together, perhaps even traveling, spending nights over at each other’s house, or living together, you begin to see each other’s habits. Maybe you notice a few flaws in your partner and argue about seemingly mediocre things, like using a coaster to put drinks on the table or not. And in some cases, it’s these small problems that create a big one, often breaking a relationship.

But with enough love, effort, and understanding, you’re able to embrace all the good and bad moments. And perhaps you’re now at a point where you want to know, is this relationship serious and going any further? Do we want to spend the rest of our lives together? How compatible are we in the long run? Will you be able to make it through any tough times ahead? Are there important things about each other that we’ve overlooked or have yet to discover about each other that we should be mindful of? Of course, a marriage or a commitment to a lifelong partnership is an adventure in itself, and there are lots of surprises and great chapters to unfold, but wouldn’t it be great to get an overview of a relationship dynamic beforehand. Hence, you know what the bumps along the road could potentially be? Wouldn’t knowing that ahead of time allow both people in a relationship to work harder on their challenges together?

Some couples are open to the idea of pre-marital counseling (which I’m personally a big fan of) as it gives a couple a chance to align expectations while answering difficult real-life questions, but a numerology love reading could be an excellent alternative. And a Numerology reading can be done at the beginning of a relationship, during it, during an engagement period, after the wedding, anytime really, so it’s never too late.

It gives couples a chance to learn the energy behind themselves individually and how that comes together for them as a unit. They can even check their work in progress through a  Numerology reading as it’s a useful, neutral evaluation tool.

For those who don’t love the idea of pre-marital counseling, what if you’re not even sure what kinds of expectations to look out for to begin with? Wouldn’t a preview be helpful then? A Numerology love reading could help with is to neutrally look at each other’s personalities, patterns of thinking and better understand how a person processes thoughts and emotions. It could help a couple become more empathetic towards one another in a relationship and potentially give more patience and understanding than usual to give each other more room to grow. It can help us see what’s already here and what’s missing, so in time and if it resonates, we can work and fill any holes to help a relationship evolve to the next level.

Another beautiful thing a Numerology reading helps with is that it can help us manifest certain qualities into a relationship. Suppose you’re already aware of the flaws in your relationship, and you know that by adding a little more of this and that could really bring the relationship into smooth sailing. Wouldn’t it be nice to mindfully add those helpful energies into a relationship for it to have a more substantial chance to succeed naturally? You can do that by identifying supporting numbers and their energies specifically for your relationship and healthy activities that you and your partner can do together to bring more of that particular energy’s essence into your relationship—for example, learn how to cook together.

What Is Needed For A Numerology and Love Reading?

There’s just a simple key pieces of information needed to facilitate a Numerology and Love Reading, and they are:

  • The birth dates (month, day, and year of birth) of each individual in a relationship.

  • If applicable, the date that your relationship started (this can be a dating and or wedding anniversary).

  • Intentions and desired qualities that they would like present in their relationship (i.e., love, honesty, travel, more laughter, children, or better communication).

From there, what I do is create multiple charts based on each individual’s birth date and a chart for the relationship, and we can access the compatibility from there. Based on the numbers from the chart, it’ll also show what’s likely to work in a relationship, not work so well, and could use improvement around along with helpful suggestions to manifest a healthier, long-lasting relationship personalized for you.

Choosing Future Dates More Wisely With Numerology

If you and your partner are looking to lock in some significant dates ahead, a numerology reading could help in a few ways:

  • Reinforce desired qualities in a relationship.

  • Invite new desired energies into that particular date so that things could run smoothly and benefit you and your partner.

  • Solidify intentions between a couple with the help of Universal Energy.

What greater force is there than the Universe, helping you by your side? By choosing a date that the Universe’s energy flow favors you both, it can help you and your partner build a stronger foundation around this significant day and everything else along with it.

Most commonly, I get asked to do Numerology wedding date readings for couples who want to find the best date to celebrate their big and special day. In some cases, some of my clients (or their parents) may have a Chinese fortune-teller or Indian astrologist give them auspicious wedding dates, so they like to submit those suggested dates to me for a Numerology reading for additional comparison.

However, suppose a couple asks for the best wedding dates for them without any other readings elsewhere. In that case, we look at each individual’s Numerology birth chart and their desired qualities in a relationship. (learn more about numerology birth chart here). From there, we can personalize the best wedding dates for a couple through a Numerology love reading.

Getting Numerology and Love Reading

A Numerology and Love reading, to learn more about your partner, each other, your compatibility, and how to work more effectively together to manifest a stronger, healthier relationship takes roughly 90 minutes long.

A Numerology reading for the best wedding dates for you and your partner would also take about 90 minutes.

For Numerology readings that involve more than two people, for example, with the in-laws or children, it would take roughly two hours or more, depending on the number of people who are involved in the reading. If you want to check how much time is needed, you can send me an email before making your booking.

Numerology readings can be done online, through a video call, or in-person at my studio in Central, Hong Kong.

What’s helpful is to have all the birth dates, relationship start dates, or anniversary dates emailed to me ahead of time to create related charts before our session. All information sent to me will be kept highly confidential, of course.

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