Healing Yourself With The Power of Words. Goodbye Negative Self-Talk, Hello Conscious Communication!

We are social beings. We communicate through expressions and emotions. Language is what defines our special place within the natural world. Our language elevates our consciousness and affords us a deep understanding of our physical and spiritual universe. Language exists for one purpose: to influence others.

Every time we speak, whether we realize it or not, we impart a profound amount of information to those who are listening. Our body language is integral to conveying the intent of our words. Our words, gestures, and intonations convey our thoughts and emotions by default. Just as misunderstandings can arise from their careless use, deep spiritual healing can come from their careful and purposeful use.

The power of words cannot be overstated. Words can wound us fatally, just as words can bring us back to life when all hope has been lost. Everyone has been, at some time, deeply moved by the words of another. It is at once humanity’s greatest gift yet can also be a terrible weapon. And everyone has, at some time, been hurt by words. We have all experienced the transference of emotional energy passed from one person to us through words.

It is therefore a most important responsibility to carefully choose our words, and remain mindful of our posture and the tone of our delivery, to ensure that our language carries positive emotion and a nurturing quality when we speak to others, especially to those we care deeply about.

In an increasingly digital world, our communication can often take the form of text messaging. People may or may not choose to include ‘emoticons’ (small icons representing particular expressions) with their words. It is important to consider their use to ensure the words communicated are interpreted correctly. Emoticons exist out of necessity to provide an emotional anchor-point to understanding the tone and intent of those text messages.

Allow yourself just one brief meditative moment before you speak or write. Consider how you wish to impact the recipient. With a full heart, choose your words and fill them with positive emotional energy. It can save so much grief for everyone involved, and when chosen wisely, can make everyone’s day so much brighter.

Through our conscious choices and actions, we can have a powerfully positive impact on those around us. With our words, we can empty hearts of sadness and fill souls (and our own soul) with joy. With the power of our words, we can motivate and we can heal.

We should be mindful of the impact of our words even on ourselves. Encouraging self-talk, especially when physically verbalized, can have a deeply beneficial effect on our own thoughts and feelings. By speaking with loving and supportive words inwardly, we can feel the soul recharge itself with positive energy.

Even the most anti-social among us are vulnerable to the potent effects of positive energy conveyed to them through words. Consider that those people may themselves be victims of weaponized language, and their attitudes are reflections of their suffering. It is within our power to relieve them of their pain with healing language and expressions.

We have all heard the saying about how our words will come back to haunt us. There is an underlying truth in this. Just as we send our words out into our world to touch and influence others, so too do others’ words echo back to us a similar sentiment. The best way to ensure a spiritually healthy and nurturing environment is to broadcast powerful messages of love and positivity.

Our words have the capacity to resonate so strongly that they transcend time and carry effect long into the future. With a pure heart, think about what you would like to say to eternity.

With the third wave of coronavirus in Hong Kong and restrictions still in place in other countries, limiting our mobility to go out and about once again, we are invited with an opportunity to slow down once again and reflect within to create more awareness around the way we speak to ourselves and others.

Before we speak, take an extra beat and ask yourself:

  1. How it would feel to be on the receiving end of those words?

  2. Are those words clear, understandable and do they cause any emotional harm?

  3. Is there a better way to phrase things without hurting someone else’s feelings?

Equally, I’m not asking you to lie or sugar-coat things either, but instead consider, is there a way to share my message honestly, yet compassionately?

And on the other hand, notice the way you talk to yourself, what is the energy like? What are the thoughts in your head during the following activities?

  1. When you are thinking about what to eat for your next meal?

  2. When you are trying on an outfit?

  3. When you are just finishing a meal?

  4. When you are getting up for work in the morning?

  5. When you see someone attractive walking by you?

  6. If you are about to give a presentation?

  7. If you are about to pay for a $1000 HKD ($125 USD) purchase?

  8. Thoughts when you are considering a $3000 HKD ($375 USD) purchase?

  9. When you are on your commute to work or elsewhere?

  10.  If you are meditating, what are the thoughts that come up before you really get into the quiet zone?

The way you are speaking to yourself represents your internal energy, the energy within yourself which affects every decision and action you take.

So are you being too hard, too critical of yourself, or are you speaking to yourself kindly to yourself? Can you be fair and compliment yourself when you know you deserve it and also self-evaluate or give yourself constructive criticism if needed to grow and be better?

It’s so essential to and practice and change the way we talk to ourselves and others in order to heal holistically, with first and foremost being our emotional energy. It’s often too overlooked but it’s one of the most foundational ways to create healing within ourselves, by challenging and shifting our perspectives, we will naturally practice manifestation the right way as internal energy moves in the same direction.

Being more mindful of your communication by changing the words you speak and the energy behind it contributes massively to your ever-evolving, better well-being. The best part is that it’s free and something you can start working on right now. Let this be your new milestone for self-healing, and may this practice serve you well and become second nature!

And of course, if you have done a lot of the reflection and awareness work and would like some external support through healing around your negative self-talk, or would like to clear and release some emotional blockages within yourself so you can integrate more compassionate language or communicate consciously with others more easily, you may find an Intuitive Energy Healing session especially helpful.