Healing With Water and Energy



The existence of life in the entire universe is determined by the presence of water. About 71 percent of the Earth is covered with water and every living thing depends on it. Water has been revered by people throughout history. Around the world and across different cultures, “water ceremonies” are performed to heal people, animals, and plants. It has been known for its healing properties. But aside from being the source of life and its therapeutic properties, did you know that water has memory? You might have heard it from Disney’s beloved character, Olaf.

But what does it really mean?

According to Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who became popular (especially in the world of alternative healing) for his work on water and energy, our vibrational energy, including our words, sounds, and even intentions (even including our thoughts and ideas), can affect the crystals of water. Whatever the water feels, hears, and sees stimulates its change in molecular structure as it copies, memorizes and carries information. In light of this discovery, we can say that water does have a memory. It has the ability to retain whatever it is exposed to.

In his experiment, Dr. Emoto played music, displayed words, and said a prayer to the water while it was freezing, and when it was frozen, it formed crystal shapes unique to each stimulus. He found out that intricate and beautiful shapes were created when the music and words were loving and positive. In contrast, chaotic and incoherent patterns were formed when water was exposed to negative and harsh stimuli. But how is this finding relevant to us? In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Emoto wrote, “If we have a clear understanding of water, we will better understand the human body, and even unlock the mystery of why we were born.” That same water makes up 50 to 75 percent of our body. It transports energy and nourishment throughout our bodies. Hence, we can use our thoughts and words to create positive change in the water around us and even within us.

Dr. Emoto’s research taps into a tangible aspect of energy healing. Our thoughts and actions release vibrational energies that have the same effect on water.



healing with water


For centuries, long before the existence of microscopes and Dr. Emoto’s findings, indigenous tribes in the Amazon have practiced singing to charge water with the intention of healing. Water is also used in different religions for cleansing, healing, and other sacred rites like baptism. They also utter words of prayer to bless and sanctify the water, making it holy.

Look at these amazing photos of water crystals on Dr. Emoto’s official website, in their natural state, with music playing, when words are spoken to water, in sacred spaces such as churches and temples, and when water is prayed to. It goes to show how undeniably impressive water is—something that most of us have the privilege to access easily, and how much more it can be when it is embodied with the power of intention.

Based on Dr. Emoto’s findings, water is sensitive and conducive to our vibrational energy, so we can affect change wherever there is water. We do not have to go to one of the world’s sacred waters to experience healing with water.

Here are five simple water healing rituals you can do yourself at home, and some of these you can even do at work, the gym, or wherever you are as long as you have access to water! It’s something I love doing, even just for a few minutes between meetings:

A Cup of Water for Immediate Healing

Pour yourself a cup of water and hold it between your hands for immediate healing. With pure intention, channel your intention into what you’d like to bless the water with. Imagine or simply feel that your intention is being transferred into the cup of water, into each cell of the water.

When you feel like the intention is set in your water and you’re ready, take a deep breath in and take your first drink of the water. Allow yourself to sit with the residue of that water and imagine or feel the message of your intention being carried into every part of your body. When you’re ready, take your second sip and repeat the process until you’d like.

Overnight Water Grounded with Intention

Another option is to bless your water first and allow that intention to sit overnight for 10–12 hours. Envision the healing light in the water before drinking it. You can also infuse your drinking water with a written prayer.

To do this, you need to write down your prayer of affirmation on a piece of paper and then wrap it around your water bottle (glass bottle is preferable) before you sleep. When you wake up, utter the words of affirmation you wrote on the paper, and as you drink this water, feel the vibration of your affirmation as it cleanses and heals every cell in your body.

Use Healing Water For Cooking

Say a prayer for the water you will use for cooking and serving others. Express gratitude and pray that it will cleanse and heal the bodies of those who partake and drink of it.

A Healing Bath of Water

Turn your ordinary bath time into a water healing experience. Fill your tub with warm water and place offerings of your choice (e.g. essential oils, flowers, milk, and oats). Light incense and candles. Turn on the music (preferably chanting or prayer songs). You may also opt to say a prayer instead of listening to music. Slowly get into the water, lay back, and close your eyes. Meditate. Take your time washing and cleansing every part of your body.

Healing Shower

Take a shower, even if you are not dirty.  Have you ever felt heavy and stressed out after talking to someone with negative energy? Or are you feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Have a quick shower to wash that negativity away. You will feel and sleep better. This is what I tell all my clients who are highly sensitive “emotional absorbers” (aka empaths) to do regularly.

One of the most important things I tell all my clients to do after a Reiki treatment or Intuitive Healing Session is to drink lots of water for two to three days after each session. Why? Because all channeled energy healing sessions have a holistic effect, which means they heal and release blockages on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic levels.

For example, if you’ve had a severe series of migraines, your head might be pounding (physical effect), it makes it hard to think straight (mental effect), it stirs up frustration (emotional effect), it makes it hard to stay mindful and balanced (spiritual effect), and it blocks up the energy flow in your body (energetic effect).

So while healing energy after a Reiki healing session or Intuitive Healing session is working throughout your body to release the blockages created by the series of migraines, it’s also healing the migraine and the root cause of the migraine simultaneously. We all know that drinking water is naturally hydrating and detoxifying.

Drinking water after an energy healing session doubles the effect. It helps move energy further physically so that it can release the stuck energy from your body more efficiently, flushing out as many toxins and old, undesirable energy all at once. The reason I suggest drinking water for two to three days after a session is that energy healing can continue working inside the body for a few days after a session. Pretty cool, right?

Back to the basic healing properties of water and water therapy, with water everywhere around us, in the soil, in the rain, in the food that we eat, and even within us, we can experience the gift of healing with energy daily. The rule is simple: take a moment and say words of affirmation to the water that you drink, the water you bathe in, or anything that contains water. Charge it with gratitude. And remember, your body is approximately 70 percent water, too, so doing these simple things can also affect you from within.

And for more traditional forms of energy healing, you can always try some safe energy healing practices like Reiki Energy Healing by a Reiki practitioner of the Traditional Usui Reiki lineage in your local neighborhood, or via a Distant Reiki session. Or for more advanced types of safe energy healing practices in Hong Kong, I offer under the umbrella term, Intuitive Energy Healing which consists of Emotional Energy Release, Aura Healing, Channeled Crystal Healing, and Emotional Cord Removals right here at https://coriechu.com/.