Healing Sadness with Reiki

healing sadness with reiki

Being sad is a natural feeling that comes for different reasons. Disappointment, rejection, loss, and sometimes due to a physical circumstance, a chemical imbalance in the brain that can’t be helped. You just feel like crying or actually end up crying, wanting to be alone, feeling down, and losing your energy. 

Sometimes it’s a fleeting emotion brought by the moment like missing a favorite TV show, to feeling like the world had turned upside down due to the loss of someone you love. 

As a child, you might have whined about not getting the toy you want or skinning your knee from playing and running. Or maybe you felt sad when your mom and or dad left for work. You may have just been getting to know what sadness feels like, and it’s not a good feeling at all.

As a teenager, you might have felt moody over schoolwork or parents just being parents to a teenager. And for more serious reasons like family problems. You might have felt sad about not being able to fit in or not getting the attention of the person you admire. Even fights with your friends or the lack of friends turned your world upside down.

Growing up you probably cried over missed opportunities, unmet expectations and disappointments, and changes that are not always welcome. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and tired. You just want to cry and stay in bed but can’t afford to (maybe even in the literal sense).

Maybe you were expecting a job promotion but it was given to someone else, and maybe even unfairly so. Even if you feel uninspired and more than just sad, you feel obligated to go to work and drag yourself there. Maybe you might have felt sad about not being able to lose weight or achieve the best shape of your life. You hate that you no longer fit your clothes or that you feel lousy and uncomfortable. All in all, your spirit feels down and defeated. 

And surely there have likely been times that you felt sad about people hurting you, speaking badly about you, or even betraying you. The reality of the world, how brutal it can be. You feel sad about what is happening in the world. It’s not all sunshine. You have to experience rainy days too, even weather the storm.

Perhaps seeing how selfish people can be in their true nature will surely invite some serious deep feelings of sadness and more. I’ve been there and even thrown up, not realizing how strongly that feeling of sadness and disappointment took over me. Maybe you’ve felt sad over your loved ones being sick and powerless. It’s a really shitty feeling. 

And there is nothing like getting your heart broken – an unrequited love that will never be, rejection, and breakups that send you crying anywhere or any time of the day. Sleepless nights and not being able to eat. Mornings and nights are the worst and the grief is so difficult to bear. You miss the person but their love is gone and there is nothing you can do about it. Even more heartbreaking are betrayals by someone you consider your life partner. Being cheated on and feeling disillusioned about love. Breakups, separation, and divorce, those processes are heart-wrenching. You can’t believe the person you built your life with is not the person you always thought to be. Suddenly it’s hard to have faith in love. It can even shatter your entire belief system. 

Also, there’s nothing like the sadness that grief brings. The grief over facing death in the family brings. Death makes goodbyes seem so final. A world without that loved one will be unbearable for the first few months. There will be times when you wonder if the pain will ever go away. 

There is a sadness that goes away as fast as it comes. But there is also the kind of pain that stays. It wounded you so bad it left a scar. When the weather is cold you can feel the dull ache and you just know you haven’t fully healed yet.

How to Rise Above The Blues

Recognizing your feelings of sadness and acknowledging them rather than repressing them is very important. Merely suppressing your sadness can result in more severe mental health problems

But while expressing your sadness is important it is also equally important to heal from your sadness. Crying is a way to unload how you feel to feel lighter until you feel better. It will take some effort on your part to feel better and not continue on a downward spiral. At some point, you must rise above the blues.

how to rise above the blues

You can always talk and confide with someone you trust and participate in activities you will enjoy. You can write in a journal and process how you feel bit by bit. You may also need to go to a therapist if you need professional help to process your emotions.

Practicing self-care also helps. There’s no one who can make you feel better and who can best take care of you other than yourself. It’s true that when you practice self love you in turn lift yourself. There is strength and loving oneself making you feel like you can withstand everything.

How Reiki Can Heal Sadness

Reiki is an energy healing technique that affects a person’s body’s intangible energy fields. Sadness and other unpleasant feelings often hinder our energy flow without us realizing it, which may result in physical and mental sickness.

Reiki treatments consist of properly trained, certified practitioners channeling Reiki energy to the Reiki recipient’s body, with a hands-on treatment. The Reiki practitioner will identify areas that could benefit from healing and focus on those areas. Reiki energy aims to clear blockages in our energy field and bring the body’s energy field back into balance, which can lessen grief.

how reiki can heal sadness

In addition, Reiki can help you feel more relaxed and also help with promoting inner peace. Reiki can be beneficial for people who experience depression. Reiki is an increasingly popular form of CAM (complementary alternative medicine) and is often suggested to those who are open to integrative or alternative wellness. Moreover, it can support the body’s innate healing mechanisms, which over time can aid in emotional healing or recovery, such as relief from sadness.

Intuitive Healing For Releasing Deep Sadness

Intuitive Healing is an advanced form of energy healing I offer that focuses on emotional release. Note the difference between emotional healing and emotional release. The first can be achieved by bringing emotions back into balance whereas the other, emotional release moves that wounded emotion out of your body for good. Intuitive Healing can be a highly effective tool for addressing and healing sadness that runs deep. Chronic sadness can be caused by a variety of factors, including trauma, grief, and chronic stress. In many cases, traditional medical treatments such as prescription drugs and psychiatry may not be enough to address these underlying causes as it doesn’t focus on the emotional aspects of healing which is where Intuitive Healing comes in as another form of CAM.

Intuitive Healing, which is a holistic energy healing treatment focuses on the emotions that our body has stored over time (perhaps when we didn’t allow ourselves to feel too much and swept emotions under the carpet, buried ourselves at work to not feel, and deal with our emotions or when emotions become too overwhelming and our emotional body finds a space to store them somewhere until we have the capacity to deal with it someday. Intuitive Healing can help to uncover and address the emotional root causes of chronic sadness. This approach recognizes that our emotions and physical body are closely interconnected and that emotional pain can manifest as physical symptoms.

intuitive healing for releasing deep sadness

Through various techniques such as meditation, spiritual guidance, and energy work, intuitive healers can help individuals to identify and release emotional blockages that may be contributing to their chronic sadness. They can also help individuals to develop a deeper understanding of their emotions, and learn healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with difficult emotions.

When all is said and done it helps to be reminded that it’s normal to feel sad. Although it can be a challenging emotion to deal with, it serves as a reminder that we are all human and able to feel a variety of emotions, both good and unpleasant. Perhaps it feels better to know that you are not alone. Many people feel deep sadness and aren’t sure what to do with it. And if it offers some food for thought, without darkness we can’t appreciate the light as much.