The Importance of Healing Emotional Wounds

Each of us knows what pain is. Feeling pain is one of the things that makes us human. The good news is, despite being vulnerable to pain, our bodies are naturally able to heal themselves, at least physically.

In fact, pain is one of our body’s ways of telling us that there is something wrong (so that we can take care of the problem).

However, most of the pain we feel in our lifetime is not of physical nature, which makes it more difficult to heal – these are the invisible ones – emotional wounds.

Because we don’t see it, we tend to leave it unattended until it breaks us down. Our body needs emotional healing, just like how our physical body needs healing when it suffers an injury.

What are Emotional Wounds?

Emotional wounds are a set of human experiences that cause pain and anguish on a deep, psychological level.

These types of wounds often involve a lasting hurt caused by friends, families, colleagues, or someone we trust. Emotional struggles and pains may be tied to an event, a hurtful realization, or physical challenges.

healing emotional wounds

Emotional pains can be experienced in the form of guilt, shame, embarrassment, hatred, jealousy, and frustrations.

Most of the time, these emotional pains come with triggers. One of the best ways to see what kind of emotional pain you might have is to check what emotions come up when something triggers you.

For example, if you made a mistake at work – and you used to be reprimanded for all the little things – check on the first emotion that arises.

If you feel anger, you might have pent-up anger that’s hurting you. If you feel shame, you might be struggling with trauma from demeaning experiences.

What are the symptoms of emotional or psychological trauma?

Emotional trauma is sometimes difficult to identify because the symptoms differ between individuals. Often a few may be depressed and may not be able to get around others. Some people mask their pain using drugs and alcohol.

Most of us may continue doing things as usual. It is more difficult than expected to detect thoughts that affect the heart. So there’s a lot of freedom in hiding away from the world.

healing emotional wounds

We fool ourselves to dismiss, ignore a couple of them or merely ignore a few of them because we think it is okay for everyone to continue.

A broken heart also needs a good healing. But how?

How Do We Heal Emotional Wounds?

Because we foster different emotional traumas and emotional wounds, emotional healing can be different for everyone.

We owe it to ourselves to attend to our emotional health. We deserve to live life without being burdened by wounds of the past.

More often than not, unresolved emotional traumas will eventually take a toll on our physical health, on how we see ourselves, and our relationships with others.

To put it simply, when emotional wounds are left unhealed, they can and will affect every aspect of our lives.

The first step to healing is recognizing our vulnerability to emotional wounds.healing emotional wounds

The Courage To Recognize Emotional Wounds

What’s your heartbreak story? Each of us has a story to tell. No matter how different our life stories are, what most of us have in common is that we have negative experiences that caused us pain on a deep psychological level.

It could be as tragic as the pain of losing someone we loved, being abandoned or neglected for an extended time, or being abused. Or it could be not as obvious, such as those that are brought by a set of disappointments that piled up through time.

No matter what the reason for your emotional wound is, know that what you feel is valid.

One necessary step to begin the process of emotional healing is to acknowledge that the wound is there. But how does one know? One common sign of an unhealed emotional wound is one’s tendency to find her adult self in similar coping behavior patterns she did during childhood to certain situations.

For instance, a woman who felt unloved during her childhood suppressed this feeling and tried harder to create a bond with their guardian might find her adult self in a pattern of settling with someone who is not emotionally available, if not abusive.

A part of her knows that she deserves someone better, but she got used to that feeling for so long that it has become acceptable.

On the other hand, a child who coped with the neglect by rebelling frequently may carry this attitude into adulthood and distance herself emotionally, causing her inability to make meaningful bonds with another person or become confrontational.

In both cases, the two people could have acted differently, but they unknowingly fell into playing out the roles they played in their childhood to endure the neglect or abuse.

The Courage To Recognize Emotional Wounds

Tips for healing emotional wounds

While some of us might have subconsciously and successfully (at least temporarily) masked our emotional scars, in most cases, we can identify emotional wounds easily by evaluating the difficulties we often encounter in our lives, specifically in relationships.

List down all your difficult experiences and check if there is a pattern. You will most likely see a pattern that mirrors a difficulty you survived during your earlier years. There are physical wounds that heal by themselves, and there are some that need assistance. The same thing is true with our emotional wounds.

Tips for healing emotional wounds

We all have different ways of coping with pain, and not all the time does time heal all wounds. At times, the healing process requires certain steps and may even need the help of someone.

Every traumatic experience leaves a trace of heavy, stagnant energy within us. This energy isn’t visible – but it can cause a struggle within.

When left untreated or unhealed, the pent-up energy can manifest itself through physical pain and emotional challenges. The pain we feel in our bodies or the exhaustion we feel in our minds and hearts can actually have an emotional cause.

One of the forms of healing and breaking free from emotional wounds is with an Intuitive Energy Healing session with a focus on emotional healing.

With emotional energy healing, you allow negative energy to be replaced with pure, positive, and healing energy. It results in feeling lighter, being free from emotional pain, allowing you to feel more balanced and whole.

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Healing emotional wounds is not an easy process, but it’s all going to be worth it.

Those that have been through the emotional healing process know the rewards of overcoming emotional wounds. It has improved their relationship with themselves and with others.

It has allowed them to live life more fully without the constant fear of rejection and being hurt.

Get rid of the negative energy (such as bitterness, resentment, anger, discomfort, disappointment, guilt, and shame) that is holding you back and start gaining positive energy and empowerment to help you move forward.

Recognize the pain, and ultimately, by releasing it, you are making a healthy choice to happiness for yourself. No one else can do that for you, but I can help. Don’t hesitate to drop me a message on and start the emotional healing with Reiki process now.