Healing Crisis: Why Could You Feel Unwell After Energy Healing?

Commonly, recipients of Reiki sessions leave sessions feeling light, relaxed and recharged, however there are times they may experience the complete opposite. Sometimes holistic therapists and reiki healers  hear from their clients after treatment that they they are feeling worse after reiki, or even more symptoms that have not been experienced before.

Why is this? Why may you feel unwell after energy healing?

This guide will provide some insight as to why your energy session may not leave you feeling on cloud 9 the way you expected, and tips for post session after care.

What is a Healing Crisis?

A healing crisis, also known as a healing reaction, is a temporary worsening of symptoms that occurs when the human body has just undergone energy healing.

A healing crisis can be an essential aspect of an effective, natural healing process. While it can be highly uncomfortable and sometimes alarming, this is a sign that your body is working to heal itself. It’s also dependent on how sensitive your body is to energy generally.

However, if your body does not experience any sort of healing crisis after undergoing a particular therapy, don’t worry, nothing is wrong and you’re not missing out. Every single person’s need for healing is different. Some people have deeper wounds than the other so it doesn’t mean you’re not getting the most out of your sessions if you’re not experiencing a healing crisis. Some people have a lifelong amount of waste to purge, and in the right timing and with the right practitioner, your body may finally let go on a huge level of what it’s been holding onto so tirelessly. Imagine having held 50 kilos of stress on your shoulders and back for 20 years. Imagine how your body would finally feel to let it go. Probably incredibly relieved but at the same time, it’s exhausted from the heaviness and in desperate need of serious, quality rest for a good while. After healing with quality rest, you’ll feel recharged, lighter and almost new. The way you move will feel radically different. That’s how you may feel after a healing crisis physically, mentally and energetically. 

I find that healing crisis happens when our body is really ready to release and heal on an incredibly deep level at a particular point in our lives, completely dependent on divine timing. There’s no real way to predict when it may come but layer by layer as we heal, and then finally heal the root of something, it tends to physically manifests as a healing crisis, and though uncomfortable at first, it gets a whole lot better moving forward. True healing is not meant to be a feel good experience all the time. True healing requires presence, a deep commitment to self-development, to letting go of what, how and when you should be healing, and a ton of patience. True healing requires knowing that there could be pain in discovering the truth within ourselves, of someone or an event. Accepting that truth, that pain, is an essential part of healing and often it’s not pretty. When our body wholeheartedly accepts that truth, it does this profound final letting go act, and often that results in a temporary healing crisis. 

I you are sick after energy healing, don’t feel too worried because your body is working just as it should.

Symptoms of a Healing Crisis

After an energy healing session, you may face symptoms that accompany a healing crisis. Some of these symptoms may include:

  • A flushed face.
  • Skin breakout or inflammation (in some cases, rosacea).
  • Nausea.
  • Headache.
  • Fever.
  • Painful joints.
  • Unusual fatigue.
  • Insomnia.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting and gassiness.

You may also experience depression or irritability, Other symptoms may resemble cold or flu-like conditions.

An energy healing can cause past problems lying dormant in your body to resurface. Past illnesses can reappear as your body is in the process of getting rid of accumulated toxins. For example, I worked with someone who used to have chronic anxiety and panic attacks but she was prescribed medication to manage those issues. She wanted to explore alternatives to remove herself eventually from her daily medication and decided to try Intuitive Healing to see if it would help her. We had a couple of sessions and in the first one, her body was keen to release the huge build up of anxiousness that had been suppressed in her body over time. I told her that her body may experience a healing crisis and what that meant. She was prepared for the worst case scenario. She went home and that night she had her first panic attack in two years. It was horrible. In the moment she said she felt like she went back to square one, but remembered that this was likely a healing crisis so she patiently let go of the need to control how she felt and instead, just let herself be. Her panic attack subsided in a few minutes, which felt like forever in the moment, but for the first time in her life, she had the best sleep ever and woke up feeling lighter than she ever had in ages. We met for a few more follow up sessions where she felt better, lighter and much more relaxed after each session, the way that most people feel after a typical Reiki session. She hadn’t had anymore healing crisises after that first one and has since then been carefully working with her doctor to lower the dosage of her medication so that she can gradually wean off it which is looking likely. 

The symptoms of a healing crisis after an energy session may also be more intense than sensations  you have experienced before and are being treated for. However, do not forget that it is only temporary, and this is a way to rebuild and heal your holistic well-being that could provide long-term benefits.

Feelings of physical or mental discomfort after an energy healing usually lasts for a few days, although it can sometimes take several weeks. In addition, you may have to go through more than one healing crisis for your illness to heal fully.

Why Do You Get Sick After Energy Healing?

A healing crisis is set in when your body has been overwhelmed with many toxins trapped in it – sometimes for decades. The more toxic your body is, the more intense the healing crisis may be.

When energy healing begins, multiple systems in the body work together to eliminate waste products and toxins, which can become overwhelming as this process progresses. Remember that this process is only temporary, and your body will be healthier and stronger when it is over.

A healing crisis usually begins with a cleansing or detox process, such as a change in diet, treatment or detox therapy, or a period of fasting. It happens when the cells in your body release toxins and impurities faster than your body’s elimination systems (bladder, liver, kidneys, and lungs) can handle.

In addition, treatments or therapies can also create a crisis that causes viruses and bacteria to die out. These dead cells can overwhelm the elimination process as they are eliminated from the body.

Tips for Moving Through/Healing Crisis Symptoms after reiki

If you experience the above symptoms after undergoing energy treatment, you need to notify the practitioner. As an energy modality, chakra and aura-based energy clearing and transfer protocols may be appropriate for calming and regulating energy flow.

Here are tips to help you get through a healing crisis after a healing energy treatment:

  • Communicate  with your practitioner. They are helping to allow the energetic activity to be integrated in your body – the systems for your physical body, emotions, and mind. You are stirring up and releasing this material because you were ready to evolve, shift, and heal.
  • Do your best to face what’s going on.
  • Dialogue with your body and let it know that it can be released, let go, and integrated without the pain syndrome.
  • You can ask your practitioner for support. It would be best if you also asked other family members to support you with compassion and care as you move through the process.
  • Believe in yourself. Believe that you are okay, even if you feel weird in your body. If you feel you need to reach out for support, do so.
  • Be gentle with yourself. Eat nutritious foods. Always relax and rest. Self-nourishment and self-care.


If you are expecting to feel on cloud 9 after your energy session but instead find yourself experiencing physical or mental discomfort, know that many people may have similar experiences after an energy healing.

However, you can completely overcome the healing crisis by communicating with your practitioner, listening to your body, and practicing self care. Always remember that you’ll move through it and find your feet under you once again, conscious of the nuanced and evolved self on the other side.