Are You Making Fear-Based Decisions and How Not To

(Read Time: 5 Minutes)

Making a decision – especially when it’s a major one that’s bound to affect your life big time – is daunting. When we get anxious, and uncertain about the results of a choice, we tend to inevitably take the easy way out and make fear-based decisions. Though easy, resolutions made out of fear can hinder us from reaching our dreams, and achieving our full potential. When we overcome fear in decision making, we can hurdle things that hold us back from becoming the best that we can be. But, how can we overcome making decisions out of fear?

Are You Making Fear-Based Decisions? 

Fear holds us back from doing what we really want in life. Getting out of our comfort zone can be uncomfortable but creating the next steps based on fear can deter progress. But how will you know if you’re already making fear-based decisions? Here are 5 tell-tale signs that fear fuels your life’s decisions.

You Avoid Change

Change is an effective teacher – it allows us to experience new things, and it teaches us new lessons. But the lesson that comes with change also comes with overwhelming feelings. Starting a new career is scary; being in a new role is scary; walking away from a relationship can be hard. Change, however, should be embraced.

If you are constantly avoiding change because it’s hard, you could be making decisions out of the fear of losing what is familiar to you.

You’re Consumed By Thoughts of Rejection

  • “What if I’m not accepted?”

  • “What if my idea won’t work?”

  • “What if people would just laugh at me?”

Decisions made out of fear sometimes dwell on these questions. Instead of focusing on the positive results of taking that leap of faith, fear makes your mind focus on the negative results of the decision you’re about to make.

You Have Nagging Thoughts of Failure

Every time you make a decision, the fear of failure would start to loom above your head. Most of the time, the most convenient way to assuage this fear is through choosing the easy options like giving up a career advancement, not taking that big break, and not giving your talents and passions a chance.

Your Gut Tells You You’re Choosing Wrong

When you’re settling for less because of fear, you can feel it. Your gut acknowledges it. You can even hear a tiny voice in your head telling you you let fear win again.

You Fall into a Trend of Negative Self Talk

Making bold, big decisions can be scary; but they can be empowering. Fear-based decisions, though convenient, can crush your self-esteem. Because fear has caused you so many chances, it becomes hard for you to tell yourself you can achieve what you truly want.

Changing Fear to Power

Make Daily Decisions

You don’t need to kick fear to the curb in one instance. It’s okay to start slow, as long as you steadily press forward to making empowering choices. Make daily decisions that challenge you, and take you out of your comfort zone. Consistently making strong choices, no matter how small they are, can build your confidence that you can also make big, daunting decisions.

Face Uncertainty Head On

Many of us are anxious about the future, especially when we have zero idea what’s waiting for us around the corner. However, we must not let our worries about things we can’t control get in the way of the things we can – like making empowered choices. Creating a solid vision of the direction you want your life to take and following it – despite the uncertainties – can help you make more confident choices.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Experience is the best teacher. If you’ve constantly made decisions based on fear, take the time to evaluate the results of these choices. Ask questions like “What opportunities did I miss because I was afraid?” and “What would my life be like right now if I just accepted the new opportunities with confidence?”

Evaluating the results of fear-driven choices can make you realize the things you’ve missed, and can help you pursue more confident, positive choices.

Make a Decision to Choose Right, Even if It’s Hard

Making major decisions takes a lot of courage. But taking that big step to change can feel amazing – it can even turn your life around! To create more sure, empowered decision, focus on your why. Have a firm reason why you’re doing what you’re doing, and why you’re giving your decision a go. Giving big choices a chance – even when it’s not easy – is one of the greatest secrets to success.

We’re facing daily decisions that can create an enormous impact on our lives. Not letting fear overpower us can help us become more capable to accept challenges, and ready to reach great heights. This 2020, put fear on the side and take big leaps – it’s worth it!

And remember, you’ll never really be making wrong decisions. All your choices, good or bad, will ultimately lead you to your final destination of where you’re meant to be.